Pencil Topper Valentine

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

 I am the mom in charge of the Valentine's party in Niamh's class this month. I've been looking for the perfect craft for kids her age...and stumbled upon this *super easy*, super cute pencil topper craft today. You can find the instructions here. It took all of three minutes to put together! So simple. I think this would be especially cute to take the place of traditional valentines for friends!

~~ Thank you to everyone who commented on my new blog design!!  I am kinda loving it!:)  My designer is Don Naylor, and he is obviously pretty amazing at what he does!  You can find his blog here. He is actually working on a second design for my challenge blog, too:).  Can't wait to see it finished!  He really brought this place to life!  Thanks, Don:)!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  


Agape Love.

Happy Saturday!!

krista smith art
tee and jeans/ Alloy.  headband and necklace/ Agape Love.
My beautiful friend Maria sent Niamh and I the sweetest headbands this past week. I've seen her wearing them on her blog and always liked how unique and pretty they looked. (And hey, she is gorgeous. I love the way she wears eye make-up. Just had to say it:)...Anyways, Niamh has been rocking her headbands all week at school...and I've worn mine twice this week. I'm hooked! So comfy and pretty!

 Please pop over to Agape Love Designs, Maria's blog and say hello! 
 She is such a sweetie and I love her heart for the Lord! 
And she is hosting a Facebook link-up party...so maybe you can join in the fun!:) 

 Have a great Saturday lovelies! 
 Mucho kisses! 


my Rock.

The other morning I called Phil at work. I knew I'd been disconnected this week.

 Sitting next to him in the evening, but not listening.
 Or even talking.
 Just working away.

 He'd say something and then I'd catch the end of a question...(I always reply 'yup' in those situations and hope for the best;)...But he knows when my eyes glaze over and I'm just saying yup to give the appearance of a listening ear.

 I felt like I hadn't talked-- really talked-- to my best friend all week.
 Was he being distant?

Or was it all me??

 We chalked this week up to being busy and tired (he works 6 out of 7 days this week, 12-hour shifts...I've been working just about that same amount myself.)

 While I knew it was mostly me, those weird marriage weeks always leave me feeling jipped. Like, hellooooooo. Do you see how hard I work? Do you want to say anthinggggg????? (insert: you are the most lovely, hard working, perfectly amazing, organized (okay. went a little far with that one) wife ever. ever. ever.)

 But all I got was silence (and the occasional tale-end of a question).
 And that's pretty much all that was coming from me, too.

krista smith art krista smith art krista smith art
While I was driving the kiddies to school the other morning, we were listing to Tenth Avenue North. Funny how God puts in your ear just exactly what you need to hear sometimes. Yeah-- He definitely finds ways to speak very clearly to us. If we listen. The song I'd heard a hundred times before, but there was my answer to Generic Marriage Week. I hadn't taken very much time to spend with Him. I mean, I pray all the time with the kids...and we talk about the Lord constantly. But my time with Him was unaccounted for. Like. Zero.

 How can I expect others who are having a tiring week to fill the voids that God should be filling in my heart? If I take delight in the fact the I'm living my hour.day.week. to His glory and praise, then I shouldn't feel 'jipped' when I don't get noticed by my zonked-out hubs on the couch. Only God can be everything that I need. And when I make time for Him, I can be more of what others need. Like, a listening, loving wife. A patient mama. A peaceful person. Here I am, barely paying attention to my favorite person in the world, wondering why he isn't paying attention to me. Kinda crazy:).

 I remember hearing this example one time. Fill a jar half full of sand. Then try to fit a bunch of big rocks inside. Chances are, you won't get it all in. But. If you put the rocks in first, then dump the sand in...let it filter into all the tiny cracks...you won't have an overflow. That's exactly how life is. Put God first, and everything else will fall into place. You'll get it all in. Because your priorities are right. And built on The Rock.


He Made My Night.

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
skirt, FreePeople/ thermal, Target/ jewelry, have no idea:)

Thank you, all, for the lovely birthday wishes! I had such a great day!

 Phil surprised me with my favorite donuts for breakfast (buttercream...mmmm!! I ate exactly three that day.  Which = my total weekly allowance of fat and calories:) and we all just hung out, played games, and had a lazy sort of day. My family threw a little party at my sister's house. We played Pictionary and shook our booties to JustDance3 (not simultaneously...although that could be a pretty awesome twist for the next party:). I am now the proud owner of a totally awesome sandwich maker (it was what I wanted. so bad!), gift cards to the craft store and salon/spa...a new perfume (my favorite as a teenager, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea), and a few other goodies to top it off. Oh. And we had delicious cherry crumb pie.

 I have the best family in the whole world. I think my nephew made the night, though. He is six, just like Philly. Took me into his bedroom and told me, " You are not old, Krista. You are still so young!" I had to look away. Just felt my eyes instantly start stinging with tears. He's just the sweetest.

 So 32.
 You're lookin' not so bad:).
 And apparently, you're pretty darn young.

 At least that is what the six year olds are telling me!:)



krista smith art

if you popped in to visit with us, (and yes, i'd totally love to have each of you over for coffee:)...you might find...

the four of us impressing each other with our lack of dance skillzzzzz, *party rocking* to JustDance3 in the living room

Niamh's pet elephant, 'Peanut', and manatee, 'Boone,' taking up the entire couch in our bedroom (they are real, my friends, and need to be "comfortable." the elephant alone is 5 feet long.:)

 Phil and Philly having a catch in the living room

 a mess. or two. or 25.

 dishes in the sink. you know, i've never EVER owned a dishwasher. not once in my whole life!

 bottles of water everywhere. it's like we are stuck in the movie Signs. at least if an alien ever breaks into our house, we will be prepared for him.

 Phil would definitely ask if you wanted a cup of tea or coffee from his new coffee-maker. he is in love with this machine.

 candles. i love lighting candles. my kids love to blow them out when i walk out of the room:).

 i might invite you to a girls movie night over at my sister's house around the corner. during last night's movie I ate two HUGE pieces of carrot cake. kinda wish she wouldn't bake at all when i go over...because i cannot pass up her goodies!! must have gained 7 pounds over night!

 i'd tell you that i am trying to feel peaceful. my word for the year. but it is hard for me. i'm glad i have an entire year to work on this.

 Niamh would say something funny. because she is just hysterical. intentionally hysterical. i.e., today she told us her new line, "you just scared the hiccups out of me." pretty good, huh?!

 Philly would say something funny, too. but he wouldn't mean to:). he is just so by-accident-funny:). i.e., tonight I put him in long-johns for bed. he told me, "i call them 'long' cause they are so long on me. and 'johns'...cuz...they look like johns!!" (what does that even mean?? he is so cute!)

 you might find Storage Wars on TV (like. this moment:). or re-runs of Modern Family. or a Knicks game.  oh, or Good Luck Charlie.  (i admit it.  sometimes i put that show on and i'm the only person awake in the house.)

 Philly is probably somewhere attached to my body. he is such a snuggler.

 Niamh will be with her dad if Philly is with me. she likes to make sure everyone feels loved.

 i'd tell you that i turn 32 on Saturday (eep!) and that, for the first time EVER, Phil has NOT given me my present early:). (the guy cannot stand to wait until the special day. but, so far so good.)

 i'd tell you that i am a total hypochondriac^2. my doctor just laughed at me today. told me to get out of her office and go enjoy the sunshine:). (i am Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she is THAT patient!) 

my kids would pop out of the bedroom at least once after i put them to bed. either to go potty. get one more drink of water. or one more hug. the last one is my favorite reason:).

 i'd tell you that I'm working hard to be better at friendships. i'm really terrible at returning phone calls and making the time to do things with others. but i am working on it. little by little:).

 Phil would make you feel at home. he is good at chit chat. i tell him he is charming;). that's why all the ladies love him. specially this one:).

 oh. and you'd see how excited i am about going out to lunch with him tomorrow. he's taking me because i reached 1000 followers this week! he's that on top of things, girlfriends!:)

 And i hope you'd feel like you had spent time with a true friend. and her family.  even if the house is a little messy and the kids a little loud and my hair a little very crazy... we'd still be so glad to just get to know you, too!  It really does sound fun!

you'll have to take us up on it sometime:).
Phil really does make a mean cup of Jo:).

****Winner of Casey's Sponsorship Giveaway****

congrats girlie.  i will email you shortly.



krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
I'm hopefully going to have a new look over here soon! I can't wait to give this blog another face lift:). I found a really awesome blog designer and gave a lot of thought about what changes I wanted to make. I'm so excited to see what he comes up with:)! Stay tuned...I'd love to hear your thoughts when it is installed, hopefully later this week:).

 dress, Modcloth
 jeans (not available now), UO 
shoes, Target 
turtleneck, Target


Valentine's Paper Box

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
Here is a cute Valentine's idea, simple and pretty. I made mine for my tiny niece, Reese. She is almost three and just this little spitfire of personality and attitude. Sweet. Sassy. Gentle. And she even has trademarked her very own stink face:). I used my digi "Thank You" because this is her to a T. Even looks like her!!

 I found this simple scrap-paper-box video produced by Etsy on Youtube. It takes no tape, glue-- nothing. Just a piece of paper! So easy. And it is the perfect place to put a few Valentine's goodies! I put just a couple treats in mine (a "key to my heart", stickers, and a kiss)...I'm still going to add a few little things. Like maybe a pair of earrings. But, you get the idea!

 Here is the video link! Check it out!!


Giveaway, The Wiegands

I'm so excited for this giveaway today! I first saw Casey's blog probably back in the spring. I saw her popping up all over blogland-- this gorgeous girl and her beautiful family. I fell in love with her blog on the first visit. She writes with such vulnerability, in an honest and loving way. I appreciated more than anything her love for the Lord. And the girl has amazing style to boot:).

casey wiegand

Casey is offering a large add space on her blog to one of my blog readers ($100 dollar value!!). I love to sponsor her blog. Not only is it great exposure for my own niche of cyber space, but I love to support blogs that touch my heart. Whether she is writing about family moments (she does this great "if you stopped over for coffee" sort of post that I LOVE), fashion, co-sleeping (which I'm a HUGE advocate of), being a mama, her beliefs, or her art-- whatever the subject-- Casey has something to say worth reading my friends. Please stop over and give her some love. She is truly the sweetest person I've met through blogging.

additional entries (FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN;): 
Fan her facebook HERE 
Follow her blog HERE 

 Follow me on Bloglovin' HERE 
Like me on Facebook HERE


Good luck lovelies!



Each year after Christmas, I love how the stores put out stacks of storage containers. Every January it puts me in the mood to re-organize and de-clutter. I am also a serial furniture/room re-arranger. I even like to completely switch rooms in the house.  Last year we moved our bedroom to the front room of our house. (The room that is meant to be more of a porch/sunroom than a bedroom. And has no baseboard heating. No heating, at all actually. And we FROZE our butts off.) This year, I think we will make more thought-out decisions:).

 I am trying to get my drawing/craft area totally organized and re-done. Might even move it to another room completely. I have been browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I tend to gravitate to white/beige/cream wall colors. As much as I've tried to be that colorful wall person, at my core I'm pretty boring when it comes to paint. I really like pops of color, though. Pink, red, turquoise are some of my favorites! A couple days ago I purchased a bunch of storage containers for my art/craft supplies...but I'm still trying to think of some fun, unique ways to store my extra supplies.

 Oh, and I promised Phil a "Man" area somewhere in the house...so thinking of ideas for there, too:). One of our rooms would be perfect to add a big cushy reading chair in the corner and a nice electric fireplace. (Phil asked for a bunch of bookshelves, too. He is a huge, huge reader.) Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest tonight.

krista smith art
krista smith art

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

We have a funny house. It is an A-frame. It's basically a triangle with two small additions. In one of our addition rooms, there is a funky space up in the wall being hid by ugly mirror doors. I'm pretty sure we could convert that to a nice little bed...Something to think about:) I love beds in the wall. And because of the weird shape of our home, we have a lot or wasted.weird.funky. spaces. Perfect for a project!

Oh.  And those curtains are my favorites ever!  From Urban Outftters.  Think I might have to work in some good old pink!

Have you got the organizing/rearranging/sorting out bug??



krista smith art
 Via Instagram.

1.  Niamh at kitchen sink.  Such a random moment.  And I love.  it.
2.  One of Niamhy's favorite Christmas presents this year.  White boots from her Aunt Bec.  (Mama said no to white boots all winter long. Apparently, my sister and daughter have similar shoe taste:).  
3.  My Niamh's collection of Monster High dolls.  We She is up to 23.  I already have my eyes on two new ones.
4.  New digi (coming soon).  I know, I've already got two rainy day digis in my shop.  But I just love this theme:).
5.  New Year's nails.  Kinda awesome for a party running around the house with two kids banging on pots screaming our heads off.  (We set a car alarm off down the road.  Yeah.  Pretty awesome!)
6.  A masterpiece.  
7.  Where we hid presents.  
8. Philly sleeping in [TWO] NY Giants jerseys.  Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks (aka "team nicks").  I'm so keyed up for these games.  Mostly for the sake of this boy.  
9.  Another digi.  First profile one.  Profiles are hard for me-- but I really liked how she turned out:). 


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