It's Titanic. Everything.

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This girl is on a Titanic kick.

Like, that is all she is talking about.

She has officially checked out every Titanic related book in her school library.

Has been stressing over the "women and children first" concept for the past two days. "She keeps saying, but then all the men I love are going to die..."

and I keep trying to explain
 (while not breaking into a giggle, cuz she is just too cute) 
that you are never going to be on the Titanic, babe!

We've been playing "My Heart Will Go On" during the car ride home from school in the afternoons. 

And since Phil is working this weekend, the three of us have a date with Kate and Leo and some popcorn.  (Phil hates this movie:)...so he might be glad to be at work on Saturday!)

Isn't it so fun to share a good movie you loved as a kid/teen with your own kiddos!?  I love to relive the whole thing through their own excitement.  They are just giddy for Saturday.  

And yes.  I loved that movie.  How could you not as a teen girl? 

I could just envision myself sailing away with my true love, standing on the front of a big ship.  Curls blowing in the wind.  Celine singing in the sky...

It's kinda funny-- because if I did that now with Phil....we would both be laughing so hard, we'd probably fall right into the ocean.

Lots of you who have not Smashed before have asked exactly what this whole thing is all about.  Well, I'll point you here (or, if you have a Michael's or craft store by you...chances are, it will carry Smash books).  

It is basically a fun, easy, no stress way to journal...there are really no rules.  You don't even need to write.  You can just smash all the things inspiring you onto a page and then be done:).  It's a super good time, especially if you love to save little things like ticket stubs or vacation brochures-- anything!  Give it a try!  They are relatively inexpensive to buy (without all the goodies) and kind of addicting actually!  (I have everyone except the Yellow Book!)...

krista smith art

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!  
We are off to watch Veggie Tales at church;).  



Smash Hop...get in on the fun...

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krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

Hey Girls that *love* to SMASH! Make a little room in your Monday morning (March 5th), grab a coffee, and get your Smash on:)! We'd like to invite you to join us for a SMASH HOP!

 Kellie, Lizzie, Carisa, Kira, Yani, Emma, and I are all getting together to offer some fun prizes and an inspiring string of posts filled with awesome projects/ideas/tips!!

We'd love to see you there;).
And be sure to Link Up your own Smash Post

                                                              ...cuz we'd like to come over and 
visit you as well:)!

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Smash entry in my Pink book, inspired by my Mom:).

See you there!


My (Baby) Boy.

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krista smith art
krista smith art
I know. I probably shouldn't let them sleep in my bed as often as I do...but they are just too snuggly to resist. This is how they fell asleep the other night. As close as possible. Just the way I love them to be. 

And my little Philly, holding onto maybe five different toys.  I'm afraid to blink sometimes, because he is still so much a baby to me.

I know one day he won't snuggle his Cabbage Patch at night. Or his puppy. Or zombie boy. Or monkey. Or Sponge Bob. (Although, I think Sponge Bob will be the last to go...)

I can't tell you how long I've sat on the bed just starring at him. Thinking how sweet and tender his heart is. Thanking God for my Philip-- exactly the way he is.

When he gets in trouble, even if you explain it in the sweetest way, his eyes still fill up. His eyelids start to turn pink...and it just breaks my heart:).

He is all boy. But so gentle and sweet at the same time.

He is easily distracted. I think it is a boy thing...kinda spacey in a cute, unintentional kind of way.

And at the same time, he's very perceptive and emotional. Very kind and thoughtful...Like the time he heard me tell Phil I was having an "ugly day"...and he brought me a plastic "diamond" out of the dog's collar:). A priceless diamond that I have tucked away for safe keeping.

His new thing is the word, "inappropriate." Which he seems to only use when pointing out dresses to Niamh. Like he is somehow giving her the (big) brother "no way" already.

I love his hair.  He kinda reminds me of a little hippie guy.  It is probably a little too long.  And sometimes he goes a full week without anyone ever seeing his eyes:), but the very thought of cutting it makes me want to cry.

He lost his first top tooth this week. And can I just say, I am dying over Mr. Toothless.:). Like, loving that smile to death!

krista smith art
krista smith art

And you want to know what he picked out with his tooth fairy money? (I chipped in. I couldn't resist.) A Little Brother La La Loopsy doll named "Matey 7." (Philly added the '7';)

All the action figures and cars and legos...and he chose something he could snuggle at night, something that would get him some extra play time with his doll-loving sister.

Don't get me wrong. The boy holds onto his football almost 24/7. And knows how to put on ESPN. And is in his glory playing outside with his dad.

But at the end of the day, he is snuggling his toys.

krista smith art

And is still my baby boy.


11 Things

Danielle invited her blog readers to join in this fun post today.  I'm not tagging specific people, but if you do post it on your blog, please leave a link, so I can go read!!  (I'm nibby like that;)...And if you just want to leave a comment, pick a couple of my questions to answer!  I'd love to read what you have to say!!

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

krista smith art
I am NOT driving in this photo:)
11 Randoms

1. I love eating radishes.  It's like an apple and an onion had a baby.  I have two bunches in the fridge right now:).

2. Niamh was born on 8/8/2003 at 8:08am.  Consequently, her favorite number is-- you guessed it.  8.

3. I love that my little brother is all grown up...but still my little brother:). 

4. My dog eats socks.  No joke.  It's been a problem with her from the beginning.  Something about worn, stinky socks just appeals to her.  So gross.  (And yes, she always chucks them back up.  Lovely little mess for mama to clean up.)

5. Niamh is dressing up as Charlotte from Charlotte's Web tomorrow for school.  She is so excited:).

6. If Philly was a girl, he was going to be named 'Muriel.' 

7. I love Phil's back.  He has a great, muscle-filled back, ladies:).   

8. Niamh and I want a little tea cup pig as a house pet.  We have not convinced Phil yet.

9. Phil and the kids are outside playing a game of football right now.  

10. Philly is afraid of wind.  He doesn't like a windy day at all.  He just needs someone to hold onto when it starts to really whip him around...so he found the tallest kid in his class on Friday and hugged him during recess:).  (I don't think it went over real well, because the child told on him.  LOL.)

11.  We are going to Disney World in September with Phil's family!!! I CANNOT wait.  


1. If you had to wear skirts for the rest of your life, or jeans for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Jeans. I am obsessed with jeans:).

2. What was your favorite PBS kids show growing up? 
I didn't like that channel.

3. Who is cooler? Zack Morris or Cory Matthews? 

4. What is your least favorite smell in the world? 
skunk road kill.

5. What's the worst injury you have ever had? 
broke my nose into a bunch of pieces.  yup, pieces.

6. What book have you read more than once? 
I never read books twice.

7. What do you take the most photos of? 
My babies.

8. What is the first perfume you ever purchased/wore? 
Sunflower.  LOL.

9. What is your ideal date? 
Chick-fil-A and the bookstore.

10. Tell me your favorite thing about the state you live in. 
I live relatively close to Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC...and I'm really close to the beach!!  I love the East Coast:).

11. Most frequented website? 

**My Questions for you:**

1.  Favorite nail color?
2. Pink or RED lipstick?...or are you a gloss kinda gal?
3. Favorite craft site?
4. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
5. Are you really chatty or super quiet? Or maybe somewhere in between??
6. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?
7. What is your best talent/gift?
8. Do you have a tattoo?
9. What is one thing you'd like to learn more about?
10. You're alter ego would be a _______.  (think occupation:)
11. What three people (past or present) would you like to meet?

Okay, your turn!!


This and That.

Took out my dreads.  I think for a long time.  Just feel over them right now:).

A couple of guys who work in our Target store came over to me today and asked if I had a sister.  I said, "Oh.  Yeah.  I actually have two."  (We get this all.the.time.)  One guy hits other guy's arm.  Says, "See.  I told you."  Looks at me and says-- "You're sister has the dreads.  I knew your face looked familiar."

the Real me.
As much as I love dresses.  And live in a good pair of jeans.  And am always up for a great pair of boots.  As much.  

My first, true love?

workout clothing.  
like, full-on yoga garb.
(i don't actually do yoga, though. it's a front:)

This week's sermon was on faith.  
And what I loved was this quote:

Faith is refusing to panic.

Jesus is in the boat.  
The storms will come.
But He has the power to deliver me.

krista smith art

March "To See" List.
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
21 Jump Street
The Hunger Games
Mirror Mirror
Wrath of the Titans 
(note: we hated the first Titans movie...but they made this second trailer so good...  
with like awesome music in the background. 
how can we not give it one more shot?)

I recently ordered two Pooters.

Current Faves.
Really different ideas for stamps.
Red hair.
or. Maybe blonde?
My L.A.M.B. boots.
between kids.
Bethenny Frankel
Doll house projects.
cozy. pink. sweatshirt.

(More on this in the future:)

To de-clutter everything in my life.  
All the drawers.  The closets.  My schedule.
And then organize.

oh.  And try more "natural" products. (we've converted to some already).

And try pilates.
(pilates is a random one.  but really want to try them!)


What's going on with you??
What would be something on your list?


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krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

This past Thursday, we dropped off the kiddies at my sister's and headed 4 1/2 hours south to Virginia. I had my first Copics class, and we figured since it was just after Valentine's Day, we could combine it into a nice little get away. Driving down, I ended up feeling pretty bad...got a terrible head cold. And a nasty case of pink eye in both eyes. (What is it with me and this pink eye thing?...Always been susceptible, even as a kid!) Despite feeling yucky Thursday and Friday, I had a great time in class...And a fab time with the big guy;). We went out to dinner and saw a scary movie. And then he pushed me into a pitch black hotel room when we got back...and scared me half to death:). (I was so scared after that movie, I let him know flat out that I was gonna kick him if he didn't put a light on for me:). It was really a fun little get-away...and I learned so much! I finally learned what that blender Copic does. That one had baffled me for sometime:). I wouldn't say I've mastered the art of Copics just yet, but at least I have some new techniques...and I will no longer try to blend two different colors with the blender:).

 I always miss the kids a lot when they stay over night away from us. So, Sunday we treated them to dinner out, the bookstore, and the movie, Arrietty. Ohhhhh....I loved the movie! I like really well done cartoon movies, and it was pretty perfect. My children are now obsessed with the thought of little people living below our floors:). We had to make a second stop (in two days) at the Hobby Lobby store and get some cardboard houses for them. I'm decorating the outsides tonight. Will have to show you our completed little "Borrower's" neighborhood later this week! Gotta say, I'm a little obsessed myself. I've always thought it was my fault I lost so many socks and hairbands and pins and change and....Anyways, now I know. It's just the Borrowers:). Hope they know they are welcomed here!

Have a great week my friends! 


Back from Trip.

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You can find me over here today! 
Hop on over to see my most favorite dress in the world. 

 Just got back from my Copics class. 
 Learned oodles!:) 

Gonna share my favorite (newly learned) technique this week!  

Happy Saturday!  xx


A to Z LOVE.

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
kiss tee/Alloy. tank, jeans/Target. boots/?

Airplanes.  i love the old, vintage, WWI and II aircraft.  and the artwork/pinups on the sides of them. Insert: future tattoo

Buttercream donuts.

Children's prayers.  love listening to my kids talk to their Father.        



Friday movie theater dates with the family:).

Going to the beach and renting an expensive house (for WAY cheaper) because it is off-season.  and no one goes to the Jersey beaches in March.  except my family.  such a blast! cannot wait!

Happy hour at Sonic.  yes.  a Rout 44 Diet Cherry Coke for $1.21 can make.my.day.

Inglorious Bastards, possibly my most favoritest movie.ever.


K. it's my letter.

Lattes. particularly the green tea variety.

Monster High dolls.

Niamh.  and how she says "already."  it always, always comes out "early." "i early did that, mom."

Owning a sandwich maker.  how did i ever live without it?
thanks mom and dad;)

Pull and peel Twizzlers.  best candy in the world!

Q-tips.  sorry.  couldn't think of one for this.  and I do appreciate a good q-tip.

Running.  always feel good afterward.

Seinfeld episodes.  love me some 1:00am Seinfeld watching.

Three. O.  One.  nevermind...THIS is my most favorite movie ever.

Underwear-- The Joke.  if my child ever comes up to you and says, "what's under there?"save yourself the hassle, and just answer "underwear?"  :)

Vacations.  gonna go live it up with the hubs this weekend in Virginia:).
(it's actually just a coloring class.  and he's gonna tag along to the hotel.  and we'll probably just swim and workout and watch TV. but doesn't that sound so good...)

Walking Dead. i'm on Team Shane.  and Daryl. and Rick.  mostly Shane, though. (kinda crushing on that guy;)

X.mwah.  love these cyber kisses;).

Yellow.  but only because it makes me think of my mom.  she loves yellow. and tote bags.  pretty napkins.  elephants.  and happy faces--the yellow kind:).

Zippers.  who doesn't love a good zipper?  yeah...couldn't think of one for Z either.

krista smith art

Hope your (yester)day was filled with LOVE!  
this is the Valentine's hug i'm sending each of you.

ps. yes, i'm wearing animal print pants at 32.
pss. and kinda loving them.




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krista smith art

My bloggy friend Kellie does an Instagram Monday post each week.  I'm linking up to her post today.  I'm 12 hours or so behind her...So she is already onto Tuesday:), but I wanted to join in.  Click the camera below to hop on over to her blog.  

krista smith art

Now onto Valentine's Day!  I'll see you all tomorrow.  
Got a great big kiss for ya'll:).



10 Stamps-- from YOU!...A Giveaway!!

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Happy Sunday lovely readers!:) 
I have a fun giveaway for you today...Take a look...and checkout the entery 'rules':).

krista smith art
krista smith art

Isn't this just the prettiest flask ever!?! I think it must make whatever's inside taste doubly as yummy;).  It is made by Disaster Designs and holds 0.5 liters of your favorite drink/soup.  It made me think of spring...which still seems so far away, even though it is technically just around the corner for us.   Maybe winning this pretty gift will bring it a little faster for some lucky girl;).

And that's not all:)

Ten girls will win a *custom made digi*. 

Here's how that's gonna work. Leave a comment with your suggestion for a digital stamp.  Maybe it is a little wacky;)...maybe something not seen in the digi world before...maybe something pretty typical, but with a twist.  This is your chance to get your very own idea turned into a stamp:).  Pretty fun, huh?!

I will choose my favorite 10 ideas for a March digital release.  Those ten ladies will get their digi-idea-turned-stamp free.  Like, before they officially come out!  And we'll have a blog hop to go check them out on the release date! Should be a fun event!

Comments will be open for exactly one week (closes next Sunday, 4:00pm EST).  After the giveaway closes, one random entry will be drawn to win the flask.

To enter your digi idea and secure a chance to win the flask:

~you must be a*follower* of my blog
~you must leave a comment with a digi idea

.............For extra chances to *win the flask*..............

~follow me on Facebook
~follow me on Bloglovin'
~link back to this post *on your own blog*
........then leave a separate comment for each extra entry!.........

I can't wait to read all your lovely ideas!  Oh...

and there will be new stamps in my shop tomorrow morning!
**Search under "NEW" to find them easily;).

hugs and kisses!


Bunny Luv.

krista smith art

Hello lovely friends! Friday is going by quick round these parts;). Looking forward to the weekend. Philly woke up this morning and made his best argument for why he shouldn't go to school today:). We are planning to take the kids to a movie tonight. So he had to get up and get movin'...cuz no school, no movie:).

 This month is super.duper busy for us. Next week I have a Copics Cert class in Virginia. I have an awesome giveaway coming up. And our beach house vaca is just around the corner! Looking so forward to escaping to the deserted, chilly beach for part of March! Oh...and I'm releasing new *spring* digis on Monday! Yup. Bunnies. Chicks. Sweetie pies. A goose. And a couple rats. (Yes-- you read that correctly!) 

Don't miss the release this Monday! And here is just a little teaser. She's in the shop for a limited time at a special price.

krista smith art
krista smith art

See you on Monday? 
 Hope so! 




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Sponsor Saturated Canary
 check out rates/options here.


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krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I really went out of my way to love someone I feel wronged by. Love them. No strings attached. No apology required. No thought to self. Just reach out. Speak a gentle word. Give a warm hug.

Sometimes that is a hard thing to do.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze the day or moment. When Philly smiles sideways. And his loose tooth kinda sticks out. And his hair is in his eyes. He is gonna melt a girl's heart. Someday. Today...It is just mama's heart:).

Sometimes I want to sneak off and go hang out at my mom and dad's. Just go by myself. In pajama pants and a sweatshirt. With my hair in a messy pile on top of my head. And just sit there. Feeling like I'm 15 again. It just feels like home.

 Sometimes I wish the Giants could win another Superbowl.

Oh wait, never mind;).

Sometimes I take the long way home from running errands, just to drive by Niamh and Philly's school...Make sure everything looks okay. And blow kisses to them.

Sometimes I learn far more from my daughter than she learns from me.

Sometimes it's fun to turn down the TV and just listen to the kids playing,laughing,talking.

Sometimes I stick fake bugs or snakes in Phil's work gear.  So when he opens his lunch or his bag that day, he gets a nice little surprise;).  
(I know.  I am incredibly mature.)

Sometimes we are running late in the morning.  And I can't find matching socks for Philly.  And one of those un-matching socks just happens to be Niamh's.   The one with a pink stripe along the top.  And I hope that he never remembers those mornings when I sent him to school in a girl sock.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a warmer climate.  Because I am always cold.  Already burnt out a heated blanket this winter.  From over-using it.

Sometimes the kids ask questions that really make me think.  Today Niamh asked, "If God doesn't need us, why did He make us."

Sometimes I have no answer.

Sometimes I'm tempted to not get up on time on a rainy morning.

Sometimes I succumb to that temptation:).

Sometimes I eat a left over slice of cold pizza for breakfast.  Favorite breakfast in the world.

Sometimes it's just me awake late at night.  And I kiss Phil on the forehead.  And my babies on their little hands.  And I just listen to them all breathing.  Funny, how my life depends so much more on their breathing than my own.



Sunday Night.

krista smith art

 Yummy food. 

 Enjoy the game, folks. 

 Now...LET'S GO GMEN!!



krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
shirt/Target. skirt/FreePeople. Boots/?. tee/ Victorias Secret. tights/Target.
This week...

I'm excited for February. Only a month away from our beach vacation!

Super Bowl weekend. Spending it with Phil's family in Pennsylvania. My boys are over the moon.


Starting out the month with a nasty case of pink-eye in both eyes. But. On the upside. I could pass as a Cullen.

Philly is reading! Reading:). It is the cutest, slowest paced reading...but he is proud. So is mama.

 Finishing (or at least hoping to!) new artwork. Get your colors ready girls:).

Loving long skirts. This is my favorite. It is also my most dangerous skirt. I almost landed face down in Target yesterday. Bit too long:)

New episodes of The Walking Dead are just around the corner. Have I mentioned, it is my most favorite show EVER??

Continuing my One Little Word project...Will have more photos this week!

Thinking about this post and this post to start my month...two of my favorite bloggers right now. Love these girls.

Loving spring weather in February.  Today is gonna be over 60 degrees!  Crazy!

A fun card swap for the kiddos!  Check it out over here.

Oh.  And we are already working on Valentines!  (Got this for Niamh for Valentine's Day.  Shhh!:)  She doesn't have a clue!  So excited to surprise her!)

What's going on in your week??
Anything exciting?



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