Wings and Willows

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krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

I want to show you these super cute digis from my friend, Rebecca Parker.

We actually went to school together...I'm gonna pretend that it was just yesterday we graduated from our little school...otherwise, I'll go to bed feeling kinda old.  And I don't like to feel old before I fall asleep:).

Anyways.  I always loved to see her drawings-- even back then.  She is definitely a country girl at heart-- which I love!:)  She lives on a farm with her hubby and three girls...has goats, a cow, and chickens that lay blue and green eggs.  She is really the sweetest girl, and I have so much fun just talking with her. 

Rebecca has opened her own etsy shop, Wings and Willows.  It full of beautiful artwork-- little animals, nature-inspired themes, and really precious pieces perfect for all kinds of cards!  This is probably my favorite stamp, although it is hard to choose!  

Rebecca sent me three of her letters to color this week.  They make really sweet alphabet flash cards for children!  Philly knows his letters by now and has moved onto reading-- but he still thought they were pretty cool, especially the iguana!  I love the idea of coloring them real pretty and using them this way.  (I'd laminate them to keep the cards from getting crinkled.)  They'd also look super cute, framed, and hung in a child's bedroom...a little twist to the ever popular initials on the wall!  

You can see another project I used a Wings and Willow digi on by clicking here.

And guess what?! Rebecca is offering a freebie to one lucky reader! 
All you need to do is hop over to her shop and have a nosey...Then come on back and leave me a comment with your favorite!  Extra entries for favoriting the Wings and Willows shop and Facebook page!  *Please leave a separate comment for each one!  

Okay girlies!  Have fun browsing the digis...and don't forget to leave your comments for a chance to win one of your own!

Have a lovely weekend!


Design by Diana...and a Smash POP-UP page!

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
I've been wanting to try different card ideas in my Smash book, like pull tabs and pop-up designs. I wasn't sure how they would transfer onto a flat page in a book...but this little slide tab/pop-up thing went pretty well:). I can't remember where I found the actual card instructions...I've tried to re-find the site all morning. I'll add it later if I can locate it again.  Anyways, I am loving these two pages! I like turning the book sideways, just to add a little variety to flipping through it.

If you like the embellishments, check out Diana's shop, Design by Diana! She makes her own embellishments and kits. I bought a kit last week (and she sent me extra goodies, too!!:)...I love her shabby chic flare, and am definitely a fan of her projects! You can check them out on her blog, here

There is a chance to win a $10 gift card to Diana's etsy shop on the Saturated Canary blog this week!...So, hop on over and enter!!

 Thank you, Diana, for the opportunity to work with your lovely creations! 



krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

Hello lovelies!!

When I asked you all for ideas you really wanted to see in digi form, I received two requests for a breast cancer image.  I immediately put it on my list of winning ideas.

But, when I thought about selling it, it didn't feel right.
I think everyone, no matter what your budget, should be able to color and give away this digi. Chances are, we all know of someone who has been touched by this disease.  You needn't look very far, my friends.  These women are right here, in our little craft community.  (Go give Jen some cyber love!  She is a sweet, uplifting person...who is such an encouragement!!)

I ask that if you download her, you simply become a follower of my blog before doing so.  You can keep up with my digital work best this way:). 

So, feel free to download "Boobie Love".  And, if you can't use the image right now (thank the Lord for that!), let it be a little reminder to go get your mammograms, ladies!  Love your girls!  Take care of yourself!!

Happy coloring, friends.
*Click the image below to start the download steps.*


For Your Hair!

This week.

Phil and I watched The Walking Dead season finale.  There were nine of us.  Hollering and screaming.  Laughing during the commercials.  And then the conversation about which character each of us would be.
I called Michonne.  That chick was crazy.

I played Phil in basketball four times.  I was exactly 0 and 4.  

Philly lost his second front top tooth.  
In a donut.

I found Niamh the cutest little manatee stuffed animal on the boardwalk.  We both went nuts!  (Manatees are our favorite animal:)...

We ate good.  
And way too much!

I got to snuggle my baby niece, Elphie.  She is just the cutest.  And I love her big, uncontrollable smile!

And my niece, Reese.  Well, she now knows the guy on my arm is named Johnny Cash. We also taught her to say the word 'Japan' randomly. 
"Hey Reese! What's up?"

And we're already thinking about when we can rent the beach house again.
We are also trying to figure out when we will collectively have enough money to just move down here and live in a big, gorgeous beach front house together:).

Hey.  A girl can dream:).
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
me: dress/Modcloth, jeans&shoes/Alloy, hairpiece c/o NeesieDesigns
Niamh: shirt/GAP, hairpiece c/o Neesie Designs

Don't you just love the hairpieces Niamh and I are wearing?!  Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen such unique hair accessories!  They are made by Melanie from Neesie Designs.  Everything in her shop has a whimsical touch.  Each piece so beautifully handcrafted!  I love her creative touch to simple pieces like headbands and clips...They remind me of something a fairy would wear.  Delicate.  Inspired by the outdoors.  And truly lovely! You can see Niamh and I rocking more of her awesome creations here.

And sweet Melanie has something for you guys, too! Use code: SC2012 for 10% off your order (before shipping)!! Please go check out her shop!  It's full of amazing pieces-- perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions!  (Think weddings!  How sweet are her pieces for a flower girl?!)

You can also find Melanie on Facebook 
and follow her on Pinterest under Melanie Schouten.

Hope you all have an inspired, lovely day!



krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

Tomorrow we return to our ordinary days...

and it does feel a little sad tonight, thinking that our beach vacation is over in the morning. 

 Our ordinary days are pretty special, too. 

 I have a whole bunch of ideas for my beach photos...but before I start those pages/scrapping projects... I decided to do a Smash page on the good, old normal days of 

 Because, in all honesty, they are just as special in their own happy, quiet, extra-ordinary way. 



He Can't Eat an Ice Cream Cone Neatly...and that's okay.

Got a lot of fun in the last couple days.

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

That cutie pie with the ice cream pouring down his arm.  Well.  
He is the only boy who can eat that messy and still make my heart skip a beat.

And yes.  Niamhy got her first pedicure.  
She was in heaven that morning!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  


Beach and Fun for All- YOU TOO!

Hello friends!! 

We are having a great time with my family in Ocean City, NJ.
None of us are gonna want to leave!

My sister makes everyone dinner each night...
(it's such a depressing thought having to return to my own cooking next week:)...

We play at the parks.  
On the beach.

And hang out late into the night.
All of us laughing like we're kids again.  

I love this place and these times.

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

And I even have something fun for you today:)...
New digis!


Here are the ladies whose ideas I went with for this release.
Thank you to everyone who participated...and just because you don't see your idea this release, doesn't mean I won't put it in my shop in the future:).  I've got some tucked up my sleeve:).  

Please stop by these girls' blogs to say hello, see the new stamps, and give them a big cyber hug for some great ideas! And keep on reading- because I have a special coupon, too!

 Ani, here and here 
Rocky Horror Show Usherette

That's not the end of it!
I'm being featured on The Lovely Poppy today!
You can find a new digi there, too-- Phil gave me the idea for this one!
LOL...he's a good hubby.  Takes a lot of interest in what I'm doing!
And that is where you'll find the coupon code!  So, head on over to Nicole's blog after your finished checking out the  stamps:).

Okay, now you are free to go hopping around to see the newbies!
Have fun and happy shopping!



Froggity Love.

krista smith art

Hi ya, everyone!! 

 My big ol' family is down at the beach. Sharing a house on the water...
I think we are the only ones in town:)... 

Normally, it would be super chilly this time of year, but it's warm and sunny. Perfect weather to get us all into the vacation spirit!! 

 And this little guy is our family tradition for St. Patty's Day:). 
 Isn't he so cute?!... He's even cuter when your chomping him down!:P 
So yummy!! 

If you'd like to sponsor the bloggity next month, I'd love to have you! 
Check out my info and rates here:). 

 Have a great day, lovelies! 


Heart of It.

krista smith
cheetah pants
jerseylicious fashion
krista smith
denim shirt, jeans/ Target. tank/ Gap. boots/ Wanted. vest/?

I've been thinking a lot about who I am.  Like, my heart.  

It isn't that hard to be a good person on the outside.  
To be kind.  
To love others.
To do the right thing.
To be honest. Transparent.
Biting my tongue.
To be Christ-like.

Kindness can be pretty easy.  Sometimes, it is just as simple as a smile...

Loving others can be harder.  But when I do love them, am I patting myself on the back? 

Doing the right thing.  Hmmm.  Am I doing it immediately?  Or hesitating?

Am I being honest to myself?  

And the whole biting my tongue thing.  That rarely happens.  I'm quiet.  And shy.  
But sailor's can be quiet and shy, too.  And sometimes my mouth.  Well, it could fit in well on the open seas.

So now.  Do I really feel that Christ-like?  
And how would He answer that question for me?

I'm working on it.  
Battling somedays.  Because not all those things are part of my nature.
But I'm learning to ask Jesus boldly for the pieces I'm missing.

And sometimes, I just ask Him to put his hand over my mouth.
And hold tight.
(I can still breathe out of my nose;)...

And I love these lyrics:

I want to sign Your name to the end of this day
Knowing that my heart was true...
Casting Crowns, Lifesong

I want to put Christ's name on each day of my life.  
Knowing.  Full well.  He was my 



In My World...

krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art
krista smith art

The kids and I play a game called "In My World."

We started it a few years back while having one of those days. We were running errands after school. Cranky kiddies. Pouring rain. Crying in the back seat. Paying bills. I mean, it was really a fantastic afternoon. Instead of fight against the tiredness and tears, I just said, "In my world, I never have to pay bills. Your turn, Niamh." Niamhy said something she'd like in her make believe world, And then Philly. We went round and round and round.  Before I knew it, we were pulling in the driveway full of giggles-- our afternoon from you know where looking a lot brighter!

In my world, I have long, colorful hair that is already done when I wake up in the morning...and a dog that listens to me...and no wash...and great legs...and a little cottage with a fireplace in the middle of a big field filled with wildflowers...and we live simply and peacefully.

 In Niamh's world, she has a pet manatee that fits in her pocket, and a castle with a room for everyone in our family...and butterflies in her hair...and a handsome prince. Who looks like a boy named Justin.

And in Philly's world, he just drives really fast mustangs. That is what he says for every turn. It's kinda funny:)!

 So, of course,the game makes a great Smash page. It's all for fun and using imagination...which translates well into scrapbooking!

And I think a girl becomes an 'official' Smasher when the book poofs out and closing it is impossible:). So...I might just be official:).

krista smith art

And when it comes down to it, I wouldn't change anything about my imperfect, messy world. 
Although, the thought of waking up with gorgeous hair every morning does sound pretty nice;). 

So, what's in your world?


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