My Man's Still Got It.

Two nights ago it was real late.  I was sitting with Phil in the living room; he was watching Yankees and I was half watching the Yankees and half working on my laptop.

And he asked, of course in a joking way, if I had written any good blog posts on him lately?

I smiled:) and said no.

He said, "Well you should.  And call it My Man's Still Got It."

So, Babe.  
This post is for you:).
Cuz you really do still got 'it'...and I love you more than you could know.


ps.  Sorry I posted the cheesy sky photo of you...but I kinda like the fly guy in the sky look:).


Smash Page, Pretty:)

Sometimes I have absolutely nothing concrete in mind when I do a smash page.

Random thoughts...and maybe a few pieces I know I'd like to use....cuz the cute scrapping bits just burn a whole in my pocket until I use them:)...

This page was just fun...nothing more, nothing less.  I added a pretty background to one of my new images, and I really wanted to use it on a big page, full of pretty things.  

Crafting supplies, flowers, nerdy girls, cute boys, ribbons, school supplies, and some sparkles.  Definitely a miss-mash of stuff...but all of it made sense to me:).

Hope your weekend was...

well, smashing!
(ugh...I know.  I shouldn't do puns.  So cheesy:).

Planner Giveaway!


Hello Sunday:).

What are your plans for the coming week??  Mine include taking Philly to his first football practice (yay!!), the beach, making some new tutorial posts, working on a fun new project (I'll share later in the month:), and collecting things for Niamh's party next week.  I have a cute Martha Stewart Planner to write them all down in...

Can't say that means I don't forget things here and there (and everywhere;), but at least I feel like I'm being organized!

I have a lovely red planner, just like the one above for one lucky, organized, and busy reader:).  All ready with nice clean pages for you to fill up with your stuffs:).  It is my favorite planner ever, because everything comes separately, so you can fill in the notebook how you want...calendar, photo sleeves, dividers, notes....ready to be added however you see fit:). 

The giveaway is open to international readers as well and closes on Wednesday, August 1.

To enter is simple:).

Please be a follower of Saturated Canary and in your comment (one per reader, please), tell us something *fun* on your 'To Do' list:).  

Good luck, guys!
Hope your Sunday is super!


Ticia, from The Happy Homemaker, your comment number was drawn in the Instax camera giveaway:).  Congrats, girl!!  Please email me to claim your prize.  krista7smith@yahoo.com 

K and Camera

Oh my...it is late here, and I need to get to bed:)!!  But before I end my Saturday...or begin my Sunday, really:), I wanted to tell you all I so much enjoy reading your lovely comments on my previous 'Coffee' post.  How I wish we could all get together and actually have coffee!  (Or, tea...don't want to leave the tea girls out!!:)  I think I may do this sort of post as a bi-weekly feature and invite you all to link up/join in.  It will feel like we get to share together more...I love reading what you all are doing, what you are excited about, and just how much you love life!  It makes my day so bright!

And before I go off to snuggle my two kiddos (who have taken over our bed while Phil and I watched the Olympics:), I want to invite you to enter a giveaway by K and Camera!  

Kylie is beautiful and her blog is just full of wonderful photos.  I really love photography blogs because they inspire me to take better photos myself!  Browsing Kylie's blog gives me the camera bug!:)

She is offering one of my readers a large ad space for August!  This giveaway closes on Monday, so hurry up and enter!:)  This is a great way to drive new traffic to your own blog!  Free advertising!:)  It really doesn't get any better:).

Here is a little about Kylie,

I'm Kylie and I'm a photographer and blogger over at k&camera. I tend to carry my camera around with me everywhere - and the blog is my outlet for the photographs I shoot. We're all about photos over at k&camera - come visit! :)

You can enter this giveaway in the following ways:
(Leave me a separate comment for each of the following)

Okay!  That's it from me tonight:).  I hope each of you is having a lovely weekend!  I'll announce the winner of the camera giveaway tomorrow:)...and post another  little giveaway, for you organized type of gals:).  Better yet, for the disorganized (me!)...lol.

Night! xx



If we met for coffee, I'd tell you...

That Philly turned to Phil and I this week and said, "When I retire from being a New York Yankee, I'm going to travel the world and taste different foods."  I think this child might be on to something...

That we roller skate as a family on Thursday nights now.  All of us.  Eventually, we are gonna become a synchronized rollerskating team.  Just kidding:).

I'd tell you that I've always wanted to be a traveller...see the world, go the distance, leave on a moments notice.  But I realized this summer, when it comes down to doing it, all I really want to do is curl up with my family and stay at home. 

That Niamh's birthday is right around the corner.  She is having a 'Columbo' birthday...which is the weirdest birthday ever for a girl turning 9.  But, it is what she wants:).  

Also, it is pretty much impossible to find Columbo birthday stuff.
Go figure.

I'd tell you that we are going to Disney World in September with Phil's family...and I can't wait! Like, really, really cannot wait. 

 That Niamh's prayers at night are so sweet and beautiful, they make my eyes get teary. 

That Philly and Niamh love pajama days.

That Niamh asks to check the weather radar on my phone probably 30 times a day.  Because the bad storms we had last month scared her so bad.  

I'd tell you I had the best time with my mom in Chicago...I hope I'm half as good a mom to my kids as she has been to me.

That my niece Elphie makes me smile and I want to bite her:).  She is just so squishyyyyyy and adorable.

Also, I'm watching my nephew Jake this weekend...and while I am terrified (lol...because he just flies now), I am looking forward to snuggling him into our bed and sleeping next to a baby again.  Even if it is just one night.

That I have a project planned...

That I am excited to have met new friends this month.

Also, that Phil bowls a lot.  He is really good, too.

That the picture of Philly flying down the water slide makes me nervous just to look at.  lol  What a fun party!!...But, whew!  For someone who doesn't like water (that would be me:), it did take some getting use to, seeing them bounce down that thing:).

And that the last photo up there-- it is my favorite Instagram photo ever.  I love those three more than I can put into words. 

...And then I'd breathe and ask you to tell me your thoughts...
Sorry for rambling, but it is what coffee does to a girl:)

Feel free to share:).



Vest x 3

 shoes, c/o Blowfish. skirt and tanks, Target. vest/ Topshop.
Well hello, Thursday!

I haven't done an outfit post in a while, and figured since pigs are flying today and I actually dressed myself:), I better not miss my chance! 

As summer hits the mid-way point for us, I start to get excited about fall clothing.  I love me some fall clothes:).  After wearing light, airy things all summer, I am always SO ready to transition into funky layers.  And boots, too...but I'll save that for another post:).

My favorite fall piece-- vests.  They are the perfect, effortless accessory to almost any outfit.  And the light ones, well, they even work on sticky summer days, too!  I searched high and low this summer for the perfect denim vest, and I finally found her:).  I would probably wear it everyday...but it doesn't really go with my running/workout gear too well.  

I am also smitten with fur vests (fake, of course).  They are sort of a juxtaposition of feeling luxurious and feeling a bit like Wookie.  But, hey.  At least he was lovable:).  I'd like to think I look chic and lovable in my furry vests:).

And finally-- color.  Why not?  I mean.  I'm 32.  Who is gonna tell me I can't wear a neon pink vest?  I actually really like the idea of a bright vest with a monochrome outfit...wear different shades of tan or grey or even all black...and then pop that bright sucker on:).  

So there is some Thursday fashion for you!  

Do you like vests?
What is your favorite piece of fall clothing??

Like my new shoes?!  
Sizes are selling out quick-- so hurry over and snag your favorites for cheap!



Fly Girl...and August Sponsors!!

Flying by today...
if you have a shop or blog that you'd like to promote on Saturated Canary in August, please check out my advertising page and email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com!

I'd love to have you:)!

Also...new stamps coming soon!
Fall stamps are my absolute favorites to draw!!
I'm excited about my next couple releases:). 

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Some CHA Photos:).

 ruby, me, suzanne
 mindy and me
first time seeing the booth all decorated:) 
 me and carisa <3
 can you find mindy??
 there she is!
 sweet ruby and moi 
 finally!! a lightening bolt!:)

CHA was nerve-racking and fun and exciting.  Since it was my first time going, I didn't know what to expect...how my stamps would be received...even meeting people I only knew 'online' was very intimidating:).  I kinda like the buffer of being behind a computer screen.  I'm very quiet and not super social, so knowing I would be seeing people face to face made me get butterflies:).  But-- it was a pleasure!  I met a lot of super awesome girls...all of whom were absolute sweethearts!  
Angie, Ruby, Mindy, and Suzanne were in the Little Darlings booth, and those girls are a hoot:).  One thing I guess I should announce is that I am *not short.*  I might come across short online:), but I'm actually 5'6" and 5'9" in my heels:).  I could have carried around Mindy in my back pocket:).  lol.  Ruby and Angie, too!  Suzanne is my height, wa-hoo!!!!  (And, can I just say, she cannot have teenagers, because she looks waaaaaay too young!!:)  All of these girls-- absolutely beautiful people, inside and out!

I also met Colleen (totally the sweetest lady ever!) and Sandie (I loved listening to her accent:)...Sorry, Sandie:).  I got to say hello to Debbie and even had dessert with Carisa:).  It was fun saying hello to the people visiting our booth, too!  I even passed along some stamps to this cool chick:).  Awesome!

Besides the CHA fun, I was able to spend 6 days with my best friend, my mama:).  She has always wanted to see Chicago, so I was excited when she decided to come along!  We ate really big meals and had our Chicago pizza!  She visited my booth and met the girls.  And we even got to check out the city one day.  We hopped on a boat tour that cuts right through the streets and between the skyscrapers.  It was so  amazing-- and so special.  And on our last night, we got to watch a pretty awesome thunderstorm from our hotel window.  I took over 900 photos to get, like, three lightning strikes, lol.  I love the memories we made, and I'll cherish them forever!

So...that was CHA for me.  Whew!  What a week! 
And now I'm back home with my babies and hubs:).  I don't know if I would have lasted another day away:).  They had a donut cake waiting for me when I got home!!

Yes, the way to my heart is by presenting me with a cake made of donuts.  Truly, I will love you forever.

Time apart really does make a girl appreciate--all over again-- the little daily pleasures of having a beautiful, loving family.

Thank you everyone who wished me well...encouraged me about leaving the family for the week...and posted sweet messages throughout the days on FB and my blog.  

You all have become a real soft spot in my heart...


Instax Giveaway!

papers/ Mindy Baxter for LDRS; yoyo&spotted flatback / F&P; camera flatback/ Evalicious

Here are some of my latest Smash pages:).  I did an ice cream one, a bowling page (Phil is a huge bowler:), and a big Chicago/ CHA page:).  See some of the new rubber images?! They make cute additions to scrap pages, left uncolored.  I kinda like them like that:).  

I've been using my Instax camera a lot for my Smash pages.  The photos are the *perfect* size for smashing!  I loveeeeeee this camera!  I carry it everywhere now:).

And I have an Instax Mini 25 for one of my readers!! Yup.  I'm giving one of these gorgeous girls away!  Somebody needs to take it out of my house before Niamh snatches it away for herself:).  

Entering the giveaway is super easy.  
Please be a follower of my blog, and then just leave me a comment with your favorite summer food:).
I know.  
It doesn't really correspond to the giveaway, but I'm a little hungry right now, 
so it is what came to mind:)...

That's it! 

One entry per reader, please.  
Open to international girls as well! 
Giveaway closes Wednesday, July 25th.

Good luck lovelies!


*If you are Andrea, you just won the Karber Stamps giveaway!  Please email me to claim your prize!:)
**And if you are Myrna, you just won the Diana mini!  Please email me, sweets!


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