A Little Flair...Giveaway!

Sharing a quick Smash Page today!  I used my newest digi Jamie Workout for this page:).  I will also be uploading a coloring video using 'Jamie' tomorrow morning for the launch of the Saturated Canary YouTube DT!  Be sure to come by and check it out.  I'm still working on getting the hang of this video thing.  Each time gets a little better.  (The improvements are minuscule, but I think they are there:)...

Each day this coming week my DT will be uploading a new video using an SC image.  They are going to have some great posts!  Plus, there will be SC digi prizes each day:).  


You may have noticed how much I love to use flat backs on my Smash pages and Daybooks.  I think they are my favorite type of embellishment to go sorting through, trying to find the perfect piece for my page.  I found this really cute Etsy shop called A Flair for Buttons that is just chock full of super cute designs! I have a whole new collection now.  They just kept magically popping over to my cart:).

Shelley was nice enough to send some extras for one of my readers, too!  Please hop on over to her shop and check out her awesome stash of flairs!  Your Smash pages will be so happy!:)

To enter for a chance to win 12 of these super cuties, please be a follower and leave a comment-- What is your favorite scrapping/card making embellishment?  That's it!  The giveaway is open to all international girls as well and closes on Sunday, September 2.  

Have a lovely Friday, friends!

Awkward/Awesome Thursday


I let Philly get his own snack one afternoon this week.  Told him to pour some dry Apple Jacks into a cup.  Ten minutes later I walked by the kitchen and called in, "how ya doin' in there kiddo?"  To which he replied, "This is why you never trust a 6 year old in the kitchen."  
[Apple Jacks all over kitchen floor:)]

Both Niamh and Philly spent two nights this week wrapped in cool cloths to keep their fevers down.  I spend most of my night those evenings sitting up in bed, fixing their cloths, re-wetting them, and giving them meds when it is time.  Philly hates being wrapped in them (his fever was over 103), but I insisted.  I asked him, "what can I do to make you feel better?"  He peeked out of under the wet paper towel and said, "You could leave me alone for a while." :)

High waist jeans.  I love them.  I know they make my butt look 4 times as big as it already is, but I still love them suckers.  Even when Phil calls me "That 70's Show."  

The moment when you are walking and your ankle turns and you fall to one side for what appears to be no apparent reason.  Love that.

The fact that my Awkward and Awesome Thursday post will probably post on Friday.  Because I have a bunch of typing errors I still need to fex. fix.  see?


We are going to Disney World in two weeks!! AHhhhhhHHHH!!!  We are so excited...I can't wait to be in the Magic Kingdom again.  I really want to move to Florida and be a character, preferably a villain.  I'd love that alter ego.

Philly slept this whole week with a little blue sea horse whose belly lights up and plays lullabies.  I want to wrap that kid in a cannoli and eat him...He is just so sweet and lovable.

Niamh cheerleads.  Like, really rocks it.  Front line, shaking her booty.  Smiley.  All these moves.  I am not completely convinced at those moments she is mine.  She needs to donate a little of her rhythm to me.  That is only fair.

Philly's haircut. 

Taking instax photos with Niamh on my bed.  The kind that look like my big toe is picking her nose.  Oh YEAH.  That's what we do for giggles round these parts.  What do you guys do for fun?

What's been awesome/awkward about your week??
It would be awesome if you'd share!!


Great Finds in August...

I’m Mariana and I write the blog Behind My Desk. There you can find bits and pieces of me, my little family and our daily life, my DIY adventures, good and healthy recipes and many photos (because I really love taking them:)). My blog is a little bit of everything that I love and I love sharing all this with you. 

Mariana is giving away this super pretty handmade leather pouch and keychain she designed.  (There may even be a handmade surprise inside for a kiddo-- gotta keep the little ones happy, too!:)  To enter, leave a comment on this post.  Super easy:)! She is also hosting a fun giveaway this week on her blog, so be sure to stop over and enter for a chance to win:)!

You may remember Yin Mom Yang Mom from this post last month.  These sisters have joined together in blogland to bring useful recipes, mama tips, and even some giggles to their readers.  And besides having a ridiculous portion of awesomeness:), this duo has great taste!  Check out some of their have Pinterest finds here and here.

In September they will be hosting a giveaway from Little Dreamers Tutus and invite you to follow their blog and enter for a chance to win.  This Etsy shop is just full of princess! 

For all you carmaker girls, here is a popular challenge blog you will definitely want to check out, Fashionista Challenge!  Rina has amazing coloring skills that are sure to give you some inspiration and fuel that coloring mojo:).  Fashionista Challenges offers great prizes and even the chance to win $100 voucher to the online craft shop of your choice!  

Stop over to her personal blog, Scrapbook Fashionista and say hello, too!
You can find Rina's cards for sale here.

A big thank you to all my August Sponsors! 
I love helping to promote your sites and shops:)!!


*PS, if you are Annette or Paula, you just won Zoe's Hair Coloring EbookPlease email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com so I can put you in touch with Zoe!*


Breaking Out of the FuNK. Blah!

Well I can honestly say I have been in a funk the last week.  Un-inspired.  Not motivated.  And just completely off.  I think it has to do mostly with a lack of sleep, or good sleep.  Also, being cooped up in the house the last 7 days because of germs and not wanting to spread them around to others.  I think those germs snacked a little on my creative bug...and left me worn out and only up for cuddles and television.    

But last night I was determined to break out of the blues:) and find my creative spark again.  Sometimes it just takes some nitty-gritty determination.  Sitting at my messy desk, staring at the possibilities:).  Two hours later, I had two Daybook pages and one Smash page knocked out.  And.  They came out pretty nice!  I always like to wake up the next morning and take a fresh look at what I finished the night before...It's kinda exciting to see a few bright pages and feel pretty happy with how they turned out.

And hello new followers!  I woke up today and found a bunch of new followers on here:)...Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find lots of daily inspiration and new friends!  

Before I go, I'd like to invite everyone to go check out the new SC Dutch blog!  There will be a kinda awesome giveaway tomorrow (I'm in the loop-- so take my word for it:)...Be sure to head over and follow so you don't miss a thing!  (There is a translation button on the right sidebar;).  

Have a lovely.inspiring.creative Sunday!


Bowling Fever, Oscar Night.

 vest, Topshop; skirt, VS; tank, Target; shoes, c/o Blowfish

We planned on a bowling date tonight.
The kind where the two munchkins tag along...but. a date nonetheless.
Got my cute maxi skirt on...curled my hair.

And wouldn't you know, right when Niamh starts acting just like her happy, healthy self...The little guy goes down for the count.  

Poor little dude.  

And we had no kiddo tylenol left...so stuck some cold cloths to his forehead, made him a little bed in a shopping cart, and headed into Target.  Bought some new movies for the germy people:).  And when we got home, made two 'birds' nests' in my bedroom, one on the bed (Philly) and one on the couch (Niamh).  And Friday bowling became movie night for the kiddies:).

Changed from my cute date skirt to sweats.  And watched a combo of a late-season Yankee's game and pre-season Giants game with Phil.

It's all gooooooood.
Yankees won.  
Giants made the big guy happy.
And I didn't have to show up Phil and the kids with my awesome bowling form.  (yeah right:).

And I still might sneak in the bedroom for the Disney Chimpanzee movie in a few minutes when the kids switch out the next DVD. I may be in the minority here, but that movie rocked.  I just loved Oscar:). 

Here's to Friday nights that don't go as planned...
But are still good in my book.
Even Philly perked up a little after lying in bed for a while.

Okay...off to watch sweet little Oscar!

Coloring Hair E-Book Giveaway!!, Zoe McGrath

Been a little MIA this week because I had a sick little mama here at home.  Niamh caught a nasty summer bug, and she has been in bed most of the week.  She started feeling better yesterday, so hopefully we are just about past it.  

Since I have not posted for a few days, I think this will be a great way to get back into the swing of things!  This is a new e-book by the lovely Zoe McGrath.  The book focuses on coloring long hair and giving it depth, bringing out it's shape and curves, and basically how to graduate into 'awesome-hair-colorer' status:).  

I chose to try her techniques with a red-head. This e-book is very easy to follow, and Zoe explains everything really well.  This is my first and only try so far, and looking back, I think I should have used a dark brown for the really dark color.  My 'dark' red is just not giving me the shadows I want...But, for a first try, I am happy:).  I was able to get a 'strand' look...which is my favorite part of Zoe's coloring.  I like the hair to look like separate pieces.  

I am one stop in a blog hop full of pretty hair coloring!:)...Here is the complete list of ladies.  Be sure to check out their beautiful coloring skills, too:). 

You can purchase the e-book here.  Also, check out Zoe's other coloring manuals-- each one is a wealth of coloring knowledge and experience ...and will prove to be a useful tool time and time again! Also, the e-book comes with this *exclusive* image.  It will not be available later in my shop.

And TWO of my readers will receive the 'Coloring Long Hair' e-book for free!  Woop!Woop!  Here is how to enter the giveaway:

Follow Saturated Canary
Leave a comment.  
What is your favorite color(s) marker(s) to use for hair?
Mine is a Pink/Red combo:).  
Bet you never expected that;).

The giveaway closes on Monday, August 27th.

Easy-peesy:).  Remember to check out the other girls in the hop.  There will be a ton of great hair-inspiration...Getcha markers ready girls!  You'll be in the mood to color some hair today!:)


Week in Instagrams.

This past week...

I realized that I will never be a quiet mom on the sidelines of any of my children's sporting events.  I will be the loud, shrieking voice.  The jumping body.  The running lady.  The one the other parents want to kick in the knee.  I apologize now to my fellow sideline-ees.  And my family.  I know I am embarrassing.  But I just cannot shut up.  I need to wa-hoo.  And fist pump the air.  And embarrass myself:).

That Philly is the sweetest boy I have ever met...which is kinda awesome, because (extra perk here) he's my son:).  I saw him stop twice this week in practice to help another child up.  I could spend a whole day just smooching that kid.

I've had the spider creepy-crawlies all week.  Because of a silly spider in Chick-fil-A that Niamh made me throw my flip-flop at (so it wouldn't bite anyone else)...And wouldn't ya know it was a mommy spider.  And all those (hundreds) of babies came pouring out crawling right at us.  I check under the bed covers at least twice a night with my phone light...just because I feel like those little buggers are still after me. 

We heard Niamh telling Philly this week, after he found a dryer sheet stuck to his clothes, that "they just appear when you throw clothes in the dryer."  hehehe.  I don't want my babies to get any older.  Just stay right here.  Please.  Forever.

That even in glasses, our poor dog just doesn't come across as very smart:).  Cute, yes.  But...not a huge brainiac, that one.

How awesome it is to be married to a guy who cares so deeply about his fathering.  How he speaks encouraging words to Philly after practice and asks to see Niamh's latest cheerleading moves.  How he sits quietly on the sidelines (hey-- opposites attract, right;) and I love him.  For loving me.  Unconditionally.  Because I am not always easy to love.  Especially when I'm unknowingly mimicking Philly's moves on the field...(if I lean to the left, I really, really feel like Philly will also lean to the left:).

And that some summer weeks just make me want to stop time.  Carry my boy into the store because he is still fast asleep from the car ride.  Snuggle the girl who has a sore throat and promise her I'd rather get sick than miss out on a good night kiss.  Hope that they know my world lives inside of them...

That they are everything...and then so much more.
Everyday.  All the time.  


PS, Terri, you won Heather's Card Kits!!  Please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com.  Congrats, friend!  


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