Thank you for all the Facebook and email love.
We are good.  
Our house is fine.  
And, despite skipping trick-or-treating for the time being, we all had a good night.  
Hanging out in our Halloween socks.
At a hotel, because we have not had power since sometime Monday afternoon.  

It has been a fun night actually.  
The hotel only had a suite left, so we have lots of room, two tv's, and a nice gym right below us.

If you have emailed me in the last three days-- well, really since Sunday-- I will respond aSaP!  This is the first time I have connected my laptop to the internet in the last few days and have a bunch of messages to read through still.  Thank you for understanding!!

We were fortunate.  
Our area was not hit that hard.  I think the eye of the storm pretty much went over us...or fairly close.  However, the Jersey shore, north Jersey, and NYC-- parts of those areas are just destroyed.  It breaks my heart to look at the photos and listen to the stories on the radio.  Our favorite beach was literally underwater yesterday.  Having no power kinda sucks.  And walking around in puddles in the basement, that sucks too.  But those little things pale in comparison to the devastation on the news.  

I am thankful to be in matchy socks tonight with my babies and boy. 
I am reminded that we are small people; and God is so big and powerful.
And I am in awe that the One who calms the winds and waves with a simple word 
loves me.  

Good night, friends!
Gonna make good use of this suite while we got it;).




Here is a sneak peek of a new digi named "Snow."

The next release will be princess-themed!  
I am so excited...All these pretty girls to share!:)
Mark November 8 on your calendars...

And I took these fun photos of Niamhy last week.  
They were for a fun photo challenge...But not sure I'll be able to post them later this week with the crazy storm coming...so figured I'd share them in the same post as "Snow"...since they kinda go together:).


Those boots are Blowfish shoes for kids. 
So cute, huh!?

Hope you all have a lovely start to your week!




Hey, you wanna grab a coffee?

I'd tell you that I love fall, more and more as I get older.  I think it is the hardest time of year to eat clean.  Because Wawa puts Butternut Squash and Apple soup on its menu Monday and Thursday.  And that stuff is like amaze.  Not even amazing.  Yup, the 'ing' falls right off cuz you just veg out as it fills your tummy with warm goodness:).  

It is also filling my hips and thighs with warm goodness.  Although, my jeans are having a fit.  (no pun intended;)...

I'd tell you that I really love our new dog.  And now I want another.  What the heck is wrong with me? I already have the breed picked out.  I have a thing for massive, scary dogs:).  

Phil is changing shifts soon, so that he can go to church every Sunday, instead of every other...which is what he has to do now.  I'm so proud of him.  His heart is beautiful.  And he is cute on the outside too.  Double whammy, that guy. 

That Philly got his first sack this week.  And he told me the next day when I picked him up from school, "Guess what I thought about ALL DAY LONG, mom?"  Me:  school work??  "Nope.  MY SACK."  My little meat head:):).  

That Philly and Niamh come out of the bedroom every so often after I tuck them in and ask, "Can we each have a sweater to sleep with?"  They love to snuggle my sweaters.  I melt.

I'd tell you that Phil and I are part of a team working to plant a new church in our area.  And that our monthly meetings are a blessing.  That I've seen God answer our prayers already.  When you have a need-- like, God please help my heart change from this to this-- He WILL move.  He will change you.  Even if it is little by little. Be bold in your prayers, friends.  He is listening and working.  

That I tried to re-produce the Butternut Squash soup stuff this week in a crockpot. 
That was an epic FAIL.

That Niamh is so innocent and loving toward other girls.  She is so trusting and sweet.  Sometimes I worry.  Because little girls can be clicky... And I don't want her feelings hurt.  
That she asked me this week, "Will zombies ever happen?"  I told her, "No."  Then overheard her ask Phil in the other room the same thing.  He said, "I'm not sure."  Zombie geek.

I talked to my mom on the phone and told her about Niamh's zombie question.  She said that my dad and brother were already planning  to leave her as bait if there was a zombie apocalypse because she would pretty much just be useless during a zombie attack:).  

Okay.  My family has serious attachment issues to The Walking Dead.  

I'd tell you that my girl is getting straight A's at this moment.  We never push for it...because I never want my kids to feel stressed out about their grades.  But hey, if they want to get all A's here and there-- I'm all for it:).

That I have a sneaker-buying problem.  I do run a lot, so I think it is justified.  I think.

I'd tell you that I can't believe how many people leave me sweet comments and send me loving emails...just to say "hi."  I love you guys...Seriously, I really love this space and the people that let me share a little about myself and family on this blog.  You all make my heart so happy:).

Now it is your turn:)...

Anything special to share?...Love reading your thoughts on my coffee posts!
Have a lovely Friday, friends!

Christmas Memories Mini Hop!


The snow may be chilly, but this snow angel can melt it.  That, I am sure of:).
If I had an alter ego, I'd want it to look like this chick.  
All sassy; like Donna Reed meets Jessica Rabbit.  

And do you love the papers?
Me too!!
You can find gorgeous digital papers in Mindy's Etsy shop.  
They print beautifully and are easy to re-size, too.
Perfect for all your Christmas creations!!!

Have you started Christmas cards yet??
I am officially two cards in.  
For me, that is totally ahead of the game!
Yay for hops that get my butt in gear:)!!!....

Next stop on the mini hop is Mindy's blog!
And if you'd like to circle around, check out Yani's lovely Christmas creation here
Short hop.
Lots of pretty.
And a kick in the pants to gettcha all Christmas crafty and all...

Perfect way to start a Friday!


Coupon for Evalicious!


Evalicious is a super chic, artsy-fartsy, really unique online shop.  I kinda stalk it. And buy super cute things.  And then stalk it some more:).

I have a whole Evalicious supplies drawer.  
Because any shop that ends with "licious" deserves its own drawer, people.

I used lots of her cute kit stuffs on my scrap page for Philly's birthday bowling party.  As you can see, her pieces work great with every other brand as well!!  

Eve is the shop owner...
Here is a little about her operation.

Shopevalicious.com is a small, indie, online shop specializing in art journals, badge buttons, paper tags, handmade pretties & other scrapbook goods. Most of the items you see in the shop are handmade and eco-friendly in some way or another.This little shop was established in 2008 by Eve Johnson, owner & designer, when she felt the great need to offer some handmade goodness to others in hopes that these items would bring a smile to their faces as they did to hers. And also to support her craft spending habits. But a hobby store turned into a part time endeavour and now she gets to work part time at her other “job” and run her shop the other days of the week.

Eve is offering my readers 15% off any order from now through November 4th using code: SC15.  If you are doing a December Daily, she has the perfect embellishment kitholiday art journal, and even adorable Christmas buttons!  Woop. Woop.

Thanks for stopping over in your busy day!


Sponsor in November.


We are all good apples over here.
We know, because we went all Snow White and tried everyone.

If you'd like to join the bunch for the month of November, please check out my advertising page and email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com to reserve a spot.  

We are growing fast and would love to help promote your blog/shop!:).



So, I made a really fun video and wrote a post over HERE today. 
Check it out if you want:)...

Also, you can get 25% off all orders for the next 24 hours with code ODDCANARY.
Thanks for visiting:)...

Happy...what, is it Wednesday??...Okay, Wednesday then:).


Shape EZ Template Giveaway!!


How cute is the pumpkin shaped card?

Tammy sent me this pumpkin template to try out.  It is SO easy to use!  I sized it down, printed it out. Then sized it down a tad bit more and printed another, for the flowered layer on top.  It folds easily, and is the perfect card for the fall!

Tammy is giving away three templates:)...You can check out all her Shape EZ designs in the Whimsy Stamps shop.  Then, come back and leave a comment with which one you'd want to work with.

The giveaway is open to everyone and closes on Friday, October 26th.  
Please one comment each.

If you'd like to check out some pretty awesome creations, click over to Tammy's blog, Handmade by TLC.  I follow her, too.  It is a blog full of inspiration...definitely worth a spot on your blog role!!

Thanks for stopping by, lovelies.
Have a beautiful Tuesday.

PS...Mandi, Gretchen, and Mandy~ You girls won the Polymer Clay Box buttons giveaway!! Congrats, friends!! Please email me at krista7smith@yahoo.com to receive your gifts.


FOR YOU:)...Limited Time!


Hello sweet readers.


Well, the fairytale challenge was postponed a few days...
I have a princess-esque freebie for you all:)...
She will be available until Wednesday, and then be placed in my shop for regular sale.
Please be a FOLLOWER of my blog if you want to grab the freebie:)
Click here for download.
(freebie has expired.)

I think she is kinda pretty...
Enjoy and happy weekend, friends!


Buttons...Giveaway with Polymer Clay Box!


The pieces I like the most for Smash or scrap pages are the ones that give the layout a little dimension.  Bows, ribbon, brads, flat backs, yo-yos, and buttons...Got lots of these pretties in my desk drawers.  And the best kind are the unique ones...like my pretty buttons from Polymer Clay Box.  

They are so lovely...I am tempted to skip the scrapping and go sew them onto my cardigans:).  
Absolutely beautiful...

My friend Nat sent me some of her pretty creations and was kind enough to give a few extras for a giveaway:).  I put together three 'goodie' packs.  Each gift pack includes: one Smash book (random color), a pack of Amy Tan stickers, one SC rubber stamp (it will be a random one as well:), and a sheet of pretty polymer buttons.  

Kinda awesome, right?!

Please hop on over to Nat's shop and leave a comment with your favorite buttons.
That is it.

Three girls will win.
One comment per reader!!**
Open to all.
Closes Sunday, October 21.


Thanks for stopping by on your Thursday.




What is your favorite fairytale??...

When I was younger, my mom would let us four kids rent one movie each on (some) weekends.  Us girls usually picked Faerie Tale Theatre movies (on VHS-- yeah, remember those!?!).  I think my favorites were the 12 Dancing Princesses, The Little Mermaid, and Rapunzel.  (I actually have a weird obsession with radishes from the Rapunzel one, lol...I can eat radishes like nobody's business.) 

Tonight, per the advice of some of *your* comments, the kids and I snuggled down into my bed and watched the first episode of Once Upon a Time.  (Niamh told me it was going to be boring because it was titled 'Pilot'...I tried to explain to her it wasn't about a guy flying a plane.)  The Yankees game was rained out, so even Phil came in and laid at the end of the bed to watch a bit.  Kiddos loved it:).  Phil...I think he fell asleep, but I'll cut sleeping beauty a break this time;).  And me.  Well, it reminded me of the old princess movies we use to watch as kids.  

So, thank you awesome readers who left the recommendation:). I owe you:).

Speaking of fairytales, I'm joining a fun Blowfish Shoes fairytale-inspired challenge on Friday!  Let's make Friday extra fun...come on back for a peek at my styled-up outfit and a free fairytale digi!!! 

And in the meantime, you can use code: BFCANARY15 for 15% off your Blowfish shoes purchase in the month of October:).  These are my Vamp booties.  I love 'em!

See you on Friday!!


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