an artistic 'Sometimes'...


Sometimes I see a person and think.  Oh wow.  I need to draw them as a character.
Sometimes I name the stamp after them.

Sometimes I want to give back to all the people who enjoy my characters enough to buy and color them...but I'm not sure how to do this.  The occasional free digi seems to work okay...but I wish it could come with a hug from me to you<3.

Sometimes I just can't draw worth beans.

Sometimes I draw the same character over and over and over.  To get it just right.
And sometimes it just takes one attempt...they are the lucky draws:).

Sometimes I get asked to help promote other artists (digi) work.  I am happy to do that. I want to be genuinely happy for the success of others.  I think it is important to feel that in my heart.

Sometimes I get asked where is a particular stamp in my shop...If you cannot find it, it is probably a rubber one:).  All rubber releases can be found here.

Sometimes I am super excited about a release...like the digital release this Friday.  And the rubber release going to CHA.  (I'm not going myself.)  I have a couple favorites from each I'll show you over the weekend!

Sometimes I am annoyed that I cannot color as good as others.  But, I know practice and patience will help.  And lots more Copics:).  

Sometimes I stop to think I just love.love.love what I do.  I am home with my kids.  And I get to draw and color all day.  And make pretty things. 

Sometimes my heart is so thankful to my Lord and my family.  For letting me do what I love.  And giving me the opportunities to chase my dreams and be myself.  

What are your 'Sometimes' this week??


  1. AWE both your cards are Totally Gorgeous!!! Jealous you get to be at home with your kids! I work 40 hrs a week at a job and have to pay someone else to watch my daughter when she gets out of school. I sure would LOVE to fall into a windfall of money Sometime soon!!!
    hugs, Heidi

  2. A beautiful text!
    Thank YOU for all the gorgeous drawing!
    Sometimes I think I will never get the coloring right when I'm looking at all the beautiful coloured images all over the net
    Sometimes I realize that I have to practice a lot since I have my copics only since xmas.

  3. Sometimes I wish I was as talented as you <3

  4. Sometimes I just wish I could draw as good as you. I'll just make do with colouring yours instead.

  5. Sometimes I am just struck dumb by the talent of others,
    sometimes I think I can have a go at that...but when I do...hmmm...
    Sometimes the inspiration you find from a "stranger" on a blog or a facebook friend can change your life

    Thank you for your Sometimes Krista ....and your inspiration to us all

    Helen xxx

  6. Gee Krista you can make one think about things :)

    Sometimes I want to colour and make cards but find myself looking at all the wonderful colouring and cards there is about and I forget to make some myself..
    Sometimes I am so happy that I have such a great hobby I can get lost in...
    Sometimes my heart is filled with happy thoughts just because some awsome people reached out to chat to make me smile..
    Sometimes I am amazed of all the talents I meet because of my hobby...
    Sometimes I love my life with the job, hobby, friends,family and everything else that happens in my life...
    Sometimes I am so greatful and thankful to my beliefs...

    Pialine xx

  7. You sure are lucky, I would love to have stayed home with my two children!! You also are very talented to be able to draw such gorgeous images, they are stunning, every single one. xx

  8. Sometimes you can find real inspiration in the talent seen in a "strangers" blog or Facebook....
    Sometimes I think I might have a go at that...then I do ....and hmmmm.....
    Sometimes it's just fantastic to share and to see shared moments.
    sometimes it's just lovely to visit and see what's been happening

    Thank you for your Sometimes Krista....inspiration always
    Helen xxx

  9. such a beautiful post!! I love all your artwork, whatever inspires u, I love the results, I am just grateful that you are willing to share such wonderful art work with the likes of me!! Beautiful cards, and sending hugs back!! Hugs Juls x

  10. I wish I could color as good as you even if you think you are not as good as some others...

  11. Hi krista, lovely post and you know i seemed to color better when i owned less copics. Maybe cause i had to be super creative in finding how to make the most of them.

  12. "And lots more Copics", I actually chuckled over that sometimes. Because DH always says he can color better if he has the RIGHT Copics and it is never one that he owns.

  13. Such beautiful cards!! My sometimes this week are that sometimes I compare myself to others but sometimes I remember I'm exactly who I need to be! :)

  14. Sometimes I wish the copic fairy would visit more often! I do love your stamps and of course your coloring. I only wish.. Jane

  15. Your digi's always come with a hug Krista!

    My 'sometimes' for this week - in fact for many many of my weeks is that Sometimes I have energy & can live life & do the things I love and sometimes I have to curl up in a heap on the sofa & sleep like mad. It's all due to my M.E. but the one thing that is never 'sometimes' is having a positive attitude & appreciating life & all the things I can do whether they be big or small.

    Hugs to you Krista. I'd love to be able to give you a hug in person but until then a cyber hug will have to do xxx

  16. Sometimes I just want to be! Grab a cup of tea and just have a moment! Life has been crazy busy for me this year and it is only the beginning! I am thankful that I have a scrapbook room that I can create in! I love your images and your cards are beautiful!

  17. Super cute images, the top one reminds me of the bopper things that were all the rage when I was a kid!
    Sometimes I am so grateful for having a roof over our heads, for having a fabulous husband, mum and brother.
    Every day I am grateful for the support from my family and friends and for generous artists like yourself hun!
    Sometimes I wish we could win the lotto so life would not be so hard, it wouldn't make us happy but it would make life a lot easier lol!!!Karen x

  18. Sometimes I think you're the cutest... other times I think you're the sweetest. ;o)
    God has blessed you in your nest, glad you get to create and share your talents with those digi digging customers!
    Ohhhhh, you don't want to hear this mama's "sometimes" this week.. since they all revolve around sickly babies and insomnia. (Sometimes I feel like a zombie.wet-nurse!).
    Love ya!!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  19. Sometimes, I, too, wish I could create and color like some of the fabulous artists I see....
    then other times, I'm so grateful for what I CAN do.. and I am content.
    And ALL the time... I am in awe over my grandchildren and the love they have brought into my world!!
    Love your thoughts, Krista!!!

  20. aww this was a real sweet post I feel the same about so many things..and I really think this all just comes from being a mom, a woman, and human with a heart...hugs to you and keep up the great work..you make the world a better place :)

  21. krista, your images are adorable and I look forward to your blog post. I feel that each of the images that I have purchased from you have each come with a hug. I will continue to purchase them as long as you will continue to create them. Thank you so much for sharing these super cute characters with us. I just wish that "sometime" I will be able to draw as well as you do :-)

  22. I love all your images and am grateful you share your talent with us. I appreciate the freebies and have lots of your digis and rubber stamps. I am grateful for our Lord and for my family and friends.

  23. Beautifully said Krista. I feel a hug from you each time I get a digi, you send them with a very sweet sentiment all the time. You are a very talented lady. I wish I could draw, but I can't, so I look forward to paint/color your digis for which I am very grateful!

  24. Sometimes I'm amazed at all the beauty around us...
    Sometimes I'm confused anyone can be so sad despite all that...
    Sometimes I'm in awe of what others do and feel insignificant...
    Sometimes I remember I am pretty awesome myself just as I am. :)

    Very pretty card and I love how you write! LOVE! It! :)

  25. Sometimes I look at my small man and glow with happiness! Being a single mom is challenging but nothing I can't handle! Sometimes I wish I could be the kind of stay at home mom my mother was, but I'm hoping that the quality of the time we spend together is as important as the quantity of it. I'm grateful to be employed, even if it does take me away from my son.I'm happy to color your gorgeous images and leave the drawing to you, Krista! You are truly blessed! And beyond talented! Every image is delightful and your cards are always gorgeous! You radiate style in everything you do!

  26. I love hearing when an artist loves her work and takes time and care in it!! =) You do awesome work!

  27. My "sometimes" are i wish i could do something to make money by staying home, but i have tried so many things over the years, none have panned out. Sometimes i wish i had your talent and could draw. Its such a beautiful gift. Sometimes i get so frustrated because i cant color as great as alot of other bloggers. Sometimes i just want to sit and color for days and sometimes i dont even want to look at a copic. But tomorrow im sure i will want to color some saturated canary new releases! xx

  28. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the love and generosity of children and mine own are no different. Sometimes I wish I was super woman so I'm never sick. Sometimes I wish I can shelter and block the cruelty, bulling and hate from my little ones. Sometimes I just have to step back and enjoy our life as it is and not wish for bigger or what I think might be better. Sometimes I just have to let go and KNOW (deep down I know) that HE will take care of it all.

  29. Thx you for this wonderful Words. Thx you for the gorgeous Images i love your Digi Stamps so much. Thx you for your wonderful Cards, You are a wonderful woman.
    Hugs Elfie

  30. I am grateful det i walking and talk and see so det i can make my cards with your cute drawning with the big eys.
    I am gratefull for mu hubby he take all what i not can.

    i am grateful for the sunshine

    I am simply grateful for the litlle things in my life,a singinging bird in the tree,a day wiyhout pain and so much things.

    Thank you for the images en a big hug from The Netherlands tou you .xxxx

  31. These are both beautiful cards. I love the cute images you used on them.
    Sometimes I wish I could draw at all, and colors worth a hill of beans, but I do the best I can. I too enjoy the time I can spend at home taking care of my children and being able to relax with a page of images and a package of markers. :)

  32. Sometimes I'm super excited about a new release too Krista! Ok...that's a lie. There's no sometimes in that statement. I'm ALWAYS excited about a new SC release!! I sometimes wish the freebies came with hugs too. Sometimes I wish there was 48 hrs in a day so I could dedicate it to coloring, crafts, exercise, just decompressing. But then reality sets in and I see how very lucky I am.

  33. Oh, this one reminds me of Ladybug girl. My son loves those books. So precious. Sometimes, I wish it was a week from now and I wouldn't be sick anymore, haha.

  34. awesome post krista :)
    sending *hugs* in return

  35. Love your digi's and always enjoy stopping by your blog. I need to practice coloring alot more to make them look as nicely as they should- gosh I love the hair you draw!!! You are very talented and it is so nice for you that you share your awesome art with us and it works that you get to stay home with the kids. Bless you!

  36. Lovely cards. I love your drawings. I can't draw and I am so thankful to people like you who share their artwork. I have just received six Saturated Canary stamps which I bought from Bizzy Becs here in Australia.
    Sometimes I wish I didn't have to go to work and could retire and stay home but I thank God for every day and am blessed to be alive (after having cancer}. Sometimes I wish I could colour better and be more artistic but am happy I can do what I can.
    Best wishes, Margaret A, Sydney Australia

  37. Beautiful...
    I enjoy your post as much as I enjoy colouring the images you draw!

  38. Sometimes I get jealous of you being so beautiful AND talented! :)

  39. sometimes i don't know what to do first..
    sometimes i wish i could be creative everyday.
    your artwork is beautiful and so cute!

  40. What a wonderful card here again Krista, and sometimes I really wish I could draw and color like you, that would be really awesome.

  41. Reading this mail I can only think one thing, that you are a very beautiful person you have a good heart.
    Hugs Anastasia from the Netherlands

  42. Right i did this post a while ago but was not sure if it went as i had to sign in to my account .
    Sometimes i wish i had good health ,then i remember Gods plan for my life not that he wants me sick ,but He has enabled me to help people who are ill and in a lot of pain.
    Sometimes i get a feeling inside of such happiness i could burst .
    sometimes i look at the clouds are try and see faces
    sometimes i sing and dance with joy to my praise tapes they make me happy .
    Sometimes when the pain is real bad i cuddle up quiet with a waterbottle.
    sometimes my bf and i talk about wanting to go back to when our children were smal and stay there forever with their arms around our necks .
    sometimes i look at the love in my husbands eyes and know that we have had 32 years of happy marriage by the grace of God .
    sometimes i remember the day God called me to follow and i thank Him that i heard His voice .
    sometimes when im crafting and making things for my children i feel so happy
    sometimes i look at your lovely family Kirsta andshare your life im blessed
    sometimes when i go past a lighted window i think of who might live there if they are happy or has life been hard
    sometimes when i go down a street i wil pray for that street
    sometimes i like to eat candy floss but i dont like getting it stuck in my hair .
    sometimes when the sun shines i feel like a brand new person ,i know great isnt it .
    and always when you so kindly give from your heart i am always blessed
    May God bless you this year xx

    1. your comment is just beautiful. made my eyes all teary.
      hope you have a lovely day...as you have totally brightened and touched mine.


  43. Sometimes I need to close my eyes and take the leap of faith!

  44. Sometimes I wonder why people do not believe or trust that God is Supreme and wants to bless them, love them, and yet they turn away

    Sometimes I read a message that sparks my heart - like the one I read today on your blog.

    Enjoy your week!

  45. wow these are beautiful Krista and I love your sometimes. Mine would be
    sometimes I wish I could draw....especially like you can
    sometimes I wish I could colour in the way I see others do
    sometimes I wish my family was like yours, I love to read all your posts about them
    sometimes I am thankful that crafting has meant I have met so many lovely people
    sometimes I am anxious and worried about things that are not going right in life
    sometimes I just want to hug my boys and never let them out of my sight
    sometimes I wish I could quit my job and be a stay at home mum
    sometimes I wish I had the energy to have a great physique :-)
    Somtimes I wish I was more assertive

    quite a few now that you have made me think about it
    thank you Krista

  46. They're both so cute. I've been a sahm for 6 years, but that might be coming to an end in the Fall, when my daughter goes to 1st grade (& is in school all day). I'm so sad & wish I could work from home. You're so lucky that you have a special talent.

  47. My sometimes are along similar lines, I wish I could spend more time drawing and crafting, and I'd love to be able to colour like some of the amazing artists I see, but all in all I'm very grateful for what I have. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous characters. I watched the Create and Craft show last night showcasing your new stamps - oh my goodness they are so cute, I love them all!

  48. Fabulous comments from folk and super cards from you Krista.

    Sometimes I am so thankful for the wonderful community that I have found through my crafting - always so much inspiration out there.

    Toni xx

  49. I do not have any sometimes, but I have a wish. You create the most amazing girls, suitable for both 10 year olds, confirmands and brides. I would love to have boys to colour, so I could make cards for them as well. Especial early teens
    You are the most amazing artist I know of, thank you for all the beautiful stamps you create.



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