Favorite 5.


I'm going to start posting my weekly favorites on Saturdays.  A long, long time ago, I did Wednesday Favorites... and I'd like to pick it back up again, but move it to a weekend post:).  

Here are my top fives from this week:).

1. I have these shoes in a different color combo and might just need to pick up the second pair.  They just feel so smart and stylish!

2. I posted a photo of Niamh's monkey doll Santa gave her for Christmas in this post...and a couple people commented on it:).  They are collector monkeys (bet you didn't know such a thing existed!)...You can find them here.  She has two and Philly has one.  They hold up pretty well to playtime.  The hair gets a little funky looking sometimes, though:).

3. Favorite mascara EVER.  It is weird to put on (the second coat is like applying cotton balls to your lashes), but--BUT-- coming from someone who has less than awesome lashes-- this stuff is amazing!  Well worth the money!

4.  The Utter Relief of Holiness.  A wonderful read; and until February 28th, for every book you buy, you get one free.  So, you can share the goodness:).

5.  These workout pants are kinda (okay, really) expensive.  However, they are the perfect workout/running pant!  I have looked high and low for a just barely cropped legging, and finally found them here.  They come in a few different colors/prints and stay put through the whole workout. Plus,  they are really cute to wear out on your Saturday errands!

Do you have any favorites to share??...


  1. Omg that monkey doll is so cute!!! It looks so real! I love the different colors that companies come up with oxfords. I just went on Cole Hann, and wanted to buy all of them in different colors.


  2. Too cute Krista. Yes the Lululemons are very expensive. Zella is sold in Nordstrom only, for cheaper, and one someone who branched out on hisi own from Lulu. Also my pilate/yoga instructor just found out about the gap lingerie store their work out clothes (the nicer ones, with the check up the leg) are really really great. She highly recommends them. She has her own studio and always swore for Lulu.Hugs. Pamela

  3. That monkey doll is beyond cuteness! My daughter would be in heaven as she's in a love-everything-dealing-with-monkeys phase!

  4. The monkey is one of the cutest thing I've seen. Shoes are cute, too. I don't have a fav pair of shoes, but a few fav pairs of boots. If I was going to share a few of my favs, I would have to say Penzey Spices--awesome, great price, can't beat the freshness. I love lounging in Green Tea clothing, made from bamboo, so soft and easy fitting. I love Mexican food, and my buff son told me that Mama Lupe's soft shells are only 3 carbs each, but hard to find in the stores, so order them online. I read an awesome book last week called The Foul Bowel--having Crohn's disease (which has been getting me down lately), it was an inspiring read, with LOL moments galore. Lastly, we love going to weekend matinees and last weekend we saw Zero Dark Thirty--super great movie but not for kids. I love movies that are based on real events.
    Have a great rest-of-weekend with the family, Krista...!

  5. OOh Krista Ive got sweethert monkey too he he she lies on my bed with a doll I reborn last year, when I was in the making other things mood, unfortunately sweetheart lost some fur from her arm, but she is still well loved lol have a lovely weekend hunnie, loadsa love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Omgosh, I think I'm the only one that thinks the monkey is creepy!!! LOL I have always loved your eye makeup and I think your lashes really do set it all off so I want to try this mascara soooo bad!!! Thanks for sharing. Look forward to the new feature. :D

  7. LOVE the running pants. But really??? Why so 'spensive!?! I read an article of a brand that is sold in Nordstrom Rack nearly identical to LuLuLemon. They may have something similar for a wee bit less? Zella...check it out of you have Nordstrom Rack near you.



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