Just One for the New Year.


Every year I make resolutions.
They tend to be similar things each year...little alterations to the same basic things.  

Be an awesome mama.
And a fantastic wife.
Be super healthy.
Be super in shape.
Cook more.
Be a patient person.  
Be more organized. 
Pay bills before they are even due.
Save money.
Meet my business goals. 
Draw better.
Love more.
And be a better Christian.

This year.  
I want to focus my energy on one thing. 


I want to be sure-- SURE-- that every part of my life reflects his work in me.  
From the way I wake up in the morning (which is typically kinda grumpy:) 
to the way I run my business...
from the way I speak to my husband 
to the quiet thoughts inside my heart.  

I want to carve the time into my every day to learn about and love him more.  
Changes need to be made.  
Better choices.  
Dying to my own desires.
Trusting fully.
Being vulnerable to God's plan for my life.

I am an imperfect person and at times, my testimony has suffered.  
My heart has sheltered bitter feelings. 
I have allowed fears to paralyze my day.
Choices, even some as simple as what artwork I promote and sell, have embarrassed me.
To have my life reflect the love and character of Jesus-- that is my goal for 2013.  

So that is it this year. 
I think everything else falls into place in a pretty awesome way when Christ is put first.
So, yeah...I'll definitely work on fitting into my skinny jeans
(already have new running sneakers for that purpose)
and cooking edible meals 
and trying to be a truly better mother 
and respecting my husband, even when my first inclination is to act in a hurtful way...

But all that will hopefully be a byproduct of trying to be 
the person I am capable of being in Christ.

I will be captivated by him.
Be captive to him.
Live freed in 2013, my friends.

beautiful lace vest c/o PB&J Boutique.

Happy 2013.


  1. Oh that's great. What a wonderful goal!!


  2. Well said girlfriend. Happy new year!!!

  3. Beautiful thoughts for all of us to ponder, Krista....
    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. im gonna cut and paste that the walls of my heart! happy new year krista! much love!

  5. Wow! You have truly figured out the key.... it really is all about Jesus. I can only pray that I can achieve some of those same goals. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless and Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year Krista. Wishing you every happiness for 2013. Hugs Nina

  7. I pray the very best for you as you pursue HIM with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. and He will meet you more than halfway, 'cause that's just the kinda guy He is! :) what a wonderful Saviour we serve!!!

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  8. Well said Krista! You are beautiful inside and out and inspire me with every post. Happy New Year!!

  9. Krista, you are right on track. His love is abundant for you and He passionately adores you. In His sight you are perfect because He sees Him in you. His grace is more than sufficient for you. Ask me how I know. I have had to learn that because of my life. But when I learned He loves me so much and sees me perfect because of Jesus then it became easier to start becoming the woman of God both you and I want to be. We will attain that when we remember to keep our eyes on Him and not ourselves. Blessings to you Sweetie, Your heart is so awesome and so caring. That is the Jesus in you :) hugs Cathy K

  10. I am so agree with you, Krista! I also want Him to be the center for my life this year, every day, every minute.
    Thanks for sharing it with us, this is a great testimony of His presence in your life.

  11. Happy New Year Krista to you and your family
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  12. Happy New Year Krista!!! Your posts sooooo warm my heart!!


  13. AWESOME!! Praying that you will!! xxx

  14. Happy New Year! What a fabulous post to read, wishing you and your business much success in 2013! Ruby x

  15. Oh Krista that echoes what I am desiring for this year too. May you be given the grace to achieve your goal.

  16. I hope all your wishes come true during 2013.

  17. Beautiful thoughts Krista.

    I wish you and your Family love and peace for the coming year.

    Toni xx

  18. Some really beautiful thoughts Krista. If we just all did that, what a wonderful place the eart would be then right? Let´s all try and make it a better place for all of us in the new year. May this year be the best ever for all of us. Happy New year to you and your lovely family and everybody else inhere as well.

  19. Happy new year! I look forward to more blogs from you this year!! please stop by and say hi at my blog, i work hard to inspire <3 much love! http://www.stephypenny.com

  20. Amen! Beautifully said...thank you! :o)

  21. Happy New Year all of you.
    Thanks for making me smile & reminding me of what matters.
    Paula (PEP)

  22. What a brilliant post! I am bookmarking this one to read over and over again. Such a wonderful message and intention to ring in the new year with!

  23. Oh you sweet beauty! 'In all your way acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths..(goals.dreams.pursuits)!' Love this desire of your heart!
    P.S..can we live closer so I can raid your closet.. gorgeous!!!
    Happy New Year love, got your cute kids in the mail yesterday.. THANK YOU!
    needle and nest

  24. I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year. It's hard for me to imagine you drawing any better than you do... just love all your wonderful drawings!

  25. Ohhh, that be more organized is definitely on my list too!


  26. My focus needs to be the same! Thanks so much for this :)

  27. A lovely thought and wonderful goal. God bless you in your endeavor to life to its fullest through Christ.

  28. Happy new Year, Krista. I hope God blesses you and your family abundantly. You have such a gentle and loving spirit. I pray that you draw closer and closer to Him in 2013. i know He will to you :)

  29. I too share your desire to make him number 1 in my life from this day forward. After all, he tells us to seek him first (and the Kingdom of righteousness) and all other things will be added unto us. What an awesome promise from a mighty God! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Happy New year to you and yours, hope you do your resolutions thats a lot of goals ......take care xx

  31. Happy New Year to you and yours, Krista!

  32. Beautiful post, and I 100% agree that when we put Christ first, everything else will fall into place. This is something that I really need to work on as well. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. :)

  33. C'est un plaisir de te lire Krista; Jésus est le Chemin, la Vérité et la Vie; alors si tu l'as mis à la première place, tu auras une année 2013 remplie de bénédictions!! Bonnée Année 2013; God bless you!!

  34. What a wonderful New Years resolution, a lesson for us all. I love your lace vest, a beautiful post all round. I hope you and your family have a Happy and Holy New Year.

  35. I hope your goals for new year will come true and wish you all the best in 2013.

  36. Well said Krista, you are an inspiration! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  37. Amen to that Krista! May 2013 be blessed and prosperos for you and yours!
    Happy new year!

  38. i truly love this. i can't say much more without bursting into tears.

  39. I am really glad I happened across this post of yours today. I REALLY needed the reminder!!

  40. Hi Krista. You have just written my resolutions for the new year ;) I am a woman blessed by God : he gave me a great husband and two marvellous kids, and helped me to survive to difficulties. Your message touched my heart. Thanks. Karine from Reunion Island



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