Keeping the New Year on Track.

Yesterday, I talked a little about my single resolution for 2013.  

My other goals-- they just sort of continue from year to year, kinda like roll-over minutes on a cellular plan.  Like many of you, I pretty much work on the same things throughout the months...and years.  When I reach a particular goal, I will make a new one. And then there are the goals that I just keep at...for what seems like a lifetime:). Nonetheless...they are important to me, and I love the feeling of getting better at something even if I am never quite "there."  

I've listed just a few tips that help me keep my goals on track.
I am one of those people that is goal-happy.  I like the challenge of working on something, whether it is a part of my character, my fitness, my eating, my artwork, or for 2013-- my faith.  So, these are just a few things that I have found helpful... Hope they work for you, too!

1. Keep your goal accessible. 

Keep it in front of you.  
Or like, in your purse.  
Also, on the toilet.  
That works, too:).

The point is to have the ability to work on your goal always nearby.

I have made a huge effort to read more the last few months. I'm always in the middle of 2 or 3 different books, so I make sure to always have one in my purse.  I read it while I wait for the kids to come out of school in the afternoon...or at Philly's wrestling practice...or during Niamh's cheer squad.  

And the devotions, well...I really like to sit with a cup of coffee and have my time with God relaxed on the couch or at the kitchen table.  But somedays that doesn't happen.  So I put a short and sweet devotional book on my potty:).  No excuses now.  

Do what you can to keep your goal close.  Don't write it down in the planner you never use. Or keep it stored away in your brain.  Or in your closet.  Or under your bed.  The more accessible it is, the more you work on it.  


2.  Get inspired.  

Inspiration motivates-- it excites.  And excitement and motivation together will create action.  And action, results.  

How you get inspired is up to you.  


Whatever works, just do it.
Keep your heart invested in your goals by feeding the passion intentionally

I keep a bulletin board by my treadmill, full of running and workout quotes, photos of super in shape girls that could kick my butt, and inspiring stories/articles I've cut out over the years.  (I need to update the board for this coming year, but you get the idea:).  Somedays I really need to look that board over to feel like starting my run.  I'll stand there for 10 minutes and just soak it all in...light a fire that gets my mind focused and my finger on the start button.  


3.  Make it fun.

If it is not fun, let's face it:  IT WON'T LAST.  

Phil got me new sneakers for Christmas and a Nike wrist band that keeps track of all my running miles, times, and calories.  It is kinda fun.  Actually, really fun.  And really beneficial, too...cuz I can't run now without trying to beat my last run time.  I load my workout online and my little Nike person runs across the screen...and my heart pitter patters, already eager for my next treadmill session.  

Keep your progress enjoyable.
Make it so fun that you can't wait to start again tomorrow. 


Three pretty simple things.
They seem to work for me.

Feel free to share any of your own tips, too!!
I'd love some fresh pointers myself!


  1. I loved this post!! i completely agree, its like you took the words right out of my mouth. I love being inspired and getting inspired its so motivational and its what drives me to wake up in the mornings. I love there is someone I can truly relate to!! I am defiantly posting as my favorite blog of the new year!! <3 much love, Stephy.. please stop by and say hi I just started my blog & work so hard to try and inspire daily! <3 http://www.stephypenny.com

  2. Really inspiring, thanks for the suggestions & Happy New year!

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  3. I used to go to the gym for an hour at 8am after a 14hr night shift when I was a nurse, 7 days a week 364 days a year for 9 years and now im disabled I can't exercise, however, I still have many goals just not exercise ones, lol, but Krista , my dear friend, I understand your reasoning behind the leaving reminders in your bag, in your bathroom etc, I too understand the goal making, I write long lists for everything I do in life, lol, and I read on the toilet, I don't care if people think its strange its what I do, lol......so, do whatever works for you my friends, and never stop trying! hugs hun and Happy New Year!!! can't wait to work with you for 2013 xxxxx Vick x
    My YTChannels vixcrafts & saturatedcanary

  4. gorgeous post :) you're so right. i will also do a board with inspiring photos!

    Happy new year to you :)

  5. Happy new year, that's really inspiring x

  6. Brilliantly practical & helpful - thanks for this. Your photo & the little plaque for the bathroom is a really terrific one!
    Paula (PEP)

  7. Loved this post, very inspiring and you kept it real, which is good!!


  8. Happy New Year to you all. I agree if it's not fun, it won't happen. This year I'm going to try to lose some weight (am not really that heavy but as I'm so little at 4ft 10" tall even half a stone makes a huge difference!), a hard task for me as I'm not able to exercise in a normal way. I can't walk far and have to use my wheelchair so much more now but I'm determined to make more time to do what I can & to watch what I eat, but still allow myself a little treat. I mean, a girl needs some chocolate and ice cream in her life! I just want to look back this time next year & know I got there, I tried my best and focused on it over the whole year not just January! I think that's where people fail, they try to do it all in January and make it too hard. One step at a time is how I'm going to do it! Anyway you take care & here's to a happy & healthy 2013. Zo xx

  9. Krista your in for it now. The Nike plus band is super addicting! Wait till you start waning your trophies, you see your mileage rack up on the screen, hundreds of miles. It's a whole new big running cyber world! I started using in 2010 and ran Nikes Human race at home on the treadmill. Thank and kiss your hubby for the wonderful gift because it along w/ Nike team will unknowingly & quietly enhance and change your life!

  10. All terrific ideas, Krista! I, too, keep some reading material in the restroom even if I only read a paragraph or two sometimes that one verse in a book like Max Lucado's or one paragraph from a great Guidepost story is enough to keep me focused on what is important in life! Great watch too, and I will be dusting off the treadmill this year :) Hope to get more use out of it instead of complaining when the weather isn't "just right" for my daily walk. Hugs, Kelly

  11. An inspiring post, Krista! In the past, I have worked myself out all my life trying to fulfill goals that sometimes feel too far to reach, while in reality it's usually the smaller ones that kept me motivated. Thankfully, I've learned to focus more on the process and enjoy the ride while I keep working my way to reach my goals. :)

  12. Some great tips Krista - thanks for sharing them with us.

    Toni xx

  13. Happy New Year, very inspiring having your goals near by. Hope you get every one.

  14. I have Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment too and I am 100% going to put it in the bathroom!! What a fantastic idea!



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