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I am a mama.  

I've grown into those shoes over the years.  
It isn't like an instant thing.  You gotta learn as you go.  
You need to invest in the journey as much as the destination.

I use to grab my wet wipes and de-germ every shopping cart before putting Niamh into it. I would wipe every inch, in case the germs all the way at the end of the basket crawled up to the seat while I was shopping.  I would wipe that sucker down sterile.  

Then I had Philly. 
Sometimes he crawls through the store on all fours. 

I had a certain vision of motherhood when it all started 9 years ago-- 
like, what I thought it should look like...
It was crisp and sparkly.  Mr. Cleam sparkly.  
It was baked cookies and snot-less kids.
And I would be the super-hero mom that made it all possible. 
I'd even do it in cute cardigans and curls.

But over the years, I've realized that the things most important to me as a mom-- 

...that my children have a deep-rooted love and knowledge of Jesus Christ,
that they put others first,
that they obey, not because they don't want to be punished;
but because they care about their actions,
that they feel safe and free and happy, 
that they value family and holidays and traditions, 
that they live with purpose and intent...

All these things--
They don't come to fruition because of my own capabilities.
These are my goals for the kids. 
They are my prayer.  
My plea to Jesus.  
Because I know full well that I cannot be the mom I want to be apart from Him. 

That is a feeling of relief-- giving my 'mom journey' over to Christ and feeling secure in the knowledge that He will honor my efforts and my heart towards those two goofballs.  I know, already, He is alive in them.  

Motherhood, for me, is being true to my heart. 
Sometimes I might make freakishly disturbing pancakes
And occasionally wonder if Philly ever got his underwear on under his school uniform
Sometimes I allow the kids to stay up late on a school night
And eat dessert before dinner...
Throwing balls in the house is okay
And farting is just plain funny
Some mornings I salute Niamh when I drop her off at school
... just to make her blush in front of her friends because her mom is a total dork
Sometimes I give Philly an overload of hugs and high fives at his classroom
...because I have 'I-need-to-leave-you-now-but-don't-want-to-go-without-one-more-hug' issues.

One thing I know, for sure, is that my kids are growing up slow and good and loved. 
And at the end of the day, that is far more important than a clean house or amazing pancakes. 

Today the three of us were in the doctor's office because Philly has a sore throat. 
Just us and this young, early-twenties girl in the waiting room.
And Niamh was crossing her eyes and making goofy faces at me and Philly.  
Philly was laughing too loud for being sick. 
And Niamh was loving it. 
I told her to stop it or her face would freeze like that.
And she said, so the girl could definitely hear, 
"Oh nooooooo, mom.  That is not real.  
Remember you googled that before to see if it was true?"

I could feel my cheeks get super red.  Totally blushed with embarrassment.  
What mom googles 'can faces really freeze'?  
This girl:).
It is alright.  I can own that.  
Swallowed my pride in the doctor's office today:)...

And, oh boy.
I cannot wait to salute Niamh tomorrow at school:).
Gonna send that girl to her classroom in style;).


  1. Sounds like you got it right, your priorities are dead on. We were just talking about that the other day - My daughter had a 7 year old son and now 1 1/2 year old twins and comparing how she did things with the first as compared to now. Quite a switcheroony. Sound like you are a great Mom.

  2. I love your post. I cannot agree with you more in that being a "Mom"..."Momma"..."Mommy"...even (now) a "Meemaw" is the truest of unconditional love. It is the best job. The biggest job. None of us are perfect, but we do the very best we can. Our children will be okay because they are loved. At times, we 'out love' them because they cannot imagine the amount of love we have for them. You are a wonderful mom, Krista, and I hope I was a 'goofy' Mom as well. In any case, the albums and memories my adult children have are now shown to the grandkids...funny faces and all!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha I couldn´help laughing, when I read this today Krista. It sounded so much like our house here, when we had all 4 kids at home, and I can asure you, that it´s a really good way. When they all reached their teens, this was the place where all their friends always came to hang out, even we live pretty far out in the countryside, but they all always said, it was soo much more fun to be here than in other places, cause here there were always things going on involving everyone. And when we had our silverwedding 12 years ago I really felt sooo touched, cause we didn´t make a big party, but just announced an open house on the day, and guess what? All these young people had all taken the entire day of from work and came from early morning and was the last to leave 4AM next morning, and they still pop their heads in today bringing their families too now, as they´re all grown ups now. We just celebrated my youngest daughters 27th birthday this synday. So it tells me, we really did a good job, and believe me, so do you, and just wait and see, you´ll never be alone ever either with this attitude, and that is so wonderful now, as all the kids are all gone now, but there´s always life here anyway and we´re never alone, so just enjoy it and keep on the way you´ve started, cause it´s a really good way.
    Thanks so very much for this wonderful trip down memory lane here today, it was awesome.

  4. Ha ha great post, I'm the same. I always send my boy out the door (He's going to be 15 this year so have to let him walk to school with his mates) with a smile on his face and a shake of the head cos I called after him with some totally random daft thing! I think it's so important that we spend time having laughs and time together because kids will remember that. They won't remember a clean sparkly house. I love your style, and know if I ever came across you and Niamh and Philly I'd end up laughing too, cos I'd start pulling those faces back!! Take care lovely. Zo xx

  5. Ohhhh I LOVED this! What a delight you (always) are - your family is such a hoot. Love you guys, big squishy hugs and all that jazz!
    God bless your ever-growing-in-grace heart.
    (thanks for joining in the link-up fun.. we're just getting started up in here!) lol
    needle and nest design

  6. Oh boy are you ever right. You grow into this role. And you learn so much with each kid. I did things differently with each one too. But they are different kids, so i had to. I love the salute. I bet niamh just loves it.....not. Haha. On an episode of everybody loves raymond, he once talked about the lady in the chinese food place who used to say "ha ba na da". It meant have a nice day! So every morning while tristan gets out of the car at school i say. .ha ba na da. And he wants to crawl under a rock lol.

  7. Your heart is in the right place & those kids are fortunate indeed!
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Nawww hee hee this made me chuckle! Anyone would aspire to be a mummy like you, your children are beautiful and sounds like you do a great job. Love your posts, take care Holly =D

  9. Sweetest post and so true. You are an awesome Mom and glad you are enjoying it. Thank you for sharing! :0)

  10. You must be a super mom, mine is all uptight and older she gets the worst it is. I remember as a child I never had fun with her, there were orders and yelling ... Well it's really great to hear that you can give so much to your kids. hugs! Mojca

  11. Very eloquently said Krista. I wish I had that insight 25 years ago when my girls were that age !!!!!

  12. Great post, a good reminder for us uptight Mom's to just relax. Sometimes I get so caught up in the "dishes have to be done, house has to be clean and work to be done" that I forget to just sit down and play with the kids. Your post inspired me to schedule "board game night" tonight after the kids are done their homework. Thanks.


  13. The best moms are those who goof around with their kids. Its no fun to let a child play by themselves. ;]

    By the way, our son thinks we're uber dorks too!

  14. What a heart warming, thought provoking post. You are right Krista- just keep your eyes on Christ and you can't go wrong; after all He is the Judge and knows your heart and I'm am sure His smiles, love and blessings are directed your way. hugs

  15. Hi :)

    I just came across your sites for the first time. I must tell you: I love your lines! They are great. I think I want all your digi stamps. :)If I buy some can I use them in my header on my blog?

    Greetings from Norway

  16. Awwwwww.....what a lovely post your children look so content and its really nice for you to share there happiness xx

  17. Kirsta hunny ,i bet your kids are happy as anything you are doing a good job .When i speak to my kids about their childhoods they always remember the things we did that were not normal .Like going to the seaside on a late afternoon witha two man tent and a back of the car to sleep in.We also took our son to a chinese new year when he was philly age ,he survived and yours like mine will have so many happy memories .

    Mind you when our son met his girlfriend he told her as a joke that he had spent most of his childhood locked in the cupboard in the stairs .When she met me she said to his sister she doesnt look the sort of woman who would do that .I mean really ps we never had a cupboard under the stairs .Kids eh keep doing what your doing Kirsta they look great on it xx

  18. Awesome! I love what Niamh did to you and the fact you looked that up lol! Not blessed with kids but what you are doing sounds so right and I love how you tell us these wonderful tales of your two. Just keep on going girl, the house will always need to be cleaned but you will only remember today at the doctors and not that the house needs to be cleaned in 10 years! lol Karen x

  19. Love your post - so much that I have sent the link to my DD - I am sure she will identify with you - and be encouraged.

  20. This made my laugh and shed a little tear, especially when I think about my 6 year old. I think it's one of my fave posts from you....so beautifully written. Then the salute thing at the end made me LOL!



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