Favorite 5.


1. Phil rolled his eyes when I pulled these shoes out of the box this week.  I am never to wear them when accompanied by him:)...but I could not resist the combo of leopard print, shimmery gold glitter, and pink laces.  Someday, when I get invited to some totally awesome disco party, I will have the perfect pair of shoes

2. I am totally loving the kid's family Valentine cards made at Tiny Prints.  It is like the easiest, fastest, cutest way to make photo cards and gifts.  I can even put their cute little faces on my coffee mugs:).  Awesome.

3. Ombre Hair.  I had my hair on top darkened and tried to do the dark-fading-into-light-ends sort of thing...I think I still need to go darker on top to really get cool ombre hair...but I'm getting there:).  Oh, and that is not my hair.  Wish it was, though:). 

4.  My Mind's Eye.  I am a stalker of every new release.  I even buy doubles sometimes.  

5.  Pretty bedding.  Anthropologie has just the prettiest bedding in the world. Unfortunately, I can't afford any of it:). But it is still kinda dreamy to take a peek at once in a while:).  

What are your favorites of the week??...
Hope you have a lovely, restful weekend friends!!


  1. Wow those are some awesome favorites and I must admit to totally loving the shoes lol

  2. Oh, I am so with you on the #4!! I am crazy about their paper! And also have doubles )))

  3. Love the shoes
    Have a nice Sunday
    Hugs Cindy

  4. I'm loving those shoes! My fav thing of this past week has to be my luxury hot chocolate I treated myself to while in town for my hospital appointment. It was in one of those lush tall glasses with cream and sprinkles on top. Yum! Thanks for sharing as always. Take care Zo xx

  5. Oh i love your pics all of them and i think you should wear them with pride .I popped over to the site with beautiful bedding and i think with your creative eye you could make a quilt as beautiful as they are no probs .Im just starting on the quilting bug one of many .xx



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