Sometimes I get asked about what tattoos I have. 
And what they are for.

My left arm is getting close to half a sleeve. 
On my right forearm, I have an angel.
And on my right collar bone, I have a simple design with hidden words. 


My Johnny Cash~ that one is for Phil.  It reads, "When you go, I want to go too."
Meaning, life wouldn't be the same without Phil...He just makes my heart breathe.  
And I couldn't live without the guy:).
So why Cash?...I love his music. 
I know his life was far from perfect. But he loved God, and he loved people.
And he had a compassionate heart toward even the worst of sinners.
And I kinda like that.


I have an A10 Warthog for my dad.
I didn't want to go the 'names' route...so I choose something that reminds me about that person in my life.  My dad use to bolt off the couch whenever he would hear an A10 fly over our house.  And us four kids would take off right after him:).  We would all run out of the house and watch it fly low into the horizon.  I don't know why I've seen so many of that particular plane in my life or why they always seemed to go over our home, but I love those memories.  It is something goofy we shared, but it makes me feel little again...like a happy kid, sharing a moment with her dad.  
I also have Exodus 20:2, because that is his favorite Bible verse. 

My angel is for Niamh.
She is holding a ball/globe sort of deal.  That is because Philly's first real word was 'ball.'

I designed the one on my collar bone.  It is the only 'name-ish' tattoo I have...but you can't tell by looking at it:).  Straight on (if I showed you how to read it), you could read "Niamh."  Upside down (like when I look down and read it), it says "Elphaba."  The Wicked Witch of the West is one of my crushes:).  Love that green chick.  Loved the book 'Wicked.' Loved the musical so much, I've seen it multiple times.  Niamh loves the story of the witch, too...so just combined the two together.

I also have a niece named Elphaba...which is kinda awesome:).

So...That is what I have right now:).
I probably won't touch my legs.  Not my best feature, so no reason to bring more attention to those suckers. 
I would like full sleeves down both arms.  Probably get my ribs and back done.  
And I'd love to get a huge, yellow happy face right on my ars.

Just kidding!!!!!
Gotcha ya:).

I didn't have any before I met Phil.
I did use to color on my jeans:).  I think I was craving ink, but never thought of myself as a tattooed type of person...so I would just color and draw on my clothing, lol.  Then this cute tattooed boy came into my life, and well, the rest is history:).

Have I heard the
"you realize you'll be an 85 year old woman with tattoos someday" comments? 
I get it.  I actually think 85 year old tatted chicks are beyond cool:).
So, I'm okay with it. 
I plan on growing my old lady hair super long and dying it like blue or purple, too.
I might actually rock at 85.

I don't think tattoos are sinful.
A single Bible verse can be used out of context to say something different than what is intended...
I do not believe that God has a problem with ink.
I think the problem could enter the picture when the subject matter is sinful or wicked.
Jesus knows my heart.
I think someday in eternity he'll totally want to check them out.
Cuz I'm his daughter, and he loves my story.
And he put a deep love of art in my soul.

And just for fun-
in case you want to know,
Phil has two creepy, little angel babies (for the kiddos, "creepy" because he didn't want to go the cute route), a pinup girl on the phone (that is me...when I weighed 120lbs and looked 21, lol), a dragon, a crown of thorns, and a USMC bulldog. 

And the kids each have a heart that says 'mom' on their bicep.

So thats' about it.
We like getting inky with it:).
Do you have any tattoos??...


  1. Well... I FINALLY got two. A tiny word... My hubby's name... Don, in which the "o" is a heart filled in with purple ink (my fav color) and you can't see it unless I take off my wedding rings... there it lies. On my right inside wrist it says "Believe" with the B done in bright pink like "ribbon heart" on it's side.. because I'm a HUGE breast cancer supporter and because "believe" is MY word. Always has been because many times in my life I found I needed to believe and know everything would be ok... and it has.... and Don is my main reason why. My night in shining armor hidden by the armor of our wedding ring. :-)

  2. Love the ink that you showed and the stories behind them! I have "cute" tattoos (Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger) on my right lower leg. I have a globe with a peace sign superimposed over it on my left breast. My lower left leg has a fall tree with the date of my father's death and a line from a poem ("Nothing gold can stay"). And, finally, I have a pink flamingo on the back of my right shoulder. I'm going to Europe this fall and intend to get a tattoo of the Eiffel Tower on the top of my left foot and a little double decker red bus somewhere on me.

  3. I have them... and i love them... they are art, an expression of you and your life... they don't have to make sense to anyone but you... i promised my kids one every 10 years... so i plan on being an old lady with them... and i can't wait for that day... i started when i was 14, the 1 every ten years came into play when my son asked me to look like the other moms... so out went the blue hair and i looked as close as i could for my son... but, I am me, always will be so even though i don't have blue hair, i never really changed... LOL, and now my kids are okay with that idea... I think ink is like any other thing... if you pierce your ears, wear make up, dye your hair, you are adding to who you are, but it doesn't change who you are... not good or bad... So I think that is cool that you have ink that is so personal... those are the best kind...

  4. I don't have any ink but I love to look at portrait body art. I've got to say that I just LOOOOOOVE the one of Johnny Cash!!! So, so cool. And now I have his beautiful, unmistakable voice in my head! :)

    P.S. I'm with you on the dyeing white or grey hair when I'm old....I'm definitely thinking electric blue for myself.

  5. I have my kids on my feet.. not cute kids; zombie kids. My son drew his design in the third grade (not intending it to be a tattoo but a bookmark) My daughter also drew her design. She has zombie pig tails and purple highlights because that is her favorite color and the number 13 on her shirt because she has been the thirteenth child in her class every single year since preschool. And my dog Sandy, who is also a zombie. She went to protect heaven last year and my heart aches for her daily. I have an open spot there waiting for "Ohana" in zombie font. I also have "Your heart is free, Have the courage to follow it" across a scar on my lower tummy. This is from Braveheart. My favorite movie about freedom, bravery, romance, and patriotism. Oh and of course one on my lower back, my husband has the matching design across his upper back.

  6. I have 2, a heart with spikes and flames around it, it's coloured blue. I got it when I was 18. I wanted to get my tongue pierced but mum was against it so she told me to get a tat. She's always wanted to get a red rosé on her shoulder but is too chicken :)
    I have a Pegasus, rainbow coloured because I love unicorns. a week after I got it done I realised there was no horn lol.
    I want a butterfly bracelet with my daughters name incorporated into it.

    Also thank you for my postcard :) I had to fight my daughter to get it back! Xo

  7. I love to hear the stories behind tattoos. I have just one, on my lower back, of my guardian angel. When my nan was dying she told me to never be scared of dying and that she had seen her angel. So a couple of months after she died I got my angel tattoo. I'd quite like to get another tattoo inside my wrist, but haven't decided what I'd like yet (plus my fiance doesn't really like tattoos, so I've got to choose carefully and find something he doesn't mind)

  8. This is awesome Krista- thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love tattoo's of all kinds and think they are a great form of self expression- not to mention they can also be pretty hot! I personally feel very connected to Asian culture and symbolism so I have a dragon on one shoulder, the kanji for courage on the other shoulder, and the kanji for strength on the inside of my left wrist. They are reminders for me of the difficult times that I've been through and the situations I've overcome. I have plans for more when I have the money...

    As for being 85 with tattoos- most of my generation have them so I'm pretty sure we'll all be rocking them together :)

  9. I truely think, that tattoos can be stunning art like everything else drawn, but I admit, I don´t have any myself. Not because I don´t like them, but more because I´m a whimp about this he he. Hubby spent many years trying to convince me to get just a small one, and also almost had me convinced, when I saw someone getting one, and just by the look of her face, I reaalized, that I would NEVER be able to keep that pain out to the end, so better not even start then he he he. I just couldn´t do it to myself as it would be way to painful to me, I´m afraid he he he.

  10. i have ma boyfriend's name tattooed inverted in "elvish font" on my back...that way it can be read in the mirror...he has one of ma name on hs arm in the same font!

  11. Absolutely wonderful my dear ^_^
    Big hug,

  12. Sounds awesome. I've always wanted a tattoo but never knew what of, just that I wanted it to mean something. I also thought about the whole, tattooed old lady but so many people these days have tattoos so we wont be any different. A couple of weeks ago I designed my own tattoo and strangely enough that is what my last blog post was about. It is a heart shaped paw print with Arnie, left paw prints in my heart. I know I won't ever love another pet in the same way as this angel who left us in November literally saved my life! It has helped me come to peace with his death and now he is a part of me forever, ink, in my heart and memories. I have a photo of it on my blog danniis diaries, not to keen on the sharing bit it is a bit late now. I love your ink and the meaning behind them! X

  13. I only have one at the moment, a cartoon type tropical fish on my stomach so that it looks like it has swam out of my belly button. I like quirky, random different. Me & my friend had them done when we were 21, she had a rose. I want to design a small one that incorporates Keagan to go on/down my wrist, something pretty and personal to me. I think I'll be dying my hair blue or purple or something when I'm 85 too!!! Take care Zo xx

  14. I have three at the moment.. I have the "tramp stamp" that I got after having my 2 boys ... my husband helped me pick it out. I also have one around my ankle (sorry I actually like my legs :) ) it is the wiccan symbol for the stages of woman with a bear paw print in the middle then it just has beads to make it look like an anklet. My third is an owl holding a sage leaf and it is on the inside of my left wrist. That's not what was suppose to go there but my mom died at an early age and I wanted something that reminds me of her..her wiccan name was owlsage.

  15. I haven't got any yet, it's a matter of saving up for them, and well, all my money seems to go on other things these days. Eventually! I don't want to do names either, but in memory of my best friend Tara who died when we were 17 (it's her birthday today actually...I miss her so much) I want to get 17 stars down my side. And for my love of Harry Potter and all that it taught me in life about friendship, love and life, I want to get the Deathly Hallows symbol between my shoulder blades, but instead of just lines, it's going to be made up of three HP quotes. And I want to get a teeny tiny airplane behind my ear, because I have my pilot's licence :)

    So that's me, when I find a load of money lol, I'll be tattooed to the hilt :)

    Tanya xx

  16. Ooohhh thanks for the update - what a sweet commemorative piece for you Pops... love it! Stop tempting me to get sleeves!!! lol
    This was my old post about mine...you probably already saw it long ago..

    Have a beauty day!
    needle and nest design

  17. I absolutely love this post. I struggled with tattoos for a long time. When I first met my now husband, he had just finished his second one and I sort of freaked. I wasn't completely open to them and had always been raised to believe that they were sinful. But the more we talked about them, the more open I became. I now believe that what you put on your body should have meaning and not just be crap.
    For our 6th anniversary in 2009 I got my first tattoo. We both had our wedding date tattooed on our ring fingers. So painful, but I love it! My second tattoo is on my forearm of a cross I drew. I got it during a really trying time in my life to help remind me to let go and let God.
    I want to get a few more, but haven't decided what and haven't decided if I can handle the pain again :) Maybe someday!
    <3 Emily L.

  18. Hey Krista! I have no tattoos and probably will never get one, but I LOVE what you had to said about God not having a problem with ink and people taking things out of context from the Bible. I totally agree. You definitely have a good heart and give it to God, that is so important. It makes my heart happy to hear of your passion for your faith in Christ!!!!!!!! He is the bomb isn't he?!!!!!! He's really all that matters!
    Hugs, Dena

  19. I don't have any ink on me, mine is all on paper, or other inanimate items! I'm too chicken. I hate needles, they make me queasy and I just can't get beyond that. I've always wanted a little butterfly or heart but just can't get up the nerve. I grow my hair out to donate to Locks of Love or Pantene so I can't dye it the traditional way, however, I've recently discovered dying my hair with kool-aid and have a section in the front on each side dyed red with cherry kool-aid. I'm 52 but I don't let my age stop me from doing what I feel is fun and harmless. The kool-aid washes out and I can still donate my hair when it hits the right length. I saw an elderly lady recently with beautiful white hair and when she turned around she had a purple streak in the front. I loved it! I'm hoping that will be me someday, a little old lady with white and purple hair!

  20. ahhh that Johnny Cash tattoo... you are the coolest person ever. love love love it. I have 3 but they're all really small, and meaningful.. two of them are for my dog who is gone now but she basically saved my life and means the world to me.

  21. I like that you went the "no-name" route, those always look so ghetto. LOL.

    I have a "Tramp Stamp", that I got in Mexico of 2004. I only paid $55 and the guy colored it in. It's a full body Hello Kitty (which I love), and Japanese writing that says "Hello Kitty". There's a flaw on it, which I LOATHE, but it's my own fault. Only true HK fans can see it immediately, but since I can't quiz you I'll just tell you. The bow is on the wrong side of her head. HK's bow is always on her left. On my lower back, it's on the right. In the mirror it looks perfect, but I know it isn't. Good thing only hubby gets to see it! *wink*

    x0, D

  22. Thanks for sharing this, Krista!
    Awesome tattoos you're having! *jealous* LOL
    I have 2 tattoos. 1 is the chinese symbol for Tiger, as I was born in the year of the Tiger, back in 1975 (ow, how old I feel now, hahaha!)I got it inked when I was 23, almost 24.
    And my second tattoo is a butterfly, which reminds me of my sister who died in an accident, 8,5 years ago. I still miss her a lot, every single day...

    And today I got my ear pierced, on the same spot my sister had a piercing. On the top of my 7lLeft ear. I want to put a ring in it some day, but first it has to heal. :-D

    I truly like your tattoos!
    Hugs, Sandra

  23. Wonderful stories behind your tattoos and I think personally that's what makes them good. They mean something to you. I have one tattoo. It is a teddy bear holding a hibiscus. My nephew designed it and my son and I went together to get our first tattoos and it was a birthday present from my son. I was 47. Now my son has almost half a sleeve and one on his legs. They all mean something to him ~ most are about his faith in God. One is a reminder of his wife. My parents are very old fashioned and very Bible believing Christians. All of thier kids and grandkids have tattoos. It was hard for them at first but they have come around and are especially grateful for the tattoos on their grandkids that reflect their faith. That is more important to them than what we have on our bodies. Thanks for sharing your story, Krista. Hugs!!

  24. What an awesome story Krista, thank you for sharing. I'm always very interested in the stories behind the tattoos! I have 8 right now, the last 2 just got done last week. My first was a fairy "tramp stamp". I love fairies, and I didn't want it to show-she's gorgeous! And now wish I would have put her somewhere that everybody could see her-oh well! My oldest daughter and I have matching ones on the inside of our left ankle-crescent moon, 3 stars, and clouds-for her love of all things in the night sky. My best friend and I have matching skull and crossbones with a bow in her "hair" on the top of my right foot. On the inside of my left wrist is 4 hibiscus for my 4 kids. On the inside of my right wrist are 2 sea turtles(LOVE)for myself and my hubby. And of each shoulder blade is a hellokitty(my fave), one angel and one devil-I'm sure you know the meaning behind that! And the last one is 3 little nor cal stars behind my right ear. So....I guess you could say I love them, and can't wait for more! Thanks again for sharing!

  25. wow what great meaning ful tatoos. I have one which I got about 20 years ago and owuld love to get it changed into something else. Would like another one too but no idea what or where.
    Hubby has 4.
    You are one cool chick x

  26. I have in the moment no Tattoos, but i love it sooo much. And youre idee with 85 is so funny. The interpretation for the inks are wonderful. Sorry for my bad English. You are a very very special Person .
    Big hugs Elfie

  27. I have a tattoos too! One is when I was 16...yes bad and I regret that one...it was a rose and I will have it fix later on. Then just last year I had another one this one I'm really proud my kids name in Thai writing since their dad is Thai...love it everytime I look at it. It's on the back of my right shoulder. It's nice to see when I turn that's the first thing I see :) I will have more definitely...I'm the one convinced my fiance to get one and he did, lol! Love yours too so beautiful, tfs!

  28. I have six tats! I love them all. One is Tinkerbell holding a ribbon with my oldest daughters name on it. I chose Tink because my daughter was a stubborn stinker when she was little. She has mellowed a bit since then. I believe she is a couple of weeks older than Niamh. I have a matching Star Trek tattoo with my husband. We are both Trekkies and it played a big part in our dating life! I have a couple of silly tribal tattoos that I just fell in love with and I have my first tat which is a tiny Tigger bouncing on his tail wearing a cowboy hat. It is a bit silly too but it was the perfect tat for me at the time. Now I need to get a Cinderella for my youngest since she is obsessed with her and something from Pirates of the Caribbean for my husband and I think I will be all set. Until the tat bug calls again anyway! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Hi
    I myself don`t have any tattoos but I find it
    very beautiful on other peoples especially when they
    have a special meaning to them
    Thanx for sharing yours with us
    Hugs Cindy

  30. Oh...i have one small one on my foot...it was on my bucket list...got her when i was 38...waited long enough eh?? A gekco..in greens..i'm always on the move and i think they are super cute...it was really hard to pick something..one day i would like to get another with something a litte more fierce...

  31. I love hearing about people's tattoos. I have 5 so far & am hoping to get another 1 in May or June. I want to get my birthsign on my neck just under my hairline. I'm a Cancer & was thinking of having Moonchild written.

  32. Amen to all!! Love God,my kids,grandkids,hubby and tat!

  33. waw beautiful story Krista! I have my whole back done 4 big tattoos - logo of my favourite band Rose Tattoo (two snakes with roses), a big snake (I just love those gorgeous animals!), two dragons in crystal ball (I love mystery motives) and all intertwined with Japanese cherry blossom which is my favourite three, well they don't have such sentimental value as yours but they mean a world to me and hope to get some in the future. hugs! Mojca

  34. I haven't darling as you know! but don't think its sinful either, I think tats are an outward art of what is in a person's heart, I just haven't gone that route as its never been for me, but to say never at all would be folly, cause my mind may change! As for older chicks, my mum is 74 and she had her first tat whilst on holiday with my little brother and his wife, both tat lovers and my mum was supposed to have 1, she went back in the studio the day after and had another done, lol!!! I adore the artistry of tattoos as I can draw too and have done since being a child on my school satchel, jeans, aprons mean't for food tech, lol........yeah I can get the love behind them, I love looking at yours hun......My John has his blodd type tattooed (from when he was a Marine for 15years) a Scorpian on his leg, as he is a Scorpian, he's not had a tat in the 11years we have been together but if we could afford it I know he would! hugs hun and never stop showing your heart xxxx Love your mate over the pond

  35. I have one and want another, just not sure what I want. I'm waiting for that one thing to speak to me. I absoloutely love when you wrote "Cuz I'm his daughter, and he loves my story. And he put a deep love of art in my soul." I wrote that down and will carry that with me. I could not have said it better. Thanks for sharing your story.

  36. I don't have any and not sure I will, my other half has some and has tried to persuade me but not worked yet! Lol. Love that yours have so much meaning and thought I'd share what a good friend did recently, although some might not be in favour and I apologise in advance if this offends but I was really touched by it. This is her first and she adores witches and she has had a beautiful witches broom tattooed on her lower leg which lo has 2 m's with it for her mum and nephew, she had some of both of their ashes mixed in with the ink so that they are always with her. Tfs xx

  37. Love your ink!!! Also loved reading the stories on what each piece of art means to you. I don't have any ink but I think I might one day. Thanks soo much for sharing!

  38. I don't have any, and probably will never get any. I think they look cool on most people, but not all. My daughter has a couple petite ones, my step-son has a cool shoulder/bicep one, and hubby wants to get a western cougar on his back shoulder--to remind him of his pet cougar who he raised from a baby until he passed away in 2006 at age 17. The cougar was quite a celebrity in these parts, and even in the state. 'Miss that boy--he was beautiful. I love many forms of art, but I don't feel I have the right body to put it on display, unfortunately...

  39. I so love all of your tats as well as the stories behind them. most especially I love what you said about God knowing your heart. that is so very true. :)

    I have one tat and plan to get more. just need to beat this cancer beastie first so that my body can handle it.... I have one planned to commemorate that battle, too. ;) in fact, I have the next 3 or so decided.
    our youngest son, 19, has a gorgeous one that covers his entire upper arm. he designed it himself, and it reflects his faith. our other 2 sons have theirs designed and those as well tell the stories of their faith.

    one of my most favorite contemporary paintings of Jesus shows Him with tattoos on his arms. the reason I got my first one is that I had lost the cross on my necklace. I decided that I wanted to do something more permanent that I could never lose or take off. so I wear a cross in a heart on my ankle. it always reminds me to walk in the love of Christ everywhere I go. even when I am grumpy and don't 'feel like it', I made a commitment to Him to follow, to be His feet in this world. so my tattoo is really more for me than for anyone else. it's a reminder of the commitment I made to one who gave everything for me. :)

    hugs to you, Krista!

  40. Amen Krista...you rock the purple hair at 85 and I'll rock the pink ok? LOL...I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think if that's how you want to express yourself & your memories than good stuffs, & more power to ya! I have one and thinking about #2...I prob would have a few more but my hubby isn't a fan. As I tell him, I love ya but its my body but at the end of the day I respect his wishes too. So I'll prob keep it at 3...one on the wrist, one I already have on the arse and one on my foot :) Its all good I say...


  41. haha "getting inky with it" your cute. I wish we could have coffee. But I'm sure I'll run into you in heaven somewhere and it'll be even more blessed.

    I have a tattoo on my back it reads "His Beloved" and underneath it reads "saved no longer condemned" its a stamp of who I belong to really. But before being saved by God I desperately wanted tattoos but never knew of anything i was completely passionate about to invest in forever. Then Jesus found me and saved me and gave me a reason to boast in something fully. And I will love this tattoo even when im 85, Lord willing.

    I plan on getting other stuff. More calligraphy but a few pictures as well. I'm just extra nervous of having a botched tattoo job of my tree and pocket watch and flowers... So I kinda am gnna just save up and go to a guy whose portfolio I've stalked the heck out of someday. Maybe. WHo knows?

    Blessings sis!

  42. I really like reading your stories---and today is no exception! The stories behind your tattoos are very touching. They are meaningful--I like that!
    I don't have tattoos.... yet! I want to get one that represents myself and my children. I have always admired tigers, and according to the Chinese calendar, my sign is tiger...and so are all 3 of my children. So, a tiger is what I have been thinking of getting for many years---just got to get it done! :) Hubby has 2 name tats (of our boys) on his arms...which are also like rocks, too. I had to smile when I read one of your posts about your guy's arms...it felt like you were describing my guy! (They are awesome aren't they?? I think we're lucky girls!! ) He wants to get another one for his little princess...probably over his heart! who knows?? I want to get a tat on my finger with our names (his and mine) intertwined...to represent our love. And last one will be a cross...to represent my love for the Man upstairs!

  43. I forgot to share with you that I have a cat named Johnny Cash, he's our man in black!

  44. Hey Kirsta ,funny my hub and I were talking about what we would do if and when one of us goes first.He said he would sell up our big house abut a small one and travel.I said you can't go before me ,I need you and he said ostrich lol.I have no tattoos he also said he will never marry again ,and I said Dont be daft and he said you are my soul mate and I said I love you so

  45. love your ink Krista, like you i dont have names but something on me that reminds me of the people who matter in my life i have a bird on my hand for the little girl i lost, 5 stars for family members lost a cherry tree on my foot for the meaning life is for the picking, another lil girl on swing on other foot again for my daughter, 3 hearts with wings for me my partner and my boy and i am in the middle of getting 4 of ur girls on my back i dont know if u remember me asking you permission for i will upload that pic when its done :) well all best to you ans urs chicken
    Nicke xxx

  46. Loved your story and the heart behind each tattoo. I have one on my left arm. It spirals up my arm. On my pulse is Jesus in a heart and them attached to that is my husbands name because he will always be the only one. Then each on our 4 children in order are linked to that with space so that as my little grand-babies start coming they will be added to each child name. I have wanted this tattoo for over 10 years so this was my 30th wedding Anniversary gift to me. I love it because it is the true blessing that my sweet Lord has given me. I know there is more in my future.

  47. I have one on my ankle and will get another on my wrist.. I have one I created, a "mandala" it is an outline frame of a lotus (can you tell from my blog that I am a lover of the lotus, as much for its beauty as what is stands for, and that sums up much of my life- beauty springing from muck...) inside the open lotus is a yin/yang for "balance" in all things.. keeps me reminded to have that regarding work, play etc, and then around the lotus are mandala angels (they look like a triangle with a circle on top) on all four points (north, south, east and west) as I have always felt protected by angels and actually have met a few in my life... I want them to continue to protect me and those I love.. just love this expression on our bodies... regarding dying your hair at 85, have your read the poem, "When I am an Old Woman..." my mantra, baby.. HEre is it in case you did not...

    by Jenny Joseph

    With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
    And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
    And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter.
    I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired
    And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
    And run my stick along the public railings
    And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
    I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
    And pick the flowers in other people's gardens
    And learn to spit

    You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
    And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
    Or only bread and pickle for a week
    And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes

    But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
    And pay our rent and not swear in the street
    And set a good example for the children.
    We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

    But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
    So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
    When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

    Taken from the book
    When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple
    Editd by Sandra Martz
    Papier Mache Press--Watsonville, California 1987

  48. your story on your tat's are fantasic and I agree with the long hair and dying it blue & purple when I'm 85 why not have fun with it :)

  49. What a wonderful blog you have, full of such life.

    The only ink on me is from a leaky pen, but my oldest has 'acquired' some ink, hers too are sentimental....

    Our pastor mentioned this scripture the other day that i took note of, and thought it is one you might appreciate.

    Revelations 19:16
    And He has on [His] robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

    I will be back to see your wonderful blog again.


  50. I don’t have any tattoos but back in time…I wanted to get permanent make up (it is usual on my country). I went to get my eyes done and after the guy apply the amnestic on my eyes and they were all swollen ready to get ink…he stopped and told me he couldn’t work on my because I was extremely nervous…I could have a heart attack! Then…all my desires about getting any other tattoo…including a small dragon/lizard on my low low back…when away.

  51. Awesome. I love that you have tats. And the meanings are great. I too have some. My first was a sun/moon on my ankle. I got it to remind me of the good times when I was young. Just hanging out. My second one...well why I got it still I am not sure why I did get it where I did but it is on my lower back. A quick thought of just going to get one....It is a butterfly with some designs on the sides....I am going to have to have that one redone too. Then I went off a little while later and got a rose on my shoulder blade. My childhood friend and I went and got the same one together for all the memories we've had together. I also got a Blue Rose ( my favorite kind of rose) with an airbrush going thru it on my calf. I am just starting to learn how to airbrush. My last one is a dream catcher on my other shoulder blade. I did this one in the memory of my mom who passed away when I was 24. She was my life. My mom and my best friend. She loved all things Native american Indian especially dream catchers. She had them all over her house. And It was a perfect choice to remember her by. I do plan on getting more. I want to add to my dream catcher. And I want a Tiger and a Chimp. I have always loved tigers and the chimp because I worked with them for over 12 years before having my kids. My only fear is I dont want a fake looking one. I want it to be as beautiful as they are..... I am sure I will be getting more myself in the near future.

  52. Hi Krista! I don't have any tattoos but I like them on other people. Yours look pretty cool! And I love reading about the stories behind each of your tattoo!
    And I hope you'll share the picture of your purple or blue (or both) hair when you are 85, I'm sure you'll rock :))
    Silvie xx

  53. Hi Krista. I loved reading your post - and I've loved reading the comments too - I always think it's interesting to hear what tatts people have - and the reasons behind them. I had my first tattoo done for my 30th b-day, I'd thought long and hard for many years about what and where. But it always seem as though once you've had the first one done, more soon follow!! I had a butterfly (with a floral design in it's wings) on my lower back. This was quickly followed by a 'full stop' in the centre of my chest used to 'line me up' when I was having my radiotherapy!! Then I had a big flower/butterfly/star collage done all over my right foot from toe to ankle. I've also got a hummingbird on my right lower arm and last year I had my son's name - Sam - surrounded by star inside my left wrist and a quote inside my left upper arm which reads 'Someday is today, this is your life' - I'll give a prize to anyone who can tell me where that's from!!!!
    I've actually emailed you 2 or 3 times but you've not got back to me - firstly to ask when I would be receiving the postcard from the 2nd 'draw' but also because I wanted to know whether you would be happy for me to have one of your images tattoo-ed on me. Could you please let me know?
    Hugs, Marie xx

  54. I haven't been reading your blog long but so GLAD I found it. I love your sense of humor and how you talk about everything in your life. I was so glad to see this post. I had been wondering about your tattoos and wanting to see closer picts of them. I like what you think about God and tatts. You are the same person with or without them. My hubby has a few. My 22 year old daughter has 2. Her 18th BD gift was her first one. My son is 17 and can't wait to be 18 to get one. I am SCARED to death of needles so none for me. The only ink for me is what I use in stamping. lol.

  55. Great post. :) I've got 4 and more scheduled for this Summer. My favorite one is the one on my left wrist. It says Don't Stop Believin' and it has a small yellow butterfly and a bumblebee. The meaning behind it is for 2 friends I lost to cancer. xo



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