Tailor and Stylist

dress, c/o Tailor & Stylist. vest, TopShop. tights, Target. Boots, c/o Blowfish.

Some days are just meant for...

Comic books and snuggles. 
5 mile runs.
Going out for chicken wings and burgers because the dishes are already piled in the sink. 
And who wants to do dishes, anyways?
Watching food shows at night that make you hungry all over again.
A late night run to the refrigerator.
Also, a need to do another 5 miles after that kitchen visit.
Kiddos wrestling on the living room floor.  
Realizing Niamh could wrestle half the boys on Philly's wrestling team and win.
That chick is no joke. 
Playing Jeopardy at dinner.
Niamh carrying on a real conversation about The Miami Heat with Philly tonight. 
That's not even our team...and they are throwing around player names. 
Pretty cool for a nine year old girl:).  
Coffee at 1130 pm.
And a pretty sweater dress that is from Tailor and Stylist...

You can check out their FacebookPinterest, and Shop with the discount code saturatedcanary10 for 10% off your order. (PS...They ship international;)... And their prices are AUHMAZING!

Hoping each of you had a lovely Tuesday too...
Full of fun...
and free-and-clear of any dishes:).


  1. woah - studded vest back.. you are fierce, mama!
    Maybe it's like a multi-pressure point massage when you sit against it?? ;o)
    Um, gorgeous much? Yes. you.
    And, dishes.. yes, always there.. which is why I opt to just dunk gingersnaps straight into my chai this morning, you know.. to save on dishes and what not. lol
    Have a great day sis in Him!
    needle and nest design

  2. Waw your outfit is just gorgeous Krista! Oh I can see you don't have any snow ... we have tons! Lucky you. hugs! Mojca

  3. Beautiful dress, like your style! I agree with you on the dishes! We live in an old farm house so no dishwasher. Sometimes we joke about the dishwasher being broken when the dishes pile up. I love laze days when it's just US and no one else intrudes on our time together.

  4. You are just way too adorable. And you wear this so well! Love it!


  5. OMG I like your whole outfit and your hair is really showing those different shades of color you are going for. I checked the website and going to order two of the belts (Tri-Color Clasp Belt and the Double Rhinestone Loop Lock). I also like the flat (High Stepping Flat) but I already have too many (sad face).

  6. Hi Krista, I love all you post; your work is fantastic, your childs pretty, your images very pretty too. I invited you to see my card with your past week 24 ours freebe "Hugs and Kisses" like I promised you in my blog in the link bellow. I´m starting, and sorry my poor english. THANKS A LOT!.

  7. Kirsta i was wondering are you going to do the cherry blossom stamp as a digi ,have just seen it on create and craft and its so pretty .Dont bother posting as i just wanted to send it to you .Love your post and pics all of them x

  8. You look gorgeous Krista! Laugh out loud at the sink full o' dishes thing. Guilty of opting for extra snuggles in bed with my kiddos or few extra minutes crafting over tidying up 'on the night'. Love your style mama! Big hugs from NZ, finally landed and feeling really 'at home' in my brothers lovely sea-side home. Bliss to wake to the sound of sweet bird calls and the chirrups of cicadas. Home at last, aaaaaaahhhh. Hugs, Wends xxx

    1. so glad you arrived safely:)...

      kinda sounds like paradise:).

  9. Well you are still gorgeous as ever! I always love your photos. Love the Ombre hair.. I just got mine done like that, the color didn't hold as well, it's a little more subtle. I need to get it done again. It looks fabulous on you! <3

  10. Love that dress.. you look so cozy & stylish!

  11. You are absolutely beautiful and I am your newest follower! Great blog you have and I found you through ABM.
    Almost Endearing

  12. Ok 1st off you look "AuhMazing" in that sweater outfit (as always), 2nd your daughter is sooo funny! I love it when you talk about your fam. cause there is always something wonderful going on. Oh, and yea, a 3rd, I love your work!!! Mimi ;)



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