This and That...


This has been our sick month for 2013. 
Good thing we got it behind us early:).
Looking back through my Instagrams over the last couple weeks,
I realized we are either laying on the couch...
Or asleep, laying on the couch.  
Not a whole lot of variety there...
Sometimes the dogs climb up with us. And get their lazy on, too.
That is fun.

I got a new tattoo on my inner arm.
And Philly is finishing up his first season of wrestling.  (He is so cute in the uniform.  I die.)

Niamh just completed a course in 4th grade etiquette.  
I served her class during their luncheon.
And realized I have no etiquette.
I mean,
We have a no farting rule at the dinner table.  
But that is the extent of my etiquette knowledge.
Shame on me.

Phil...he is my whole heart, especially these last few weeks.
I just love that big muscly guy:).
Love his thoughtfulness. 
And genuine desire for Jesus' life in him.
Also, his biceps rock.
Seriously, they are like rocks
Sometimes I just punch him in the bicep really hard to see his reaction.
He just grins:). 
I'm not abusive.  Promise.
It is a love punch and is sometimes followed by a kiss. So totally worth it:).

My house is sort of a disaster.
I haven't run in well over a week because my chest hurts from coughing. 
Oh. And I decided to eat like 88 Girl Scout cookies over the last day and a half. 
So, my hips are like awesome.
(little bit of sarcasm, there.)
But we have watched a bunch of movies as a family while hanging out on the couches:). 
The Goonies and Hotel Transylvania...
We Are Marshall and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
And even though being sick kinda-sorta stinks, it slowed us down a little. 
Made snuggles last even longer.
And our hearts are thankful for that.

Once in a while it is nice to just shut the doors.
Let the dishes pile up in the sink.
Put the laundry on hold...
(we are all in pajamas anyways)
And be a little isolated as a family:)...
No errands.
No stores.
No nothing:).
Just sweet talks, long snuggles, and a stack of movies to watch.
Makes being all germy together kinda worth it;).


  1. I am so glad to hear you are all feeling well and GOSH are your family just the cutest! I have that rule too, that and no elbows on the table and only because that was drilled into me as a kid. Apparently burping is ok, Bow states [youngest 5] if you excuse yourself right after. Someone did it when we all went out for Valentine's dinner, not at our table and Bow decided to say really LOUD that it's just so rude not to say excuse me after you erp... She can't say burp, lol!

    Everyone keeps talking about these girl scout cookies and I seriously feel like I am missing something lol! But then we have tim tams, so sort makes up for it?

    Hope your month for March is a much better one xxx

  2. Love it. My husband and I did that a few weeks ago and even though I was sicker than a dog it was great to feel the love come through comfort.

    Once Upon The Hill

  3. Yey on starting to feel better and cookies..mmmmmmmmm!! romfl!! I love those batten down the hatches and stay in the family bubble days, they are always my fav days ever. Love all the piccies hunny
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  4. No farting at the table is about all the table knowledge we have too. Although i did hear something one time about 2 different forks for something. Hahah
    You guys seem like such an awesome close family.
    Its nice to know there are still good parenting going on out there in a world so full of abusive parents and people with no respect for their fellow man.
    You guys rule.
    Your daughter had the perfect stand ready to hit that ball. That was a cute pic.
    I liked the ones with the hounds lounging too. Sweet.
    Anyway God Bless you guys for being so honest and full of love for family. Hopefully you guys can rub off on others.
    I typed this comment twice and it got shorter each time.
    Home internet is down and using the iphone with google isnt always reliable for blogging.
    So if by chance my comments show up 4 times u can post the ine u like the best. Up to u. Sorry about that too.
    Have a good week.

  5. Ahh, Sounds like you watched some great feel good movies. Hope you are all on the mend now, Lou x

  6. I just found your blog and you look like so much fun! I cant wait to see more :)

  7. Glad you are all n the mend, think we need some "sick" time in this house, singles and pj days sounds nice. X

  8. Sometimes I really believe, that this is the reason we do get sick in the first place. Somehow to force us to slow things down and remember each other as a family, when we just gets too busy at times with lots of other and less important things. I agree sometimes it´s just so nice to lock the door and just be together and not care a thing about, what others would say or think, if they could see us LOL.
    But glad to hear, you´re all feeling much better now and hopefully you wount have to be sick before you take some time to snuggle up as family again.
    Have a great week now and lots of fun.

  9. Awwww.. I love all the lovin' in your nest! I was looking at these sweet pics and thinking 'this looks like our home' no wonder we'd get along so well.. all flopped around in a pile of snuggles! lol Glad you're feeling better - and new ink??! What's it mean/significance for you? Curious!
    Loads of luff, your way mama.
    needle and nest design

  10. Glad you managed to count your blessings despite your illnesses.
    I have to admit I do like that time once they are past the really sick bit but not yet fit for school/sports/clubs and you get to just snuggle in front of the TV.


  11. Sounds like you had some priceless times through your sicknesses, but glad you are all feeling better. I would love a better pic of the portrait tattoo on your arm. I love tats and would like to get a portrait of my parents. I love reading your posts, you are so happy and content with your life and that is a wonderful thing! <>

  12. Glad you're all feeling a bit better and you're right, sometimes it's so nice to shut the door and just embrace the snuggles and togetherness. I always say it's not the end of the world if the washing up doesn't get done or if the clothes washing doesn't happen. It'll get done eventually! Take care Zo xx

  13. I love the snuggling on the couch part when we have the sickies here. My kids are getting older and don't like to snuggle much any more, except when they're not feeling well. I love seeing your pics.

  14. Sometimes sick days can be the best family days (minus the sickness, of course). You have a beautiful family! I'm glad I found your blog. And I LOVE your tattoos!

  15. Glad you are all feeling better. Tara was selling Girl scout cookies. We have 3 boxes & I'm trying to avoid them. I love that pic of you with your hair up kissing Philly. Your hair looks great like that.

  16. thank you for sharing your as always gorgeous pictures and thoughts. I love your new tattoo .. I always wanted them on my hands but never had the courage, ... mostly because of job hunting ... well I have the hole back tattooed instead :)))))))))))))) but still hoping one day I will be able to have some on my hands too. hugs! Mojca

  17. Got those sweet chalkboard mugs for my mom and kids teachers for Valentines Day.
    So sweet!
    Love how your dogs snug a bug on the couch together, super sweet!
    And you are so right on about snugglin' extra with movies on the couch, if you have to be sick, better to be sick all together snug-a-buggin'(:
    Glad you are all feeling better, Mama!!
    God Bless you all xoxoxo
    P.S. I am getting my very first tat super soon, of my kids names,,...can't wait! How many do you have and any ideas of where is a cool place to get my three babies names?

  18. Blogger ate my comment. Ugh, what etiquette. ;)
    I love this post Krista, what beautiful pictures! It's all about real life, colds that happen, farts that shouldn't. Despite being under the weather look at how happy your kids are! Some of my favorite memories are when I was sick as a kiddo. Granted my dad would take us to the beach and let us swim...which pretty much served as Vitamin D, a cool 'bath,' and saline I suppose? Maybe the sand counted as an exfoliator too. Love the tattoo, ink is so pretty when it has so much meaning!

  19. ahh your home sounds cozy in this post. haha i love how you talk about your hubster. I believe every woman should be crazy about the man she decides to die in love with. It seems right in my eyes. haha

  20. I just liked this, not because you were all sick obviously but the fact you do pj days when ur sick like my family lol and we also watch films play family games and just generally slow down and chillax, I also find the many books i buy through out the year actually get read lol hope ur health is all back upto speed for you all, I love reading your blog i find ur fotos cute and your life story and how you write it fabulous and beautiful <3

  21. I've been huddled inside my house too trying to overcome a cold. Easier said than done!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog

  22. Great pictures Krista! Even if you were sick and not feeling well, the picturs of you having rest, snuggling on the couch, sleeping, etc are so sweet and show so much love! You are a one beautiful family ♥! And I love reading your posts, they are captivating and so easy to read :)
    Thank you for sharing!
    Silvie xx



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