Beach Life.


We are at the beach this week.
Ocean City, NJ.

I think we are the only ones crazy enough to rent a NJ beach house in March.
The upside: we are livin' large in a house right on the water that is waaaaaayyyyy to expensive during the summer:).  It has a clear refrigerator door and a bathtub that shoots out bubbles.  In my kids' book, that means we are "rich" for a week:).

We get to hang out with a bunch of family and do fun things that we don't typically fit into our "every~day"... 

Like, Nerf gun wars.
And searching for seashells.
Eating cheesecake for dessert. After every meal.
Spending a late evening with a shot (or two;) of whiskey, an episode of Top Gear, and my bro.
It is just plain fun.

I may be a little slow answering emails this week:).  I'm taking time to breathe with my babies and guy...and enjoy the ocean, sunshine, and...snow (yeah, ended up with snow yesterday...but it is a beautiful combo, the ocean and the snow!).

Follow our adventures on Instagram, if ya want;), @kristacanary.
Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. nothing better than exploring on the beach :)

  2. Wonderful way to get family time- and the combo of the beach (love) and snow.....hmmm I am sure the kids will have a blast despite the weather. Great Memory making.....!

  3. sounds like absolute heaven to me hunny and I am loving the piccies, enjoy xxxxxxxx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week. And the pictures on the beach are so cute.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. Have a lovely family break :)

  6. Have fun with the family.
    Here in te Netherlands its a never ending winter ,no spring with Easter this weekend. YAK!

  7. Love the pics! Enjoy every moment!!
    Just started following your funky self on instagram, love instagram so much!!!
    Thanks for sharing all your precious moments, God Bless you all.

  8. And a completely vacant beach too by the looks of things! I love bundling up in super warm clothes and going to the beach in winter or spring...such a different place than the summer!

    Have a great vacation :)

    Tanya xx

  9. Great with such a familytreat where you can just relax and enjoy spending time together as a family and do whatever comes to mind. Just enjoy it and have a great time.

  10. Yay for you!!!!! I know that you'll take the time to recharge and reconnect with loved ones! What fun to do something like the beach at a different time! New things to discover!!! Have a blast~~~

  11. You go girl! Enjoy that family time - it's precious - and those photo's just show that!! Have an amazing time!

  12. Enjoy ur family time hun x x x

  13. Fabulous photos! Looks and sounds like you are having loads of fun with your family, enjoy!


  14. Oh WOW My dear friend, it looks a blast, I love the sea, and I love swimming in it but its only every few years as its 2hrs away and I can never gauge the weather, so you never know whether its going to be warm enough to swim by the time you get that far from home as weather at home doesn't always dictate what weather on the beach is like, BUT......my idea of the sea and beaches is, whatever the weather is, if you can do it, get your coats on and do exactly what you are doing, especially Niamh, I am exactly the same, no matter which beach I go to, I look for exciting looking shells (we don't get many exciting ones in England they'll usually empty clam shells or mussels) and cool tumbled stones and pebbles, bits of worn away, blunt,coloured glass that has been in the sea for years, small pieces of driftwood......yep, a bucket or bag to carry your finds and a warm coat and boots and you're sorted, such fun, to unplug from the rest of society and just chill with the fam, you enjoy it girl you work hard and deserve each and every precious second!! Hugs, chat when you get back home xxxx your mate, Vick xxxx

  15. Have a great vacay!!! Definitely deserve it! :)
    BTW, LOVE the color of your DD's nails---DEFINITELY won't show my DD! lol

  16. Hi Krista, looks like you're having a wonderful time! The pictures are awesome!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
    Silvie xx

  17. My bro just came down to NC to visit me and my hubby this week, and we too went to the beach(didn't get snow tho but it was def cold!) and watched top gear! We drank a ton of coffee instead of whiskey, and nerf guns were on hand! I'm kind of a nerd but it makes me laugh that we had a similar week :) Enjoy your vacation!

  18. Sounds so perfect! TN didn't get the memo about Spring either (snow yesterday!) But, I think any time with family and friends, away from normal life routines, is the best thing ever!

  19. what awesome family photos loved the little girl finding sea shells you look as if you are have a great time in ocean city, NJ if that stand for New Jersey (I am from old Jersey in the Channel Islands UK) but now living in Australia , just love your site and your drawings you have a wonderful gift thankyou Wendy Reynolds littleal1@bigpond.com.au

  20. ahhh, sounds like a little piece of heaven! <3



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