Being the Parent of Two Peas in a Pod...Mamalogues Link-up


They are always, always, always together. 
Sometimes arguing.
Telling jokes. 
Even snuggling. 

I use to imagine when I was young that I'd have like 6 kids. 
I'd just keep popping 'em out. 
Naming them cool names.
Like, Cornelia. Or Hunter. Or Norma Jean.
And they would all have blonde curly hair. 

Today I am mama to these two beautiful, dark-haired goofballs. 
I'm so glad, so thankful, God writes my story...and not me.
He knew exactly who he had planned for my heart as a mama...

He knew that Niamh would always be my spark.
That someday I'd sit in a room full of people, and blink away tears...
Because she is the only one everyone sees. 
She is laughter.
And generosity.
And Jesus's tenderness.
She softens and refines me;
Keeps my heart open,
And my spirit challenged.
She is my angel.
And my treasure.

And he knew that Philly would be my calm place.
He is easy-going. 
Kinda spacey in this sweet, goofy way.
He does funny things.
And tells me that I "don't understand 'man' things."
He calls me "my girl."
And likes the last kiss.
God knew he would complete our family and my heart. 

2 is our perfect number:).
But not because it is the perfect sized family...
And not because we have our 'boy and girl.'
But because this is God's beautiful plan at work.
He has blessed me far greater than I ever could have dreamed.
My heart was made to house the love Niamh and Philly need and deserve.
And I am humbled and honored to be given that calling as a mom:).

Linking here...
Because Monday Mamalogues are fun to join in on...
Makes a girl get all mushy and sniffly;).


  1. What a fabulous set of pictures Krista. An instant vision of how they have grown. Such beautiful children, and so lucky to have parents who love them beyond life itself...
    So touching..... adorable......
    Eileen x

  2. I am simply blown away by this post filled with such incredible love! The love you have for your children and the love they have for each other! One thing is for sure, your kids will NEVER doubt the absolute love you have for them. How awesome is that!!!
    Thanks for the pictures, they are the sweetest!!!

  3. That is so sweet.
    How amazing is our God who entrusts these precious, eternal human souls into our care. I pray He will give us (parents) the wisdom, discernment and love to train them up in His ways.

    Bless you and your family!

  4. Amen!! God knew what I needed when he blessed me with my NOW 15 year old son.... three years of trying and finally gave it to Him and I got my baby boy. He's all I ever hoped for and the kind of man any girl would love to have as a husband. Four years later, I found out He had a sense of humor when I was told on April Fools Day I had my little Emily coming. She's fought me every step of the way and I love her strength and independence; because, after all, she IS her momma's girl and I have to stop and remember that when she "tries" me. God always knows what we NEED. AND, when we are ready for it in his eyes. I will forever thank him for our little family as well.

  5. Beautiful, loving children who get along together so very well.
    The pictures look like they couldn't be happy apart.
    You are so blessed by God.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures and your words.
    Hugs, Candy

  6. I love when you write about these little ones. Your momma stories melt my heart! And those adorable faces also help ;P

  7. What beautiful pictures of the kiddos! Niamh's joy comes through the screen right to my soul as does Philly's humor! Yes, Krista, you are blessed. And, the kids are blessed, too. To have a Momma that appreciates them...loves them unconditionally and shares in their joy, their humor, their education of our Saviour! May our Lord continue to bless you with so much sunshine that you will always glow in each others' rays! God Bless you for sharing!

  8. Beautiful post, Krista! You have such amazing photos of those gorgeous kids of yours! Thanks for sharing your love for them with us! It makes me want to go rain kisses down on my sweet little sleeping small man's face! :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing pictures of your kids. They are beautiful! You are a wonderful mama!

  10. Krista, this post definitely has aaaaaw factor. So full of your love for your children. Hugs Nina

  11. oh how I love all these piccies, especially that top one! huge hugglies for you all
    Lou xxxx

  12. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words...
    I'm speechless...
    Sitting here with tears in my eyes...
    *big hugs*


  13. Great pictures and lovely children by the looks and your stories x

  14. Beautiful post Krista, full of love and so touching! And such beautiful pictures of your kiddos, they are so adorable! Thank you for sharing!
    Have a lovely day!
    Silvie xx

  15. What a stunning load of great pictures of your lovely kids. And they really are really beautiful kids and they sound like really wonderful personalities too, but how could they turn out any different with such loving and caring parents? That should be a right for all kids in the world, but unfortunately it´s not, I´m afraid. You´re truly blessed with some great and awesome kids and a loving family around you hun.
    Have a wonderful time ahead and lots of fun too.

  16. Your children are so adorable and sweet^_^
    Thanks for sharing your happy photos and your sweet words^_^

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwdorable!! I can't get over how sweet those two peas are - individually, and together. LOVE it! See, you're such a wonderful mama, it inspires all of us to keep spreading the love God has poured out in our own hearts. So, thank you for that. Shining your light, shining your love.
    Always great to have you in the Nest too!!
    needle and nest

  18. I love your words. So sweet and loving. I also have two. BUT two girls. And I thank god every day for them. Now I'm bless with two grand daughters. LOL YUP 2 girls. I love It!

  19. He always gets it right - I too am enormously thankful I'm not in charge of my life but He is. Thanks for reminding me. Very special those two.
    Paula (PEP)

  20. well I am not a mum ... but your words always move me in the deepest way possible ... thank you for sharing. Hugs! Mojca

  21. Oh l do love your blog your always showing and sharing your wonderful family they looks so content xx

  22. God bless them, they are so beautiful! IB from PR

  23. Krista, this is beautiful. You really should think about writing a book. You write in such an amazing way. I look fwd to reading your posts every day. Your kid's are just beautiful and from what you show us every day, they'll have so many fond memories of their youth. That's important. Thank you for sharing with us!

  24. Thanks for sharing. Your pics are FABULOUS just like YOU!

  25. That is beautiful and so are your gorgeous kids!!
    My 2nd sons name is Hunter - great choice for your "imaginary" as a kid family ;)

  26. beautiful words and beautiful pictures of your adorable children x

  27. They are gorgeous xo
    U have such a special family :)

  28. These Picts are just Adorable. It's kinda sad how quick our children grow up. I sometimes wish they were still small and squeezable.

  29. Your babies are just so beautiful! I love how their faces light up, especially Niamh....her entire face lights up when she smiles!!You have been very blessed...

  30. This post is just the sweetest thing!! ♥ Love seeing the photos of them! So precious.

  31. wow, your children are beautiful!
    and that is not something I say very often lol

    seriously, this post made me tear up a little


  32. such a heart warming read... *sigh* i know being single is great but i really cant wait to see Lord willing, what they will look like and act like some day... mmm


  33. Krista ,i have to say i see the Irish eye's in your daughter face ,so beautiful .Your boy so cute so special both and i know that God gives us what we can cope with .I wanted lots of children but had 3 my body could not have more ,but im blessed to have 3 so many have none and my heart aches for them ,i know i would have been destroyed without children .Some people are just meant to be mothers ,some have motherhood thrust at them and cope well .
    I thank God he know's the big picture we are often limited to the smaller ,the here the now .Sometimes i look at mine and think how did i have you this golden child (whichever it is at the time )one who is kind beyond measure and has her heart on her sleeve ,one who makes me laugh so much i would die without him and one who never thinks she does enough no matter how much i tell her she has but who is so easy going and accepting .OUR 3 given to us to love ,nuture and send out into the world as whole as we possibly can .Thank you Lord for all the times i got it wrong and you were there to help me, for the times i may have lost it thank you that you taught me to ask for forgivness and they were willing to give it .Love you Lord xx


  34. Your family is simply beautiful and I thank you for sharing with us the fun and joy of childhood. I miss that! Being an adult SUCKS LOL

  35. Oh WOW Krista those two lil angels have not changed one bit!! even as babies they haven't changed from, so so cute, and I know just how close they are, and that's so refreshing to see! Hugs my friend xxx Vick xxx

  36. You seriously have the most adorable children.



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