Favorite 5.


1. Beautiful evidence that spring is just around the corner.


2. Batters up.


3. The custom word art I ordered for our living room from here.  I LOVE it:).


4. Pretty boots Phil bought for me today.  Such a sweet surprise!


5.  A brother who will play monster high dolls with his sister on a Saturday morning:). 

Just a few favorites from our Saturday.
It was warm and sunny.
And we spent it totally having fun and enjoying one another:).

Can you feel spring in the air where you are?...
I love those days when you can just smell it in the morning air.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Ohh I love Spring!! We are in late Summer here... mornings are starting to get darker, Still so hot during the day.

  2. Spring is not quite here yet- it was in the 40's here West of Chicago, but we still have snow on the ground...... Oh I love the daffodils- and the kids out playing baseball- that is for sure a sign of Spring! Enjoy- the time with the kids passes all too quickly!

  3. A wonderful post Krista. It's Mothers Day here in the UK. Your photos are full of your love for your little ones. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Nina

  4. I wait and wait to see what you see...and agree! It was a BEAUTIFUL day today; a reminder of what Easter is all about...forgiveness, rising again and again! Thanks for sharing your Saturday...love you and your family's little routines. Very special as you are

  5. Love those daffs! Mine haven't flowered yet :-(
    Not sure we're getting a "SPRING" over here in the UK....just woken up to snow!
    Love n hugs
    Fiona xx

  6. So lovely are your Photo's Krista and thank you for sharing them xx

  7. No spring here my friend! I thought it was going into Spring and then we got hit with snow last night, lol, this late in the season, and its supposed to continue for the next 3 days at least, oh well Spring will still be here before we know it! and i cannot wait, its like a freezer out there this early Sunday morning!! I love all your pictures and love the custom script, the words are so meaningful and that font is beautiful, love everything, hugs to you dear friend & Phil, Philly&Niamh and I hope your spring continues! Hugs&Blessings dear sweetie xx

  8. I love daffodils!! They are my favorite Spring flower. They just give me such an over-whelming feeling of renewal. I also LOVE your wall art!!!! Thanks for sharing your life.

  9. So sweet! Treasure these moments. They do not last forever. Kids grow too fast. I wish I could keep mine with me but they must start their own families one day. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Robin

  10. LOVE that.. well, all of it, but your words for your home! Great stuffs! Rad boots too... it's like he 'knows' you or something. ;o)
    Monday Mamalogues are still here anytime you're feeling so inspired, but either way - you're always inspiring! mush mush and muah muah.
    needle and nest

  11. I wish it felt like Spring here.. it snowed again today!

  12. how lovely!! Snow here so not feeling springlike at all, it is freezing!!!
    Love the word art

  13. In DC area…we got 60 degrees today!...going to rain later...then back to low 50s and 40s. You are totally going to rock those boots. Your kiddos looked so peaceful playing.

  14. Hey Krista loving those boots how sweet to get those from your beloved .I really want to see my daffs poking their heads up ,its to cold here ,we had snow today and freezing cold the wind has been howling .Love the picture of your sweet children .Have a blessed week .xx

  15. Great pictures! I love those boots, lucky you :) Your kids are so sweet playing together!
    well, after last week's beautiful warm and sunny spring weather, we are back to windy and freezing cold again:( It's been snowing since yesterday, which is very unusual for this part of France (Brittany, the west coast of France). I hope all the blooming daffodils and tulips will survive the sudden arrival of cold. On the other hand, the great thing is that it's so quiet and peaceful, not many cars or people outside:)
    Silvie xx

  16. Love that wall art! Sounds just like us :)

  17. yep it was all over my mind and heart today. just that fresh spring breeze... mmm




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