bracelet, c/o Chic Peek; dress, Shabby Apple; sweater, VS; boots, Wanted

Today Niamh wore her hair in two pigtail buns, 
And I thought she looked like a little baby again.
And Philly cried a little after I dropped him off in his classroom,
So I snuck back in to give him extra hugs and kisses.
Phil and I spent the morning just talking about the Lord.
And I cried a whole lot;
Phil kissed my forehead.
He loves me so much, that my hurts are his. 
That is really beautiful to me.  
We took a short nap...
I did my hair pretty.
Ate pizza at a little restaurant
And had a cherry coke.
We picked up the kids.
Giggled lots.
I stopped to grab my sister the rest of her birthday gift.
Got Philly a funky hat for 'funny hat day' tomorrow at school.
And we chilled at the bookstore for a while.
Philly picked out a stuffed animal hedgehog. 
Niamh chose a home-decor drawing/doodle book.
The kids ate cheesecake for dinner before we headed home.
They even fit in homework time and two shows before bed.
And Phil and I watched 'A River Runs Through It.'
I think we liked it.
He said it was 'Ahhhh-ITE' :).
Now I'm gonna go give the kiddies a few more kisses on their sleeping faces.
And chill out with old Seinfeld episodes.
Might even ask the big guy for a back rub...
Never hurts to ask:).

Was your 'today' good, too?
What made it special?

Oh...Let me share Chic Peek with you before I go all sleepy-Seinfeld on ya:).  My pretty pearl and turquoise bracelet is from their assortment of jewelry.  The shop is unique in that it offers a monthly membership subscription, great jewelry prices, fast shipping, and extra fun like giveaways and in-house stylists.  It is a fun shopping experience in every way:).  You can follow more of Chic Peek with the links below!

Night, lovelies.


  1. Hiya lovely lady, pleased your day filled you with joy darlin,you have a wonderful family, although mine wasnt too good, it cheered my heart reading about yours, thanks for that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. sounds like a lovely day....your nap wasn't missed on me though. i know what those afternoon naps are usually preceded by. *giggle* you two are really super cute, you know. ;) "my hurts are his because he loves me so much" - that is really a beautiful thing and when you find a guy that loves you like that....well, you don't let go. **hugs**

  3. I absolutely adore your dress! Very pretty! ^_^

    My day (yesterday) was an all okay day. I was completely high on sugar, 'cause I ate both a "semla" (a traditional swedish sweet roll: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semla ) and some chocolate cake that my boyfriend and his friend decided to make in the middle of the night (?).

    At work I switched between beeing grumpy and beeing hyperactive, much depending on which colleague I talked to.

    The day was made special because of the personal record I beat at the gym, despite all the sweets (and pizza) I ate during the day.

    AND, the sun is shining and spring is on it's way. Maybe that is the best part of it all :)

    Love your blog and your drawings ^_^ And it was fun writing to you, so I can practise my english.

  4. ohh krista your hair looks gorgeous chickie! and love that bracelet :) sounds like you had a super fun day...i always love how you explain all the cute stuff :)

  5. Sounds like you got alot done in one day and cleaned the soul a little too. Every once in a while, i need that. Im just glad you have someone who understands that. Love your outfit, you look so pretty.
    Hugs, gabbi

  6. Oh I love the colour of your dress ... My day? Well boring mostly ... I spent most of the time looking through job ads ... well I hope the evening will bring more lovely time :) Hugs! Mojca

  7. I always feel good and have a good day when I do my hair pretty. :) Funny how that works. It was a happy day for my girls and I. I found them pastel ruffle Easter dresses. Hugs and happy Friday!

  8. Sounds like an amazing day. My husband, and I and the kids are going to Florida for 2 weeks in April and I can't wait to just spend time together. Your dress is very pretty. Looking forward to the new Digi's. I love seeing what you are going to come up with next. Have an amazing weekend

    Jennifer M

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I wish hubby and I could do that to. One day!! I miss when my kids were small .. but now we have new trials and tribulations and hey, they still need me even though they're (almost) 17 and (just turned) 12. I love your pics and love your post .. thank you for sharing.

  10. Sounds like you had a great day! I cried today---finally came out, from reading your post! Nothing is going right today, and DH is angry at me, which hurts--really hurts. I can't craft because my mojo is gone. All I can do it seems, is speak to the Big Man upstairs. I need peace inside.

  11. I really appreciate you way of looking at things. Sometimes the little things we do throughout the day may seem little, but when you add up the whole day with the ones we love, we should look at that more and be more thankful.
    Counting my blessing more today. Thanks, Krista. Wend

  12. I love your day Kirsta and how wonderful to look at your beautiful daughter and see the baby again ,so sorry that Philly felt sad but I'm sure those extra hugs and kisses worked wonders .I have been thinking of who you reminded me of and its a young Jennifer Lopez and not only are you beautiful on the outside you have a beautiful soul .

    My day started very early and I was woken at 2.15 am and was very scared but I got over it .
    My dd came today with my 2grandchildren
    We talked all day
    We had a lot of laughs
    I looked at my wonderful man and we eye smiled at each other
    Joseph showed me the talking dog on you tube we laughed and laughed
    He was so tired I to.d him to get in my bed as its so comfy ,he laughed and said I'm ok nan
    Jessica is 12 and nearly 5" 8 she is a tomboy and was wearing the same tiger hat she wore all Christmas,she helped me get dinner she said I love you nan and I hugged her

  13. Looks like you had a great day! I can see all the love in your beautiful family:) The dress you are wearing in the picrure is pretty and you look gorgeous!
    My day (at the moment of your posting) was just an ordinary one but a simple walk by the seaside in a cloudy and windy day made it quite special, I love when the beaches are empty, it's just me and the man I love and the noise of wind and waves. A breath of fresh air :)
    Silvie xx

  14. Such a sweet post. Sounds like an amazing day. :)You are so beautiful.



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