what is ~Mojo~ and where does he go?

Sometimes I get out of my creative groove.  
It is a lot like flying down the highway and drifting over the white line into the bumpy tire tracks. Bumping along to that loud vibration, trying to get smoothly back into the driving lane.

Not that I ever "fly" down the highway.
Or know anything about drifting out of my lane.

But creatively, it is often referred to (especially across card-making/scrapbooking blogland) as a loss of "mojo."  I have said it many times myself.  "Man.  Lost my mojo. This sucks." as I try (in vain) to either draw a character I like or create a project I am happy with.  And sometimes I feel like that about this blog, too-- just loose the blog mojo. 

I started to wonder today what is this "mojo" I keep loosing.  Figured if I knew exactly what it is, maybe I'd loose it less often.  Keep a better eye on it:).  Here is the definition in five parts:

"MOJO": noun
1. style
2. sex appeal
3. a magical charm or power
4. talent based on personal appeal
5. enthusiasm or motivation

Don't think this post is referring to #2.  Plus, I'm sitting here writing this with messy hair, marker-stained leggings, and big fluffy cheetah-print slippers.  I cannot speak to sex appeal tonight, people.


So, my "mojo" is my style, 
a little bit of charm, 
whatever talent I have- based on appeal to others, 
and the enthusiasm I feel for what I do.

#1 is a given.  It is what makes us unique. It's like... where the mojo begins.

To be honest, I don't like #4...but I am often guilty of it.
Basing my style or my enthusiasm for my craft on how appealing it is to others makes it feel less real. I am me. That won't appeal to everyone...that's okay:).  I have to make a real effort to fight the feeling of "will this make others like my art/blog/person more?"  It is important to me to have integrity in who God made me, so I consciously fight the need to find validation through likes, followers, numbers, sales, etc.  I do not want to base "mojo" on my appeal to others because that is not where I want to be as an artist or as a person. So, #4 is out, too:).

So, now I'm left with #3 and #5~~ charm and motivation/enthusiasm.

Mojo is whatever charm or delightfulness I infuse into what I create. 
How can I expect to have stinkin' mojo if I feel no delight in what I am making or the process of creating to begin with?...Some days, I just need a break from creating.  I am maxed. OUT.  I can't draw a character to save my life.  You know, I have pads of paper filled-- FILLED-- with characters I have given up on trying to draw-- trying to make myself like:).  Creating is done with passion and thought and time...all of which can be exhausting if always expected but never replenished.  

And then it is called "enthusiasm" and "motivation."  
I am excited by new projects, new artwork, new blog posts.  
I am motivated by many things~ 
I want to continually make my blog a place of inspiration to others...
...not just creatively, but to my reader's hearts.
I want my artwork to be enjoyed by my customers.
I desire to create a business that has a strong foundation,
...so that I can build upon it for many years and in many different directions.
So when  Mr. Mojo has dropped off my map, 
I guess I am feeling doubtful that I'm moving in the direction my motivations push me. 
I'm lagging or feeling overwhelmed or just plain, old tired.  It is difficult to feel motivated or enthused under such burdens.


We've been sick off and on since the end of January.
The kids have had strep throat multiple times.
I think I had pneumonia. 
Philly got the flu.
Phil and Niamh got a version of it...without the puking.
We have a list of "to-do's" that is longer than Santa's"naughty and nice" list. 
Roof repairs.
A bedroom that needs a makeover. 
Hell, it needs much more than a make-over...Sometimes I think we should just wrip that baby off the house altogether.  
Phil opened the oven the other day to cook a pizza and found my stash of dirty pots;). 
Our truck stopped working.
And then started working again...on its own.  Which is weird, but I'll take it.
Also, I have our Christmas tree--turned Valentine's tree still up...hoping that at some point I can turn it into either a St. Patty's or Easter tree.  I would be okay with a combination of the two as well. I haven't found the time or energy to take it down yet...so I just keep changing the holiday that it is decorated for.  If I still have it up for Fourth of July, I may need a Christmas tree intervention.

And then...I sit at my desk or at my computer and EXPECT to have mojo.
Some part of me left over to put into creating.

When I feel mojo-less, like over the last couple weeks, I really try my best to fix it.  Steer back into my creative lane, out of the bumpy one.  I think women in particular have a thing for Mr. Mojo.  It validates our work.  It gives us that feeling of being appealing to the world, whether that is through our coloring, art, projects, blog posts...whatever.  When our talent is appealing to the masses, we feel like all the pieces are in place.  Maybe like we matter more. When it is gone, we feel hurried to get it back.  Before everyone looses interest...before we have nothing more to offer creatively. That is not what it should be about.  Everyone of us has so much to offer and that does not depend on quantity of projects or posts.  It is about enjoying the creative spirit God gives us.

Loosing mojo is okay.  
That is where this blog post is going.  Kudos if you read it all the way to my point:):)!!
Rest.  Chill.  Get healthy.  Take the Christmas tree down.  Take an afternoon nap.  Read a book.  Skip a week of blog posting.  Watch a movie or three.  
And then get back at it all when you feel refreshed.  When you actually have something left to give.  Women allow themselves to be engaged in too many directions sometimes...pulled here and there...trying this...being that.  We love being needed.  Being depended on:).  
But our creative mojo does't work that way.
It needs our heart.
Our energy.

I will remind myself of this often.  Maybe you can, too:).
Mojo is our creative charm.  It is exciting and empowering.  
It can also be elusive. 
When he is hiding out, that should be our creative footnote...our signal that says'
"hey--go chill out! you need a break."
So don't feel bad when you have trouble coloring an image.
Or creating a card, page, or project you feel proud of.
Or writing a blog that has some substance instead of just fluff.
Creativity takes heart and soul; energy and time.
We all feel spent in these areas sometimes.
Take a break.
Nourish your creative spirit with time away.
And we will all excuse each other for those momentary droughts in mojo:).
No need to apologize for them or feel discouraged.
He'll be back again.
He is good that way:).



  1. while reading the first part of your post i was thinking about what to say to you, then you said it in the second part. i dont feel bad when my mojo is gone and neither should anyone else, he will be back. with all of my health issues i am just happy to be able to still work with my mojo when he's running. when he's not that my q to relax and breathe

  2. We, as mothers, tend to make sure all those around us are settled, happy, entertained, fed, etc before we check in with ourselves. Remember your blog on "Joy"? Just tonight, my Mom and I had a 'check in' to remind each other to live in His light, joyfully and peacefully, as He is our rock and salvation. Krista, you are an artist. You are a beautiful young woman. Your posts, art, cards, humor, are an inspiration; however, that is not YOUR job! Your job is taking care of YOU! Again, as Moms, we all must remember that "when Mom ain't happy (well, joyful...put in the word) ain't nobody happy". In His light, Lisa

  3. Remember to take care of yourself, for without "Mom" alot of peeps will be unhappy...their world won't be right. Your photos say it all - how much Joy and Blessings you have. The run-of-the-mill problems? Try to let them roll off your shoulders for there will always be something trying to bring us down. But, we are Christians, so down is not where we will stay. Be nicer to yourself. Give yourself a break...maybe a bubble blowing contest? I enjoy your blog so much, but it is up to me to take the words and make it my Joy...not up to you t make it joyful. Does that make sense? May God Bless...Lisa

  4. Wow, I just commented to my mom this week that I hadn't had any creative thoughts in a few weeks... I guess my mojo was lost too. Sometimes I think it's ok to try to "find" it again by just sitting in my creative space.. even if nothing happens, at least I sat for a while :) Hope you all are on the mend soon!

  5. Hiya sweetie, you may sometime lose your mojo, but your words always inspire me. its like what I have to say but cant put it into words, you do it for me. I have days with my depression and M.E when I cant even go to work, to colour is magical, but when thats having an off day, I feel totally defeated!! silly maybe, but when you really need mr mojo, I find he isnt there, then when things have calmed he appears, also I was terrible at wanting to be as good as others, with the crafty lark!! I still do, and try and fight off this urge, knowing really in my heart, we are all good, we do what we can do, hopefully others like it cos hey yeh it does give you a kick!!. My mr mojo says this morning hes staying in bed, but you know what, im pulling him out, I have fabby images done by a fabby lady, especially for me to colour ( and others of course lol)
    Perhaps when he is visiting me hes giving you a rest eh?? loves you Krista xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. After reading your thoughts about mojo...I was thinking thats what life is all about. Meaning that there are so many things going on in our lifes that Mojo has to disapear sometimes to give room for other important things in our lifes, like family life, God, love, health, new energy, new experiences, new people in your life and so on. To make room for us being balanced in all lives aspects you need to let Mojo fly sometimes. And thats ok.
    Usually I hide like a bear during winther time, love to curl up in my place not going out in the cold and dark weather and this year it has been worsed than ever...and its been hard to get active again but the sun is showing itself more and more and that makes me feel more energetic.
    I would love for me to be creative everyday but I cant. Some of my friends have no problem doing that but not me, no energy (mojo?) I am a thinker and I have to make room for that too.
    I have accepted that, so I will take whatever my Mojo is giving me and respect that sometimes it makes room for other things...which is cool. To release my Mojo and accept that my Mojo is going away sometimes makes it come back to me more strongly as ever...
    ...and yes I love people commenting on my creativity because that makes me feel proud, happy and loved - there is nothing wrong in that :)
    Does this make any sense to anyone ?
    Pialine xxx

  7. I certainly read your post all the way to the end, Krista, and I identify with you! My Mr Mojo takes unexpected leave of absence once in a while and I think I have identified the cause .. feeling overwhelmed.
    I'd like to share my way of inviting the elusive little chap back:

    1. FAMILY FIRST - (that's me in the mix too)
    2. Make a to-do list of what is overwhelming me and then take one day at a time

    - work on doing these every day .. do something that makes a difference in one person's life, finish one item on that to-do list (-only one!), spend quality time with my children (-that's not while I am distracted being their taxi driver or cooking the dinner), give hubby some quality time

    I find that at the end of the day I have a sense of achievement, and can relax a little bit more each evening ... = me time
    By the end of the day Mr Mojo is knocking at my door cos my mind is not cluttered by what's still to do, but open because of the 'already-dones'

    Hope this helps.

    1. This is true too.... Thank you for putting it down on paper. I may well try this too!!!

  8. I was thinking exactly like Dawn in the first message. First about what to say to you today, but then you just said all my words yourself, and I were sooo glad to read them, cause then I know, I don´t need to worry about you hun, as you already know, that it´s quite okay. We can´t always be on top on everything, and you´re already way over what averidge people give to others around them, and it´s always a pleasure to come and read your blog, and in any thinkable way, not just the creative.You are such a remarkable woman Krista, and if I was just like you, I would be sooo happy, but I´m not, and guess what? I´m still happy about that, cause I know, I do my best, and that´s all anybody can ask of me and of everybody else. Ofcause we can´t always be perfect on everything, even women always seems to try to be and many seems to expect that too, but we´re also just humans, who needs a break now and then and also needs to feel apreciated and okay, even when we feel completely down and bad n our slippers and nighties and whatever, and I really think, that both you and I are soo lucky to have a man, who does that, so in the end, we are so lucky comparred to many many other girls. We just need to convince ourself on those "stupid" days, we all have now and then.
    I hope, that you´ll all feel just fine and get all well again very soon, but hopefully it´ll really be springtime now, and I´m very very sure, it´ll have a wonderful impact on all of us in a really good way.
    Have a wonderful and relaxed sunday and take good care of YOU today, then next week will be like a dream, I´m sure.
    Biiiiiig warm cyberhugs.

  9. Hey Krista. I agree we mother's do take on too much and still expect to enthuse over everything. It won't happen :( I was pretty chuffed with myself the other day as I actually said no to a big order. I have too much on and hate crafting when I feel pressured. I don't like what I make and it gives me a bad head. I am getting my second cold of the year and feel like I want to blitz the house. Hopefully over the next few days I can finish my craft "to do list" and crack on with some house stuff. I always feel clearer when the house is sorted. It free's up head space. Maybe you could try it. Good luck with Mr mojo. Say "Hi" when you see him, Lou x

  10. It's like you can read my mind, Krista! I recently stepped down from one of my design teams for this very reason! I was feeling beyond burnt out from all my responsibilities (crafty and otherwise) and this has given me some much needed time! Time to spend with my son. Time to read. Time to enjoy a movie. Time to create because I want to rather than have to. My mojo may take a brief hiatus every now and again but it always comes back. You are a talented artist. A devoted wife and mother. And one all around fabulous gal. I've no doubt your mojo is never far! Thanks for sharing another fantastic post with us! I absolutely love reading your blog! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, doll!

  11. PS LOVE your SMASH pages! That is one of the things I'm hoping to do with some of my new found time! :-)

  12. I can really relate to your words and I'm sure many people, especially een, do too.
    Hope you're all feeling better soon. x

  13. Love your honesty - especially around point #4 - I have been challenged on that recently too! Ouch :-)

  14. I am unable to say anything that hasn't already been said. Your creations are beautiful, you are beautiful and you give so much inspiration to all of us. Blessings and stay well.....Jan

  15. Having a crafting wobble at the moment !!! Thinking am I good enough has knocked my mojo ... I will bounce around blogs and facebook to get some inspiration but I think we all feel at times .... I did think it was funny when Phil found ur pots lol and st Patrick day is just around the corner your tree is green ??? You wont need to decorate much hehe Erin xxx

  16. This speaks to my 'life Mojo' as well as my creative Mojo at the moment and was so good to hear right now- *thank you* Krista!! :) <3 hugs to you, hope you're getting the rest you need... I'm off back to bed!! :) Rachel xx

  17. I've had a lazy lie in so far today. I woke up, read the news, read your blog and thought "THAT'S ME!". I've had a couple of bouts of illness since Christmas, mojo has been floating around my ether since then, but I've just grabbed it and sat colouring in a couple of your stamps, with my little girl cuddled up next to me. I have decided I spend far to much time looking at other peoples' work, comparing it to mine, thinking I'm just not good enough. Well, you know what? I am GOOD! I'm going to embrace Mr Mojo while I've got him and think better of what I do. I am so grateful that you are willing to share your life with us....you are a true inspiration. I may even go and attempt a bit of SMASHING today, just because Mr Mojo is saying that's what I should do! THANK YOU Krista! Love ya! XXX

  18. like it ;)
    so true
    love Fenneke

  19. Ah, sweet Mojo. He is a sneaky one, isn't he? All in your face one minute, then nowhere to be found the next few days. And then *wham* - he pops into your head as you're on a date with your husband watching Zero Dark Thirty. Just because you saw some beautiful color combo in a preview, and want to go home and try it out on a card. ;) I think your Mojo is just beautiful as it is - if you forced drawing your images, I think your loyal fans would see right through it. I love that you took a break, you had a rough February with the yuckies. :( Oh, and as long as that "Krista" Tree is fake? I don't think there's a rush to take it down, I can't wait to see it decorated for Easter.

  20. I read your post and thought yep I know exactly what you mean, but I have learned that it's okay to take a break cos your friends and family are more important and crafting will always be there just like housework. Take care hope you all are feeling better soon.

  21. Just what i needed to read today. Thanks for the beautiful words of wisdom that we all know but somehow forget to apply to ourselves. Reading your blog always makes me feel the journey of life is worth the trials and tribulations. God bless.

  22. Mojo comes and goes and I gave up looking for it.if it doesn't work it doesn't and I find something else to do...after a break all is fine (most of the time_)so Krista.......see you with no doubt something STUNNING again!!! xx Irene

  23. This is such an interesting blog post that I think most people can relate to!xx

  24. Well said.. holy ranting woman!! lol... I can't imaging making a 'work' of my creative side... because the 'expectation/deadline/demand' is what saps my Mojo completely! So good for you for doing that day in day out!!
    You're a champ ~ one that deserves a healthy break from it too. You should illustrate Mr.Mojo so we all know him when we see him, and can tackle him!
    needle and nest

  25. Hey lovely - I think you covered it all, summed up what we all go through I guess. But know this, when my 'mojo' goes I come straight to you - your blog, your images, because I always find inspiration. Sometimes it's in what you have written, not always creative but sometimes when you write about God & your faith that inspires me. Or sometimes I open up my huge collection of Saturated Canary images and I look through and there will be one I hadn't used for a while, one that seems to jump off the page more than the others for whatever reason. It may not be related to anything I need to make but by colouring it in, just spending time getting lost in the colour, in the details I find my way again. I think I always come here, to you because you write & say what we all think, as mums, as crafter's you get it. Perhaps that's why today, yours is the first blog I read, how very apt, because I'm feeling a little lost after a rubbish week health wise, but it's okay, it's normal. So now I'm smiling and ready to look at my to-do-list and make a start! So thank you. Take care, much love Zo xx

  26. I appreciate that you take the time to share your talent of finding words -and images- to express yourself. Mojo is never lost, but life is about balance and taking time to appreciate/enjoy what is happening right now (family, God, or an Easter tree). Take care of yourself and take more time to enjoy your wonderful family; Mojo will be back when the time is right.

  27. Oh I don't think your went anywhere .... your pages are just gorgeous. Sunny hug! Mojca

  28. Cute pages. I sometimes lose my mojo, but have had it lately. It sounds like you have a lot going on.

  29. That darn mojo is a fickle guy. I wish he'd stay around for me. But I've noticed when he is lost, he can be found with a different creative talent-painting, dancing, crocheting...

  30. Wise words indeed. Apologies for laughing over Phil finding your pots & pans - I just couldn't help it.
    Hope you feel better very soon all of you.
    Much love from me
    Paula (PEP)

  31. Thanks for sharing this. I've been missing my mojo for a while. I think we all just need to take some time and relax and take a break.

    I just love your pages.

  32. Hi Krista, thank u 4 such a lovely post, think we all have that lost mojo feeling from time to time, I do love blogging. It is difficult sometimes to just get the joy from it & for it not to turn into a pressure. It should def just fit around life & not the other way round, I am always more creative when I can just play as soon as I "have to make something" it doesn't happen 4 me. Always inspired by your inspirational words & art! Hugs Juls

  33. Two little words.... thank you!
    Somehow you always have the ability to write about things in a way that touch many people in different ways, but always seem to relate directly to me~~
    Teri (who is mojo-less at the moment, so off to read a book!!)

  34. Thank you so much for sharing with me. It is so good to know that I am not alone when I loose my mojo, it does happen to others!

    Hope you and your family have a great day!


  35. I couldn't agree more! When I'm tired, burned out from work and school, or just not feeling into blogging and creating, it's so easy to feel doubt and to feel that lack of motivation and passion. But then the next day after some chill times with friends or some coffee or some other kind of inspiration, I get my mojo back & I know that this is what I truly love to do, or else I wouldn't have been doing it for this long without any sort of material compensation. Keep on keepin' on, friend!

  36. True that! Life has to be about life first and everything else will follow. I too am guilty of lamenting the lost mojo from time to time. Sometimes a break is what is required. Other times, when I am just feeling a bit down or off in "la la land", getting in my craft room is just what I need for a pick me up.
    Thanks for sharing, I love it when people feel free to just be "real". :)
    Shanna :)

  37. Is your Mojo "loose", or did you "lose" it? It's winter (at least up where you are), and it's March, and I'm sure you've had more than enough of the darkness and the cold. You need sunshine, a bit of Vit-D, some warmth to make you smile, and an elf or two to get that tree out of your house when you are out one day (I sure hope it is not a real tree or you are really asking for a fire.) If I were giving you advice, I would say go to a good movie with Phil, or read a good book (suggestion: Proof of Heaven, or Me Before You). Those two things let you escape from reality for a while--always nice. If you can, hire someone to give your house a good spring cleaning--that always used to make me feel great (at the moment we are maid-less, so sad). Once your space is clean (mind and surroundings), you will be amazed at how your attitude changes. Sweep out the physical and emotional clutter that is suppressing your mojo. And for a week or two, put up a "Temporary Out of Service" message on your blog. Your fans will understand--we all need to regroup now and then. And we love you, and will wait for you to return when you are ready... hugs

  38. Krista, Thank you for reminding me that it is okay to walk away from my craft room for a moment. My babies are all grown and my hubby works long hours so I have plenty of time to create. I look forward to my play time but lately I have no MOJO and find myself blog hopping and hoping to come across my mojo tucked away some place. I will enjoy this time and will look forward to my mojo coming back in full force... :-)

  39. So I'm not the only one!! Well said and funny!!

  40. How do you always say just the right thing?

  41. Oh Krista, this is such an awesome post (and long, it must have taken much time to write! :)). I think I will have to bookmark this post and read it each time Mr. Mojo has gone for "a long walk" :)) I couldn't agree more with what you've written here! I often struggle with nr.4 and don't like it either :( I like how you write about it! Girl, how do you do it to say things in the right way?
    It' totally OK to take a break, take care of yourself and your family without being guilty, especially when you are tired and have been so poorly lately! OMG, pneumonia? That sounds scary! I really hope you are all on the mend now!!!!
    And BTW, I love your smash pages, especially the last one is funny! And I'm looking foward to see a photo of your Christmas/Valentine tree turned into St.Patrick or Easter one (or both :)!! Such a fun idea!
    Big hugs,
    Silvie xx

  42. I really needed to hear your message today. Thank-you so much for posting this.

  43. Krista what can i tell yah ,my mojo has gone walk about and i know why .I'm tired very tired .He and i always think of him as he funny that .well he is a capricous character just when you think he is back he is off again.It sounds to me as if you are run down and to rest or holiday.I love all you make you are so talented .To all please forgive any spelling mistakes i have fibro fog byeee .xx

  44. Fabulous post Krista and I think the way you look at mo jo and it's loss is spot on. I love to create it helps me deal with RA and back pain.
    I get very frustrated because crafting/colouring/creating is where I like to go when the pain is bad cos it helps me to cope/deal with it.
    I've noticed, recently, that isn't working for me so well. My wonderful hubby figured it out - illness, exhaustion and trying too hard - that is when my mo jo goes walkabout.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and clarifying this even more for me. Hey I love the idea of an Easter tree or a 4th July tree or even a Halloween tree - don't sweat it - relax and go with the flow!
    We are always our biggest critics and harder on ourselves more than anyone else is or ever will be. Big hugs and huge kudos for sharing your talent, your dreams, your insecurities with us Karen x

  45. Krista, what a great post, I really enjoyed reading it, right down to the end! ;) I echo your own thoughts - inspiration, mojo, it's always there, it just needs a rest every once in a while!! It's like the fallow field, it needs to rest for the nutrients and fertility to replenish. We're like that too, especially creative souls! A little down time can go a long way to replenishing our mojo, no doubt about it. So snuggle the kids with a movie, hang with your hubby, heal from the bugs. Don't give it a second thought! Your creative streak will rush back when the fallow field is rested and fertile again. Mwah, Wends xxx

  46. Great post Krista! Thanks :)

  47. Glad to hear your message that even really creative types have spells where life just happens. Seem like there are times were a lot gets accomplished and other days you can force yourself to get anything done. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Beautiful post Krista, and so relatable. I am in the midst of a design team break for that very reason. I just wanted some time to rediscover creativity for fun without deadlines. I will start up again this summer, hopefully with renewed vigor.

    I appreciate that you create what you love, because we are then naturally drawn to what you create. Your designs are my favorite now and I think you have a brilliant career ahead of you. Your talent is limitless. So take some time to regroup and know we will be here when you get back!

    Hugs and love,

  49. I just wanted to say thanks for the new beautiful Easter dress image. I love her. She is so cute. You still have your mojo. Now I'll need to dig mine out.

  50. PREACH!! hehe.

    I don't think you'll ever lose your writing mojo. Love how real you keep it.

    Currently: smashing everyday. Or at least 5x a week. In a rush to finish last summer's album and start on 2013. I have liked the mojo fluidity, but have crafted so much that it almost feels like a job. Somewhere in your blog you called me out. I totally own up to it and appreciate you for hitting that chief. Validation. The need to please. To mass produce. I got caught up in that mess, not knowing it was unhealthy.

    The plan: I'm going on a craft diet. Only giving myself 4x a wk to create. (that's a huge diet for me, LOL!). Maybe the other days i'll spend organizing my craftroom. Or brushing my teeth an extra 4x a day just because... not a bad new habit. Maybe i'll even get around to finishing 50 Shades III.

    Thanks for such wise words. I always look forward to the long ones.

    Be blessed and feel better.

    P.S. i say leave the tree up and make it Yankee theme in August. lol

  51. Honey, I totally get where you're coming from and soe of the comments on here meant something too.. I've blogged your post, I hope you don't mind. It may just jee me up a little... xx

  52. Wonderful post. That Mr. Mojo can be a real stinker. My cure for the mojo-withdrawal shakes... go outside and take a walk.



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