I drink coffee every morning.  And almost every night.  
And sometimes I even sneak an afternoon cup in there:).
So, I'd love to share a cup with you...
(I like hot (green) tea too, so tea drinkers are not excluded!)

So grab a cup:)...
And we can pretend that we are girl-talking over yummy smelling cups of Jo:).

I'd tell you that we are so excited to be in the midst of spring.  It has been around 80 degrees here the last two days~ just perfect.  Makes my soul feel so refreshed just to be outside.

Philly and Niamh started spring sports, so we have something almost every night...which is fun.exciting.exhausting...There is just something about sitting on the bleachers watching kids play ball that is just plain, old awesome:).  

All the yellow flowers in our yard bloomed this week.  Talk about loving the sunshine:).

We are re-doing our front room.  Right now, it is scary.  I am pretty sure an animal has found its way in there and is throwing parties at night.  Anyways, it is getting a new wall, and Phil said I could chalkboard-paint it.  Wahoo!!!!!!!!  

I have been taking my runs outside; which for me, is not my thing.  I am the weirdo who LOVES a treadmill.  But I've wanted to spend the running time just quiet (no music) and with God.  Thinking about beautiful things like the sun and warmth and nature sounds.  And I kinda like the crunch of the dirt beneath each footstep:).  Sorry treadmill, earphones, and Flo Rida...I'm digging this solo running thing:).

I'd tell you that Phil and I are reading a book called The Hole in Our Gospel.  It was sort of a by-accident-thing.  We signed up for a Bible study on Wednesday nights...peeked through the door and noticed that everyone in the room was, um, well...older:).  So, we snuck into a different study (so we could meet people our own age because we are still fairly new to this church).  We ended up with this book in our hands.  God has a funny way of steering you in the exact direction you need to move sometimes:).  I am so excited to know that God is preparing our hearts for whatever He calls us to in the future.  

On that note, I have just been feeling like God wants me to focus more on my impact for Him.  He has blessed me richly this year in meeting so many awesome people through blogging and crafting...but I definitely want to stay open to his calling and possible ministry.  This blog is my favorite part of what I do:), so I'd like to re-focus it and maybe even move it gently in a new direction.  (I'll still share artwork and the occasional freebie, promise:).  Change is good, and new dreams are totally motivating:)...

So, what is going on special in your life?  Any new opportunities, dreams, goals??
Are you enjoying spring weather??
Do tell!  I am off for an outside run;), but can't wait to read about you when I get home!

Huge hugs to you all<3.
Thanks for the coffee talk:).

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  1. Ahhh yes... the hectic life of kids in sports.. AND music!! I am gone every night this week with either soccer practice, drum lessons, piano lessons, clarinet lessons, sax lessons AND trumpet lesson!! Two kids... like you... one boy, in high school and one girl in final year of elementary! That doesn't even begin to count the two mid-day runs to therapy my husband has since his accident! Nor the extra doctor trips and such for him as well and it's been this way since end of January. But... we are one blessed and happy family and as is with this crafting thing... I have been neglecting my blog. ONLY to have time alone.. quiet time... around 11:30 PM when EVERYONE has FINALLY gone to bed and I can think and ponder a few things myself. I've decided it might not be so important to blog EVERY SINGLE day and that my work in the crafting world is still seen and appreciated and I can still focus on family and the things God wants me to do as well. So onward and upward into Spring/Summer and being all we can for those more important things in life. AND... I've also decided it might be a good time for me to learn/start meditating!!! Hoping to grab one more small piece of time to focus and pray and thank God for all we have and all he allows us in our lives. (P.S. When hubby can walk again, we too shall start walking AGAIN outside!) Enjoy your journey! :-) *HUGS*

  2. Hi Krista - I don't drink tea or coffee so I've made mine a Hot Chocolate. You have some gorgeous photos there. I know in the first one we are probably meant to be looking at the shoes - but those trousers are fantastic - I love the pink. I'm not a pink person but that pink is eye-catching and inspiring. As a swim teacher, it was good to see the photos of your children in the pool. They look to be enjoying themselves. I live in a country (NZ) where we are surrounded by water yet there are alot of children and adults who can't swim and don't do anything about it - so sad. I'm not a running person at all - my limits to being outside stretch to a nice gentle walk! At the moment, we are heading into autumn so instead of the bright colours and the warmer temperatures, we have cooler mornings and evenings but the silver cloud is some beautiful autumn colours. I just love the richness of the colours in autumn. Hope you enjoyed your run and don't mind my ramblings! Hugs from NZ - Suze

  3. Solo running is the best. I'm to clumsy to do it on a treadmill. I cannot wait until I am healthy enough to resume it. I still have my talks with God to clear my head but there's just something different about doing it outdoors while running. I'm looking forward to a relaxing vacation somewhere with absolutely nothing planned ahead..maybe some coloring. I had forgotten how relaxing it can be.

  4. LOVE this. I am hearing that calling as well and have made LOTS of changes recently. That picture of your book about stepping out in FAITH not in fear seriously impacted me because that is EXACTLY what I've been doing...and it's scary but I know my Lord is with me every single step of the way. Funny thing...the debbie downer that was taking up space in our lives...is slowly making her way out. ;) Love you!!! <3

  5. I love coffee, but love a cup of Red bush tea too! I'd be telling you that I agree with what you've said, about God finding a way to steer us. Recently I've taken the steps to adopt a companion dog, an older dog that is perfect for an elderly or ambulant disabled person like me, who needs some company, something good to focus on so I did it. I stop thinking about it and went and found out and signed up. I'm having to go through the process of home checks and meetings and of course meeting my new little man! A littler Terrier cross called Baxter! But I'm not listening to the negativity of others (mainly my dad who is not a dog person!), I can do this and I know Baxter will be loved, be one of our family and I will cope, because I do. Enjoy your week lovely. Take care Zo xx

  6. Yes changes are just nececary in our lives I guess and am glad that you are happy ... mine are not that great ... but you know what, you just got to take life as it comes ... hugs&smiles! Mojca

  7. Here in the part of the UK where I live we finally got some slightly warmer temperatures and a lovely sunny day (the weather folk have been predicting lots of rain - we got some yesturday). It was soooooooooo lovely to feel a bit warmer when outside and the sunshine always helps to lift spirits.

    Coffee is certainly my drink of choice and I've been enjoying the latest 'blend' available at Starbucks - I do wish we could get some of the flavours that you have in the USA. A pumpkin latte sounds yummy.

    Toni xx

  8. Spring is still in hiding here in the UK (it's freezing!) but the sun IS shining so that's a fine start. My goal is now to have a chalkboard wall!!! Time to have a little chat about decor with hubby :-)
    Big hugs
    Fiona xx

  9. I want the real deal, too! Krista, you are ever inspiring. God moves through you already with the joy, love and hope you bring others with your art, your words and your photos. I think it's awesome that you're in a Bible study with Phil, a couple that prays together, stays together! Hugs to you, enjoy your quiet run and don't worry about the treadmill, he/she will be waiting for you on rainy days!

  10. Fabulous pictures and wow they are growing up so fast make the most of them while they are young it is a time you can never get back

  11. Oh a girl after my own heart. Everyone thinks my husband and I are crazy because we drink coffee or tea at night. They wonder how we sleep at night. After cooking, cleaning, and running around after kids all day, I sleep just fine with or without caffeine! My oldest daughter is just a couple of weeks older than Niamh I think and she needs that "short" shirt. Most of the people in our families are on the tall side except my middle sister and my husbands sister and our oldest daughter. They are on the shorter size. My daughter hates it but she really liked the shirt. She says she wants one. Maybe for her birthday. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

  12. I always love coming and reading your 'coffee' posts. I often just happen to have a cuppa with me, just like today.

    How exciting chalk board paint! I painted my girls bedroom door with it and they love it. Once I get into the toy/play room, like when I can open the door as it's a tip at the moment, my plan is to do one whole wall with it. I just know they will love it, I think even the adults in the house might have a go.

    We are getting a storage cupboard built into our mini hallway part of the house, hard to explain haha. Used to be a loooong built in desk and I loved it, rarely used it. We have NO storage in this house, so I can not wait as it's going to be BIG and I will have places for things finally, or hide my mess, either ways haha!

    We are in Autumn over here in Australia, and are seeing some colder days than what we have had, I thought Summer would never leave and while I do love it, which is strange for me to say always hated it, I just wanted to be able to rug up a little, grab a blanket, snuggle and watch DVDs with the girls and not sweat and sit a mile away from each other.

    I am excited to see where you will be taking your blog! I have started to make little changes to mine, here and there. NOTHING huge just not all about craft all the time.

    We are also on school holidays here, last week this week. The girls have each been taking it in turns to go to work with hubby [self employed courier], and I have then been taking one girl to the bakery for morning tea. In fact my girls are getting ready as I type. Not the eldest one, no she sleeps till lunch, about the time we get home. It would be wonderful to have her come along, but I remember those teen days and the sleeps till lunch.... My dad used to come in with some toast and a cuppa close to lunch so I would wake to it, such a gorgeous man.

    I can't wait to read what you have been up to next!


  13. Oh sweet Krista, I can't wait to read more on your blog - all of your words are so genuine. :) Right now I am praying and prepping for a huge transitional summer. Our oldest is off to college, we are moving to SC to another base for my sweet husband to become an instructor, and our youngest will start Kindergarten in August. Phew. I am either going to be in a corner crying, or doing cartwheels after being a stay at home mommy for 18 years. I am excited for all the He has in store for us! Hope your run was wonderful! (btw, that is one thing I want to rekindle once my little birdies fly off to school in the morning.)

  14. Well the weather here in Texas hasn't been all that great with the cold and rain but I'm enjoying a wonderful cup of tea with honey. My allergies have gone hay-wire today so I'd thought I'd stop by your blog for a quick smile. And once my little one goes to sleep I hope to get some stamping and coloring in. Have a wonderful day!!

  15. Ok so this. Just when I was hoping for some 'Krista time' you went and did my favourite series - where, yes, I do feel like we're catching up over java's! Love all those hilarious shirts you guys are sporting, and speaking of sporting - phew, exhausted by the sounds of those nights (but really, it makes me miss MY own nights of playing baseball in the past).
    Now, you beauty. You honestly came to mind just last night - about someone who is clearly growing (and showing) their faith in their blogging. I'm sure there's a battle there.. with such a huge following - not wanting to share and *scare* off readers... (maybe)? But I want to applaud you and encourage you to follow God's heart on this decision, and blog what you're passionate about. always. We love you for it.
    muah muah!!
    needle and nest

  16. It looks like you guys have been having an amazing time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Another great coffee post, Krista.
    Right now, my gran is in hospital, so everything is up in the air, her dog is staying with us, so we have a full house. And i havent had much time to sit and craft, so i might try and get some time. I recently finished 2 smash pages and am on to my 3rd. It kind of gets addictive!

  18. lovely post krista. I love hot tea and the occasional coffee. Love the photos of your beautiful family. No spring weather here, it is so cold. School holidays have been a bit of a wash out I'm afraid and we never got our planned trip away in the caravan. Four days left before we go back to the work/school routine. Hope your run was invigorating, perhaps I ought to try it x

  19. What fun to read your blog and see all your wonderful pictures .I just wanted to thank you again for that wonderful book that i won ,im loving it and see the truth on every page .God is Great and He loves me and He loves you and all the you's in the world how fantastic is that.Glad you are enjoying your new group ,have fun xx

  20. Well, my friend, what would I tell you? I lurve my coffee, as you know, morning noon & night!! we have had 2 sunny days that are still cold but not snowing! LOL....yet.......apparently we are supposed to get another day of snow today in the U.K I've had tans this time of year normally! we seemed to have gone from 2 weeks of summer last year straight into winter, bypassed Autumn, which is my favourite month, I love the cooler weather and the colours the season brings! now we're struggling, kicking & screaming to get into spring!
    I can't run or walk far but I can appreciate what God has done and is doing everyday when I hear the birds sing in my garden, the sun through the window on my face, the droplets of rain hitting my windows and the gentle white flakes mounting up on my trees.......I love the fact that I can breathe freely, can smile happy, and can cry soulfully and all this because, besides my disabilities(skeletal) I am alive! I may be in pain many days, but God gave me hands to craft with and a mind to ignore my pain when my hands are busy! Hugs my friend and I hope you continue to enjoy your running outside whilst the weather is kind to you xxx Love always, V

  21. I Love your daughter's shirt! My Bro says I'm short all the time and my response is the very awesome "I'm not short I'm fun sized!!" I so need one of those shirts :) Take care!

  22. Krista, love reading your blog! Must be nice to have 80 degree weather, I am in Ontario Canada and right now it is freezing Rain outside and we are expected to get 5cm of ice and possible 5-10 cm of snow through this evening =(

    My hubs and I are renovating our Kitchen (almost done yeah!) and I am sooo in love with it and can not wait to cook in it and experiment on recipes! I will have pics on my blog in the coming weeks (once it is 100% done (and as soon as my hubs finishes the wine rack a told him i NEEDED in the kitchen LOL). Good luck with your reno, I always find them so stressful as the house gets in such disaray and you have no control over it LOL.

    Hugs from Canada;

  23. Hi Krista,

    I just love your coffee posts. I love when you share your photos and I even love to read the comments left for you. You've touched so many lives. I love that you truly believe in who you are and you're not afraid to try something new. It's funny, I got home from work, grabbed a coffee (love my Tassimo) and sat down to check my blogs I love to read and low and behold, you had your Coffee post. Perfect timing, a way to wind down.

    We're waiting for a winter storm to hit here. Kid's got a 'free' snow day because it was to hit earlier. I'm enjoying the day listening to them giggle and laugh and dance. My daughter and her friend are 12 & 13 and love to make music videos. They dance and be silly and use their amazing imaginations. I love that. My son has been dating his gf for 7 mths now and she's a sweet girl and has brought him out of his shell - if you knew him, you'd know that's HUGE and it makes me smile. As for opportunities - I decided to go back to work, just PT and an ad came up for a PT secretary at the church my in-laws attend. I applied and I've been there since Jan 21. A lot of opportunities have opened up for me and I am told every day how well I'm doing. Just something that makes me feel so good. I'm helping others and in a sense, they're helping me to.

    I hope you enjoyed your run, it's something I need to do..we live right by the lake, so it would be nice to even just grab my camera, walk and enjoy the quiet, nature .. enjoy what's right outside my front door.

  24. Love to see the pics of the kids- that time passes SOOOO quickly....! I love the fond memories of the kids playing sports- baseball/softball, lots of soccer, Lacrosse, Cross Country and track.....college visits next..... It whirls by and before you know it, you are looking at the kids thinking- they are such awesome people! I am getting ready to go o China to visit my daughter- she is teaching English there : ) There are not too many jobs here, so she thought she would go on an adventure! We will take her twin brother-little sis is in college and cannot go : ( We have not seen our daughter since last July 31st- I cannot wait. I love that you are finding your Bible study enjoyable- and it is so nice your hubby will go with you : ) You are so blessed- beyond words- Thanks for sharing!!!

  25. Mmmm coffee, milk no sugar thanks xxx I love your coffee posts Krista! Love the pics of the kiddos and your gorgeous family hanging, living and loving life. You're inspiring hunny! Don't underestimate the influence you have in peoples lives through your blog. I love your art and I see Gods hand in that, but I love your heart too and the way you share through your blog.

    I'm hanging out big time for Monday to roll around. Our container with all our creature comforts has finally been cleared through New Zealand customs and MAF quarantine (they're really strict here as our lil' island is so protected and hasn't any major nasty critters). Funny thing is, I can live without the fancy dinnerset, mum's old chipped set is doing us fine, we're surviving with a cardboard box for a coffee table and deckchairs for lounge furniture, but I'm sooooooo hanging out to get my hands on my stash!!! All I wanna do when it all gets here is find the box with my images and pens and disappear for a few hours!

    I had planned to be so organised when we were leaving the UK and had a bunch of your lovely images printed ready to pack, along with my promarkers, then moving day came and the boys packed them before I'd even blinked an eye! (Along with a really important document for our car too!!) So I've had no craft tools since we left the UK. OMW I miss them!! I even ordered new pens I was so desperate, funny thing is, they haven't yet turned up and I'm likely to have my old ones before the new ones get here!

    My baby boy has just woken up, having fallen asleep on the ride home after a day out with Nanny and me. Oh how I love his sleepy face! So I need to go and snuggle him back to sleep now.

    Big hugs until our next coffee and chat, Wends xxxx



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