i heart that.

top, VS. skirt, Target. shoes, Blowfish.

I love spring.
And long skirts.
Olive and plum together.
I love unflavored coffee with just cream.
And flat shoes, even though they don't do anything for my un-skinny legs:).
I love the smell of cut grass.
And baseball on TV.
I like loose curls.
Stacked bracelets.
And humongous hoop earrings.
I love Coastal Living magazine; it is my favorite.  I hoard them.
I like to wake up the kids with "wakey. wakey. eggs and bacey."
And I love to give Philly his high fives in the morning at school.
I like to collect mugs.
And fruity-scented candles for the warm months.
I love to fall asleep tucked into Phil's arms on the couch.
I like Twizzlers. And animal prints. And little,white Christmas lights left up all year long.
I love Matthew 5:14.  It is my favorite verse.
And when Philly prays to Jesus; because it is sweet and friendly and genuine.
I love Niamh's messy hair and freckles.
And her new-found love of softball.  Dude, she can hit a ball.
I like to read blogs. 
Especially this one, this one, and this one. Because I learn a lot from these girls.
And I love longer days, hot evenings, and open windows...
And the beach.
Yeah, I could live in a tent on the beach forever:).

What would be on your list of loves and likes?
Just the first things that pop into your mind?...


  1. I love God, my family and my tiny little puppies. I like the wind outside my window and the sound of the rain on the road. I love that tomorrow my Bald Man and I will sneak away for coffee and CHAI tea together. Thanks for giving me a moment in the middle of cleaning the dinner mess to think of these things. Have a great weekend.

    1. I love Chai too. It's a tradition in my part of the world, part of evening snacks & hospitality. :)

      PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

  2. I Love Card-making and drooling over all the crafty goodness/goodies, My new kittie-cat Shyla, My little brother and my partner. Chocolate, Reading, Colouring your digtal stamps in ;)- PROMARKERS, :)

    Have a good weekend


  3. Love your pics Krista and i also love my family including my little Yorkshire terrier and my craft room!!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  4. Ohhh I love love love coffee, I just couldn't live without it. I love my boyfriend how really takes me as a am (and believe you me I can be real hard ass so bless him). I love lakes, because they are so pure and fresh.
    Thank you for inspire me to think about things I love Krista.

  5. I love photography! I try to take quality pics with a normal cam. I love my family, my home, I love all seasons, I love London, I love my guy, winter drizzles, summer thunderstorms, I love to be Thanksful to Lord Jesus for everything He has bestowed upon me. Have a great weekend! <3 <3 <3

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil life

  6. OOH, theres so much to put down. I love my crafting, i probibly couldnt live without my promarkers! To colour your great digis! I love my tv and dvds, glee, NCIS,new girl,arrow, Miranda,and loads more, i love chocolate;} i love my Kindle, filled with book samples and music, and the odd game,i love taking walks with my dog, and most importantly, i love my family, and my dog, Dig.

    Theres probibly loads more, but those are the basics.

  7. I love my baby girl when I try to get her to sleep with me and it doesn't happen because she's switching positions a million times and cooing contentedly and crawling all over me and I have to rescue her from the edge of the bed so I put her back in her crib and she doesn't cry because she's happy because she spent cuddle time with Mommy...<3

  8. ACK!! I love THIS.. love YOU.. love your SWEETNESS! Speaking of sweet, I love chocolate, chocolate, umm... oh, chocolate.
    Otherwise, coffee in the mornings, tea in the afternoon.. chai lattes for those special outings.
    Snuggles with the family, crafting, creating, hiking, doilies, turquoise... you know. ;o)
    Most of all, Jesus.

    needle and nest design

  9. I love sunny Florida days. I love Emma, Izzy, Shelby and Emma, especially at night when they are sleepy and cuddly. I love Nate, Stephanie, Isaiah and Owen, to see them advance in their abilities and strengths and intelligence. I love caramels, red licorice, Dots, and most sticky candies. I love good movies and good books. I love my adopted German family, and my adopted Italian family. I love days without pain, and days full of energy. I love the smell of jasmine in the springtime, oranges in the winter, and grass in the summer after it's been cut. I love the smell of clean bedding, and of my new Burberry Touch perfume I just received today for my b-day. I love blog-surfing and learning new things. I love Pinterest and Penzey's Spices. And I love, love House of Pizza in central MN!!! I also love showers and how clean and relaxed they make me feel. I love art, in so many forms. And I love to travel and learn about new cultures and languages...

  10. Hi well you did ask lol.
    I love the sound of children's voices in gardens down my street on hot sunny days when you know there is water involved.
    I like it when people smile but I love it when they laugh out loud.
    I love rain when it trickles down my window pane and I'm snuggled up .
    I love and need corporate worship with abandon just singing and worshiping our Lord Jesus.
    I love my Beloved's face when he comes home from work and smiles at me .
    I love when people are kind to each other
    I love kittens and puppies when they rush around and then just drop and fall right asleep
    I love my daughters baby bump and that she lets me stroke it and talk to it and its not long now.
    I love in Europe when you sit in the squares and the elderly gather to talk and have coffee

  11. Your hair looks so pretty here. Tara is starting T-ball next Saturday.
    I love warm Summer days & when it gets dark later.
    I love alone time to scrapbook/smashbook & be creative.
    I love painting my nails.
    I love when my 15 & 1/2 year old cat sleeps on my lap.

  12. Hi Krista! Well, don't you look pretty!

    I love my coffee in the morning, the smell of rain and the giggles of my kids. I love to hear my kids have a conversation now and actually tend to stop and listen to what they're saying (they're almost 17 and 13). I love coming home to my pups - now there's an unconditional love - and I love when I open my eyes and look at my phone, there's a "Good morning my love" text from my husband. I love who I've become and the family around me, I love that I've been lucky to be home and raise my kids - that's not something I take lightly as I know there's many that aren't able to do that. Thank you for making me actually take a moment from my busy day to reflect. Hugs!

  13. I love the black and white effects on these photos!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. I love my family, sunshine, crafting,reading blogposts,and a lot more, and I love coloring (your) digi's :-)

  15. I love my family... RAIN... yes rain... because I feel it cleanses the soul, the earth and everything it hits!!! I love umbrella's... obviously... and LOTS and LOTS of color on EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE!!!

  16. I hope one day to be added to the list of bloggers you love and learn from . :-) Oh, and I love all Romans 12. <3 xoxo

  17. I Love coffee, jeans that fit just right... I love cool breezes and the smell of the ocean... I love babies, love to snuggle them and their sweet baby smell (most of the time), I love my dogs and their excitement to see me after work =) ... I love my Chritian friends and their words of encouragement... I love my home, especially when it's clean ;-) ... I love my kids and the adults they have grown up to be, I love my daughter in law who loves my son so much AND I love my soon to be son in law and the way he adores my daughter... I love my husband (34 years later =-) and... I love our family Beach House and all the memories it holds...

    Thank you Krista, you Blessed my heart today <3



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