Beachy Girls.

digis here and here

I think this weekend is the official start to beach season.
My favorite time of year.
I could spend every moment on the sand and be content.
All I need is a pair of flip-flops, some coconut-flavored lotion, and a shovel. 
I'm one of those weird people who spend hours digging amazing holes for my kids. 
The kind that fill with water from the bottom because they are so deep.
And my back hurts for three days after.
But they are ridiculously fun:).

This is my crafty evidence for the weekend. 
A beachy card.
Just in the mood for everything ocean right now:).

I love to pair stamps.
Do you?...
What are the last two Saturated Canary stamps you paired together?  
Feel free to show me by tagging your Instagram photos with #saturatedcanary!!
You can also follow me @kristacanary
Sometimes I post crafty things.
Most of the time I post life stuff:)...
And I like to take photos of my morning coffee.
That's weird. 
But coffee pics make me happy when I look through my camera roll:).

So, come along, follow, and post your projects!
Lets get a ton of SC Instagrams up for some coloring and crafty inspiration!
(And join in the occasional Instagram giveaway;)

Have a lovely end to your Sunday, friends!


  1. This card is amazing!! Love it!

  2. sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute..love these girls!!

  3. wow...this is stunning!!


  4. I love all the sparklyness of this card. Lucky you with beach weather - we are winter woolies weather! Still, the sun is shining today so can't complain.

  5. Gorgeous card, no beach days here unfortunately, it's jeans and boots weather lol.

  6. Can't do Instagram --- Old basic phone.

  7. Krista, this is amazing!!! Love the the texture the burlap adds! Gorgeous coloring and absolutely beautiful details! The glitter sand clinging to these lovely beachy gals in the middle photo is a fantastic finishing touch!

  8. Oooh Krista! This is gorgeous! Loving the burlap, fab texture!
    Lovin that new image too, must toddle of to the shop and spend some pennies I think!
    Kat xx

  9. super cute card, the details are amazing!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  10. Adorable card! Love it!


  11. WOW this is absolutely beautiful! You blended your gorgeous images together stunningly! Love the glittery beachy embellishments! Great job, you are super talented!!
    Big Hugs,
    xx Tracey xx

  12. Oh what a super card - sun, sea and sand - it brings everything about the beach to mind (just wish the weather here in the UK would improve a bit - we have been getting plenty of sun the last few days but it is still rather chilly considering we are almost to June).

    Toni xx

  13. Absolut gorgeous creation here Krista, and these two are just a perfect match too, and fits sooo well for this particular picture. I love it.

  14. "WOW" Totally stunning images and fabulous colouring your card is so beautiful hope the weather stays lovely from now on xx

  15. Wow..., Krista your card is AMAZING !!! These two beauties are wonderful together and I love your coloring and the embellis - just PERFECT !!!
    Lot's of hugs,

  16. Love the girls and the card. I want beach days here too, we are having rainy and cold days now.

  17. Your stamp designs are so cute! And you're not the only one that likes to photograph their coffee, my instagram feed is testament to that ;)

  18. What a gorgeous card. I never tried to pair images. will do try. hugs! Mojca

  19. Love those beachy girls Krista! Gorgeous card!! Love the sea-star die, fab!! Winter is looming here in New Zealand, so I don't feel very beachy at all! But I can't complain, because we had a rockin' summer! Big hugs my lovely Instagram snapping mama friend xxx

  20. Fantastic card! Love the sea-stars and textures. The images are colored so life-like - love love love the girls.

  21. Awesome card. I love the new beachy girl. Her hair is terrific.

    Krista, I know that you sometimes do images for special events. I live in Moore Oklahoma where the tornado just hit. It has been a whirlwind event.

    My house was spared, but my daughter's was not. She has been so brave through everything and I thought it was be really nice if you could make an image for her. She is a nurse and was in scrubs, so maybe a nurse in a whirly frenzy.

    Her son was in the rubble of Plaza Towers school. He is safe, but has minor injuries. Her other 2 children were in a Day Care that is now gone. I had picked them up about 10 minutes before it.

    I just want to see her smile and I think an image of her by you would be so fun.

    Please keep my family and community in your prayers.

    Thank you, Mari

  22. Gorgeous card and love all the details,I am afraid we do not get much sunshine here to hang out at the beach but it would be lovely.
    Louise xx

  23. Gorgeous Krista!

    I have emailed you a few times Krista for TTT & ABC Christmas challenges can you have a peek and see if they have come through or I can resend them thanks hunny x

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. This card is just wonderful!!! Love the coloring and the fun embellishments.

  26. Hermosa su tarjeta y me encantan sus Digis....

  27. Hey krista. I loveeee your coloring!! I was wondering what colors you used on their hair?? I have been coloring up a storm. If you want to have a look my utube ia turtle619813. Hugsssss. Kim



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