I think Christianity looks really weird to the outside world sometimes.  
Most of the time, it is probably a perception that is dead-on.  
That is because many people/churches either come across as over-the-top circus shows...
Or, even worse, super-duper-uber religious.  

Jesus isn't there.
He isn't a weird guy.

He is loving and compassionate-- but if "loving and compassionate" is where your understanding of Jesus starts and ends, then oh, are you missing out.  That is a very watered-down version of the most amazing person that ever walked the earth.

My King is beautiful and good and extravagantly generous.
He is playful and funny.
He is purposeful and true. 

I have been a christian since I was like 6. 
I spent most of that "christian life" either trying to behave perfectly~ earn my place under Christ... Or, I just pushed him away in my failure.  Because a person will quickly understand that they cannot earn their place in God's kingdom.  That, my friend, is a holy and gracious gift.  It was a back and forth struggle.  Earn. Fail. Push him away.  My understanding of Christ was highly religious.  I thought he loved me because he had to.  He stuck his foot in his mouth 2000 years ago and said he loved all his children~ so BABAM. I'm included. By default.  But, if he had a choice, he would ditch this screw-up.  

But this year, I met my Lord. 

The problem for me was that I had spent my *whole life* in church and a christian school~ so I already knew all the stories.  I knew theology and doctrine.  I thought I had Christ pegged.  But I was so far off, it was like meeting Jesus for the first time when I realized who he really is.  

He comes into my day.
Loves me graciously. 
Those "weird" stories of Jesus in the Bible took on a new life when I understood them in the context of a funny, playful, generous, true friend who came to restore humanity.  He saved my heart all over again.  Except this time, I feel excited to walk with him instead of hesitant to believe in his love. 

And because I'm a parent, not only am I learning in my own walk with Christ, but I am simultaneously teaching my kids the same things... You do not get down time there:).  We try and show Jesus to our kids every day.  Make him real to them, because he is.  He is in our living room at night watching the Yankees with us.  He is in our car in the mornings when we say a prayer of protection for the school day.  He is outside with us, running in the sunshine or reading a book on a blanket.  In my own small steps this year, I am trying my best to give that new knowledge to Niamh and Philly... but, my natural tendency is to worry that I am coming up short.  Focus a little more than I should on my sinful failures. Allow the enemy to condemn me over and over in my heart...so I am feeling unworthy of Jesus' friendship all over again.  I worry that my kids will grow up keeping Christ at arms length.  

Jesus knows when I need a little encouragement.
He is a sweet friend.
And knows well how to get my attention. 

Niamh's class had a bunch of caterpillars-turned-butterflies this spring.  They all had one and named it (Niamh named hers 'Bobby Salami':).  But, when they all hatched out of their cocoons, there was no way to tell whose butterfly was whose.  They did a class activity outside recently, where they each let one butterfly go... Niamh came home that day and was so excited to tell us about letting 20+ butterflies go on the playground.  

And she added at the end, "Jesus told me that we each got to let our own butterfly go."  
I was like whhhhhhaaaaaattttt?  
She said, "Not like he talked into a mic or something~ like 'testing, testing, 1,2,3...' but he let me know." 

Jesus is alive in our house.
And in our hearts. 
He is invited into our every moment.
Even on the playground.
Which is pretty darn awesome to say the least.

Niamh's dress and Philly's pants (my favorite pair of pants on him right now) are from Joules.  It is a Great Britain-based clothing company that celebrates the colorful life of the countryside.--->Hello.  I want to work for them. What a wonderful source of inspiration!!<---They do ship to the US. I am grabbing another piece or two (decisions, decisions;).  Kids clothes don't come any cuter. Like their Facebook here. OR follow their gorgeous photos on Instagram @joulesclothing.  
Also, do a little shopping:).   


  1. Krista, thank you for sharing your heart. I have had the same problem thinking I'm not good enough. And you know what, we're not. If we were, then Jesus would not have had to die for us. He took our sin on himself so we could enjoy eternal life. He has given you a special talent and thank you for sharing with us.

    I love your art but most of all I'm so happy you know my Saviour. If you ever have a design team I would be honored to serve on it.

    Peggy T.

  2. Krista, you are so right on. I love it, You know my Lord, loving, compassionate, merciful and gracious, loving to laugh, loving to spoil us , loving to be with us and He paid it all, we do not have to do a thing to earn it , just love Him and enjoy being with Him. We get the best of the deal (Covenant that He fulfilled both sides because He knew we couldn't) What a joy this note is. One day we will walk into the arms of our Savior and be so blessed because He made it all possible to be one with HIm. I am proud of the way you are raising your children and the pictures are awesome. thank you for sharing with us. Blessings, Sweetie. Hugs, Cathy K

  3. How wonderful that you are taking your baby steps with Jesus and just like an earthly father He allows us to make mistakes and stumble - never be afraid to take His hand when the going gets rough. Remember that a relationship is two-way action - open your heart to it.
    thanks for sharing your intimate thoughts with us - you certainly are graced with His love in your beautiful talent.
    Jen Leeflang
    South Africa

  4. I'm glad you got to know true Jesus. It's so exciting to travel along Him on life's journey. I feel sad about many people who are stuck and don't know His true heart. By the way, I love your kids' clothes. Do you ever buy Boden? It's similar and there is a warehouse in PA that has clearance sales 70% off a few times year!

  5. I couldn't sleep last night worrying that I'm not a good enough mum, even though we'd all had a fab family day out. I guess I just felt guilty that we don't do family days often enough; my kiddies are happier with their friends now; and I have to accept that. I am lucky in that they both still give me spontaneous hugs; and I can still get surprise attacks from their secret stash of water pistols. I am not a Christian, I am more of a science geek and the two don't mix well, yet I do still find comfort in my own secret friend in the sky and all around me, more like my own guardian angel I guess. Giving and finding love in the most curious places. Hope this makes some sort of sense? Big hugs, Fiona x

  6. LOVING IT , just a question , I've been following your blog for quite some time , I don't always comment but I do read all of them , am I suppose to get e-mail alerts each time you post something new I wish I would , my email is rosaaquino1@yahoo.com thanks bunches I appreciate any help given

  7. God Bless You! And your family too : )

  8. Such a lovely post its always a pleasure to view and see what amazing reads there are from you your amazing and your family photos are so lovely its nice that you share them with all of us bloggers xx

  9. Are you seeing this??! Those darlings are just too ridiculously adorable here? Eep - love them! But, I bet you see that too. So, are you seeing THIS ~ how beautifully transformed your heart (thereby, your outlook on life/your passions/your priorities) have all shifted into being a mirror that reflects Christ's beauty?! That is a wonder.full thing indeed. Thanks for sharing so vulnerably and sweetly the TRUE freedom that is found in seeing a Saviour *Incarnate*.. made flesh, in the nitty-gritty of every day life.
    Love you 'sis in Him'.
    needle and nest

  10. I love that you share your love of Christ and how genuine it is. God is amazing and blesses and takes care of us in so many ways. I think that my children have brought me even closer to him and for that I am so thankful.

  11. You rock my sweet sister in christ!

  12. This is beautiful sweetie thanks for sharing and wow do your kiddies just get bigger everyday and more stunning! Hugs Rebekah xx

  13. Beautiful post lovely. Your words always make sense to me and make Jesus more alive. I love the whole Butterfly story and I think your gorgeous kids look super cute in their outfits. Will definitely check out that store! Thanks, take care Zo xx

  14. Krista...I need to thank you. You, your family and your blog have made me see things that I thought were lost to me. Reading your blog (sorry I don't always comment) has helped lead me back to finding God and finding myself. I love that you are so open and in your face (in a good way) about your life, your beliefs and the way you raise your kids. SO I thank you for being you, the wonderful person you are! XOXO

    1. You totally made my heart just flood with joy <3...
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kim...

      I am sending you a huge hug today:):)...


  15. A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your life with the world!

  16. I hope I can raise a family like that when I'm older!



  17. U R Amazing in your reflection and how wonderfully you can communicate the true spirit of loving Jesus Christ...really loving Him. I was a little blue today, feeling lonely and missing my "Daddy" until I read your blog. It helps. If you ever feel like it doesn't...know that it does. May our Lord bless you and keep you always!

    1. thank you for those encouraging words, Lisa<3...

  18. your children are so cute I noticed that Nimah looks just like you and your son looks just like his father too cute.

  19. stunning pictures!! hugs Juls

  20. Whew! Just ordered the ice cream girl below and another...hopefully, PDT counts before the deadline to get the freebie? Thanks! Oh, and by the way, PHIL is pretty lucky too! Have a great day!

  21. Fantastic photos .Regarding Christians we are not all that sometimes ,we make mistakes but what i cant understand is, why if you change church some of the people wont speak to you ,now i know Jesus and he would never do that ,i have friends that needed to move on from church and we dont treat them like that ,we still have meals we still love being together .I hope that He can heal this world with all our help because he is a Mighty God and one who i am delighted to call my saviour .Krista out of the mouth of babes comes His real truths and yes Jesus is alive in my home too .

    Peggy you are totally good enough for Jesus all he asks is that we keep on trying ,that we love Him and above all we know He is the one who saved us .Please never think you are not good enough because you are a princess of The Royal Blood .I am always making mistakes but i always know that he forgives me and as long as i get back on His path thats cool ,i mean He does not want us to keep making same mistakes (i do sometimes )but He always always love us .xx

  22. I feel like I just read my own story!!!!! I love this and how you captured exactly how I feel...thank you so much and God Bless You....feel like I might just have a new super soul sister in Christ.....love Jesus and tattoos as well!!!! I think 'HE' would agree!!!!

  23. I love your daughter's style! It is so adorable. I am half Austrian and her hairstyle makes me strongly think about the Tyrol kids. I used to have this hairstyle to go to school- nostalgia when it gets to you!
    I hope to see new posts like this on your blog soon :)
    Ella- Modus Man



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