Challenge, Day Two.


Educate on something you know lots about or are good at.

I immediately thought of running.

I am not an elite runner, people.
And I'm not a trainer. 
So, this is my disclaimer:).  
This is what works for me.
Always consult a doctor before implementing/altering/changing a workout routine.

I run a lot. 
And I love it.  It is the only thing that really keeps my booty in shape. 
Everything else I've tried comes in second.  My body just responds the best to running.
It keeps me fit.  I can still catch my running kids. 
I am pretty sure I could outrun a hoard of zombies.  If that were ever necessary.

Here are a few tips.
Again, these are just little things I have found helpful in my running experience.

1. Get good running shoes.  
The first priority here should not be how "cute" they are.  That should be second or third:).  I always look for the lightest shoe I can find.  And I usually buy two or three pairs, in case Nike (my favorite brand) does something funky to them or changes the next 'release' into something I don't like as much.  So, I always have backups:).  I like Nike Free And Nike Lunar sneaks.

2.  If you want faster mile times, work on your times from the back of the run forward.
I always run 4 or more miles on a treadmill run and at least 3 miles if outside.  To work on 'faster runs'~ running the entire mileage faster~ I work on speed during the last half of my run.  If I am comfortably at 4 miles at speed 7.5mph, then I start running my last two miles at 7.7mph for a few days.  After I run this mileage/speed comfortably, I *BEGIN* my run at that speed~ 7.7mph for the first half.  Second half moves up to 7.8/8.0 mph.  Eventually, over the period of a month, I am easily running all my miles faster (I always warm up at 7.7mph with the first mile; my last three are 8+mph).  For my own body, this leans me out much much more than running 6 or 7 miles slowly

3.  “Think Easy, Light, Smooth, and Fast. You start with easy, because if that’s all you get, that’s not so bad. Then work on light. Make it effortless… When you’ve practiced that so long that you forget you’re practicing, you work on making it smooooooth. You won’t have to worry about the last one – you get those three, and you’ll be fast.”   This past fall I read Born to Run.  Awesome book.  This is what stuck with me from it.  Best running advice I ever received.  

4.  Try interval running here and there.
It is harder.  It actually sucks in every way.  But it will burn more fat.  It will lean you out a bit.  And it might not take as much jumping and yelling and stuffing and lunging to get into a pair of skinny jeans.  (That's just my own experience talking:)

5.  Run because you can.
Not everyone has two legs.  Not everyone has two legs that work.  Not everyone has even the basic, often unappreciated, blessing of health~ so what do I do with that thought?  I don't sit on the couch.  I get off my bum and appreciate my own abilities and blessings by sustaining my health and body.  Any other response would feel wrong.  

I completely understand that some people cannot run. Issues with knees, backs, asthma, etc.~ those circumstances make some exercises inappropriate and even dangerous.  But for those of you who have either thought of trying it out, run here and there, or even run lots~ maybe one or two of these 5 things are of interest or helpful.  I am not a professional or a doctor...but for me, they kinda work;).

What do you do for exercise? 
What is one tip you find works for you?  
I love reading about other people's workouts~ weird, but true!
So feel free to share and help me out, too:)!!



  1. Ok, I have to ask this question... do you wear a special bra when you run? One of the main reason's that I hate to run is that I hate my boobs bouncing around. It is very uncomfortable. I thought of wearing 2 sports bras even. It's not that I'm huge, I just don't like bouncing... PS. love your collections of shoes--the yellow ones and the green ones are my fav.

    1. My favorite sports bra is the Champion Power Sleek wire free sports bra! I HATE SPORTS BRAS but they are a necessary evil. :) I am a C cup and these are AMAZING! Shop on eBay or Amazon - best prices out there. :)

    2. You know, Debra, I never really give it much thought, lol. I buy my sports bras tight...I have bought cheap ones from Target and a really nice (expensive) one from Lulumon~ but don't really notice much of a difference TBH. They all do a good job, I guess, bc I never notice the girls out of control :P.

  2. I love that book, too! Unfortunately, I belong in one of those dumb groups that should not be running anymore (sure used to, though!). :( So I keep reading about it, instead.

  3. I love Nike Lunar running shoes!!! I'm also loving your rainbow of shoes. Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

  4. Aw lovely I so wish I could run. I used to, I used to do a lot but now as you know I can barely walk some days. I've tried to stay fit but it doesn't happen. But I love to read about others doing it so keep telling us and when you are out next time, run a little for me! Take care, sending you lots of healthy fast running thoughts!! Zo xx

  5. I know exactly what you mean: I just love to run!

    I've just started to train again after a long and cold winter here in Holland; my goal is to run 5 km (about 3 miles) which I hope to reach in 8 weeks. I always run outdoors; I love the fresh air etc.

    I use a MP3-program; a woman is talking to me and motivating me to keep on running with some smooth music on the background for 3 times a week.

    Can't wait to run again tonight! :)

  6. I applaud you (or throw you an orange juice from the sidelines!). Whenever I used to *attempt* running all I heard in my mind was "run Forest, run"! Then, it felt like my booty was going to up and slap me in the back of the head. My face turns red as a beet instantly. When I sweat, all I smell is bacon. Plus, my 'muffin top' waistline just makes me that much hungrier...
    .... so, I don't run. ;o)
    needle and nest

  7. I have always wished I was a runner. I have tried to get excited about it. Just haven't managed to fall in love with it. I do Zumba several times a week. I love it. I forget that I'm working out. The best part is... I got my husband addicted. He is the only man in our class. It doesn't bother him at all. He rocks it out! I love that it is something we can do together.

  8. great post. I started running...well jogging really. Fastest I have built up to is 6mph but I am working on it Thanks for the tips x

  9. This is such an interesting post! I'm not a huge fan of running, I prefer 'workout' type exercise instead, like classes or fitness dvds. I'm really interested in joining one of those live streamed ballet classes by Ballet Beautiful, because I was a dancer for years and miss it so much!


  10. So I can run but it is not my favorite workout activity! I find myself impatient for it to be over even though I am thrilled to be able to run. I have lost over 170 pounds and am back in the 100's weight wise for the first time since high school. I do Zumba, spinning, rowing and the arc or elliptical trainers plus strength training. Zumba is SO fun if you love to dance (I do!) and spinning is the fat burning most grueling hour of my workout routine that is SO hard but SO worth it! I am more fit than I have ever been in my life and I love every minute of it! :)

    1. That is SO awesome, Cathy!! Good job, girl! Keep up the great work, what an inspiring story!

  11. I find that walking (fast) 2/3 of the track and running a third, keeps me going. I like to run at the track so I don't have to worry so much about getting run over as we live on a windy and hilly country road. We, too, are experiencing some nice weather and I love being outside so much better than inside!

  12. Thank you for this! I am trying to break into running,

  13. Thank you for this post Krista! I am currently trying to tone up, just so I am happy with myself. I find that my downfall is food, I just love the naughty stuff! I have recently tried to get in to running, so far I can do 10 mins round the block with the dog :-( I am trying to slowly increase as I notice a difference in myself, even if I just do it twice a week. I find I am the type of person who will say right I've had enough, I'm going to start running or doing this workout 3 times a week then I just don't bother. I only have myself to blame though. What inspires me is hearing about how people first start out running as that's where I'm at right now!

  14. I'm a huge long distance runner and totally need to amp my pace and integrate more interval trainings into my work outs...I just get so comfortable pumping out a slow long work out. I'm totally motivated now though!



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