Date Night Twist.


Datelivery is fun.
They sent Phil and I a box this month to try.
I gotta say, it was a surprisingly good time!
We shoot for one date night a month.
We like to try new restaurants.
We golf. Go to the movies. 
We skydive. 
Just kidding, we don't do that.
We just like to hang out together. 
He is hot. 
And he is funny.
I'm always cold.
And I'm not very funny...
But somehow that works.

The "stay at home" date box...it made me a little nervous. 
I thought Phil might think it was silly...or not be 'into' it.  
But after I opened it up and explained what we were gonna do 
(make our own pizzas, drink a beer, play a game, and just chill together...in sweats)
he was SO INTO IT.
He couldn't wait till Friday...
And he confessed afterward that it was one of his very favorite dates. 
Holy cow. 
I can wear sweatpants on dates now? 
This is awesome. 

We had such a fun night. 
Kids were tucked into bed watching a movie...
And we were snacking on some amazing pizzas. 
Try pineapples, bacon bits, and pepperoni on your next homemade pizza. 
You might just die.  
Because it is so good.  
And also, because it might give you a heart attack.

Datelivery is just a cool, unique idea for date nights.
It is especially good for parents who have super little ones, no babysitting, or just can't think of anything new or fun to try...
The date night idea is packaged up and sent with the supplies right to your door step.
It just works. 
It is easy.
And there is no pressure.
Just the two of you.
Sort of:). 
Once in a while a little kid might bolt through on the way to the potty...
But it's all good.

If you'd like to give it a try, use code "CANARY" to receive 25% off June's date night box.
(Currently, they do not ship internationally~ but they plan to in the near future.)
You must subscribe by May 25th for June's date box*

It is the most cost-effective, fun, no hassle date you will ever 'go' on.  
What a good investment into each other~ 
Those little nights at home just hanging out and laughing.
You might just get lucky;).

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  1. LOVED this post. You and your husband make me want something special like you guys have. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well this sounds like a really cool idea. Chris and I love AT HOME date nights. We get stuck in a rut sometimes though and have absolutely NO idea what to do. Thanks for the idea!

  3. What a great idea for a date night. This would be perfect for me and my hubby. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Date nights at home in sweats are the best!

  5. holy moly! that looks sooo fun:) I can't wait to check them out:) You guys are so awesome! love Katie

  6. I love that you take time together and have fun! I also love the idea of hanging out and making pineapple and bacon bits pizza...... Even though we are empty nesters, we have to still have date nights- life gets so busy : ) Awesome- I cannot wait to play with the digi's- I have to get better at coloring them, and then I will enter some challenges on your Blog! Thank You!!!

  7. What a brilliant idea getting a date night delivered. My Hubby and I try to have a date night at least once a week usually with a homemade Chinese meal, some drinks and watching movies, it's great!! I love that i can date in my comfy PJ's!!
    Hugs, Hazel xx

  8. What a great idea esp for people who really can't get a babysitter. Glad you and Phil had fun ;0) x

  9. Sounds super cool...sure with I could afford it.

    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  10. Sounds like a perfect date to me! Love that you guys do this stuff. So easy to forget about 'us' when the kiddos come along. But ya gotta keep the flame alive, go you two! Love it xxx

  11. What a fun night for the two of you. Just spending time at home hanging out, can be so much fun.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  12. this sounds fantastic, wish they shipped to UK as we so could use date nights!! x

  13. Sounds like such fun! Glad you both enjoyed it and had a good time. I love all of your ideas and your artwork.

  14. Sounds fantastic fun, wish they had something like this in the UK.
    Good to hear you both had a fab date, so important to have xxx

  15. what a fantastic & fun idea & I agree... we should have that kinda thing here in the UK... & being able to dress in ya comfy clothes is just awesome... ya dont always wanna get dressed up... I dont... makes me sweat LOL... am glad ya had such a fun date & am sure you'll have many many more :)

    love n hugz Angie xXx

  16. Nice idea for date night…I may buy a 3-6 month subscription on winter time when I don’t feel like going outside in the cold.
    Thank you for the coupon. I am trying the June box (giggles).

    1. over the cold months is a perfect idea! ... hope you enjoy your June box! i am going to sign up for July's (bc we are already headed on vaca for June...) looking forward to more date nights at home <3


  17. Krista thanks so much for this awesome review of our June Box! Also, thanks to all your readers that left these great comments and thanks to those that subscribed. Due to the popularity of our June box we have extended the last day to sign up and use your the CANARY coupon code until June 7th.



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