If You Looked...


I was reading through The Shine Project blog (you need to go read it; Ashley is, to say the least, inspiring) and came across an "If You Looked" post.  That sounded fun.  So here I go...

If you looked into our living room, you'd see two new built-in bookshelves, little white Christmas lights, a mess in the corner where I craft and make things, two doggies in their beds fast asleep, Phil in his jammies reading about coaching baseball for kids (he wants to do that next season), and a coffee table --somewhere-- under a Cameo machine, coffee cups,   Philly's church hat, a candle, a tablet, and a removed smoke alarm (because I cooked tonight, and I yanked it off the wall in frustration:).  

If you looked into my bedroom, you'd see two rascals asleep in my bed.  They ended up there tonight...but it is okay with me.  I kinda love their snuggles.  

If you looked into my purse, you'd faint.  It is a nightmare.

If you looked into my oven, you'd see a couple dirty dishes I threw in there to hide until the morning.  Because we were all ready to watch a new series on the Discovery Channel...and I'd rather learn about bison and jumping spiders than wash dirty dishes.  I choose education over cleaning.  Always:).

If you looked into my drawing tablet, you'd find summer-inspired characters, a ton of scribbles, and a few jotted down notes.

If you looked into our dvd player, you'd either find a Seinfeld, Office, or Ransomed Heart DVD.

If you looked into our calendar, you would see a golf date with Phil tomorrow morning; softball and baseball games on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights; church group on Wednesday; swimming lessons on Thursday (late evening); and hopefully a movie date with the kids on Friday afternoon.  It is a busy week coming up!

If you looked into my heart, you would see change.  Moment to moment leaning into Christ.  Believing, trusting, and hoping in Him.  Moving in a direction of calling and service, even if I am still unsure of what it will be.  My heart is fully and completely in love with my Savior.  

What would a peek into your life look like right now?

PS... I did a digi giveaway on Instagram last week~ and @spurvis1970, you won lady! Woop. Woop. Please email me to receive your digis (release later this week)!!  
If you'd like to follow our crazy family on Instagram and enter the occasional giveaway there, my user name is @kristacanary.  Feel free to join in!  


  1. That's beautiful Krista. Love reading your little 'slice of life' posts. Always puts me in a joyfully reflective mood. Big hugs to you lovely lady. Looking forward to your next release. Sounds very lovely and exciting! Hugs, Wends xxx
    P.S. Slice of my life this past week: my lil' dudes 3 year old birthday, followed by big family party on the weekend, lots of fun, cuddles, giggles, utterly indulgent gorgeous presents and visits from family from afar. Woop woop xxx

  2. Krista, I loved reading your look into your own life - how inspiring you are to me - a look into my own life would a cleansing and interesting self journey and to see it all down in print an awakening to where areas of change are due. Good bless you sweet lady!
    Jen Leeflang

  3. I love this - I always enjoy reading your posts similar to this, that insight to you guys. Never fails to make me smile. If you looked where I am now, you'd find my dog laying on the landing just outside where I am, I'm in my craft room, radio on, window open so you can hear the traffic going by. I've got a coffee on the go, on my desk there is a clear space and a not so clear space that is full of uncut stamps. Most things are in their place. The bin is empty because me and my boy had a major tidy yesterday. My notebook is open so I can see what needs to be done and I need to write a new list of stuff to do. As to the rest of me, well I'm trying to keep a calm energy going so that I can help my dog, I'm training him, I've only had him 4 wks. I'm excited as I'm going to watch my boy play in u15 cricket match. He only went to training 2 wks ago and went straight into the team. Proud mum here! Anyway take care, much love Zo xx

  4. You have a wonderful life and I know from your posts that you cherish every moment. My husband died nine months ago and my two sons and their wives have been a great support to me. My little slice of life this week means I'm heading off to London to stay with number one son and his wife whilst number two son and his wife holiday in Disney Florida. I'm going out for lunch today with a very good friend who lives almost next door to me. I'll be packing tomorrow for my break but I'll be thinking of you all. God bless. Hazel x

  5. Krista I loved reading this and the pics are so beautiful, you do have a brilliant little family....I have to say thanks for sharing so much with everyone, it's very refreshing.....your a star..
    I must confess, I nearly fell over at the amount of pens you have..lol...wow.xx

  6. This is such a wonderful idea for a post. And how gorgeous is your dog?! :)


  7. What another beautiful post! :) Your home is full of love and activity, just as it should be...otherwise it would just be a house. ;)

  8. This is sweet krista I love it and love that you share your beautiful life. Never change who you are.

  9. What a fun idea. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Inspiring as always, Krista! And by the way, how stinkin' cute is that monkey??????? LOL!! If you looked into my life, it would be all upside down and jumbled up at the moment. Physically and emotionally! Went back to work full time at our business because our son got a new job... which meant that my sweet little bugs that I have watched since the day they were born won't be with me every day anymore. My heart aches at Kaitlyn being in day care, which she loudly and sadly proclaims every day that she HATES! I know she'll get used to it, but it makes me so sad... Matthew asks every day if he could just quit school (because he "knows everything about second grade" and go straight to day care "camp' What different personalities we have!!! He's ready to make new friends and have fun... she wants to stay with Grandma and do art!!! My house is also suffering the effects of working... I put things off... so my art room has become a dropping off spot for whatever needs to be put away! I guess I need to re-evaluate my days and attitude, because writing it down makes me sound really pathetic!!! LOL!!

  11. I love reading your blog, and I LOVE the pic of you coloring! My Copics are often strewn all over my couch and coffee table, too!

    Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. It is a joy to read!

  12. What a wonderful post! It was lovely to read and it sure made me look around at a few things while I'm sitting here and there it is... that crafting corner in my living room, which is a little messy right now. There's a stash of gorgeous Saturated Canary Images (which I have ready to colour whenever I feel like it), just waiting to be coloured with my selection of Promarkers, Spectrum Noir and now a few Copics Pens (which I've just started to buy). :)

    Congratulations to @spurvis1970 for winning the Instagram Giveaway!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful posts, they are always lovely to read.

    Take care!!! :) X X

  13. Congratulations to @spurvis1970 for winning the Instagram Giveaway! Lucky, lucky!

    Love your post :) I watched the same show on Discovery - very interesting, right? I agree, education before cleaning :) Love all the pics, thank you for sharing :)

  14. Very nice window peek into your day... a peek in my life shows 4 fur babies napping, one on my printer. There is laundry spinning and drying (like most days--I love clean laundry). You'd see my office almost cleaned up and my recent craft ventures piled and ready to head to the craft room. You'd see me procrastinating with my current work project, watching the clock, and feeling like taking a nap... And you would see me sad inside, thinking about my two Italian 'sons' leaving tomorrow to return to Italy. And finally, if you saw my calendar, you would see I'm heading north to see my son, daughter, and grandsons for a week, and in July, traveling to Europe with hubby for a much needed vaca... but will miss the fur babies... :(

  15. That is so awesome- and it will be fun to look back and see where you were in your life a few years ahead. I have three kids bedrooms that are currently empty- in fact- my three kids are on three different continents right now. But, their rooms fill my heart up with so many memories when I glance in there : ) They are busy getting on with their wonderful lives! Bless you- I am enjoying getting on with life with my husband- he coached softball with the girls for many years (and now is an Ump...) and helped with football with my son. Great memories!

  16. Loved this post as well as all three of the If You Looked posted on The Shine Project so I decided to post one of my own.




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