Snap Shot


Taking another go at the May Blogger Challenge
Let's just skip right over those last couple days:).  

Today's post is a 'moment in your day.'
Unfortunately, my day was upside-down right from the start.
My computer hacked.
I spent most of the day on the phone with a techie.
We became friends after he promised me that the "support team" was not a bunch of super smart college guys in a basement somewhere pretending to be my computer's rescue, when really they were the hackers.  And totally set me up.  
I may or may not have accused him of that.  Twice. 

Anyways. He laughed at me a lot. 
And told me I sounded like I was 8.  
And he fixed my computer.
I think.

I grabbed random every-day photos from my camera roll.
And collaged them.
It is a nice glimpse of what life looks like here.
We are laid back.
And loud.
And play a lot.
Every day life~ it is my favorite. 

What would a snap shot of your day look like?
Just a random moment from today...
Go ahead and share!  

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  1. I need to learn how to Instagram, life changes too fast to keep up! Yesterday, instead of going to work, I picked up Shiona from Grammy's and took her back home because she just couldn't face the day...I wept most of the night missing my Daddy, my dog, and my daughter...sometimes we don't need pictures, just a color and mine was blue.

  2. Hey Kirsta,love the snapshot of your day.
    Today all i can think of is me walking with a happiness cloud over my head and a little angel sat on it smiling .My DD had her son Beau at 12 15 am Wednesday morning ,he is perfect thank you Jesus always for him .I am in love its true and so life turns again its wheels .I pray Lord that he comes to know you and love you as we do .xx

  3. My day consists of working at home all day, then going to the kitchen to figure out something for supper. For the last 5 or 6 weeks, we've had Italian friends staying here and it has been one laughing day after the next, with culture comparisons, language misinterpretations, and learning Italian. Cooking with them is a learning experience, and so much fun. Every meal starts with holding hands and hearing a prayer in Italian or English, followed by 'Manga! Manga!'. Laughing so much my gut hurts, and at the same time in the back of my mind, being sad for May 23rd to come and having to say goodbye until we travel to Italy in a couple of months to see them. Hubby gets frustrated that we have little time alone, but me, I just love the house full of noise and laughing. I love all the dinners together, having to fight for the washer and dryer, and mostly, just loving to learn of their culture and the country they come from... that has been my life for the last 6 weeks, and I will miss it. Looking forward to our trip to Europe, 2 more countries added to our resume, and seeing our international friends both in Germany and Italy...

  4. That's a bummer that you got hacked. I was trying to do a photo & style challenge for May, but I'm already doing horrible with it. You do have a really cute voice. You remind me of my niece who is 22.

  5. I am literally always reading. I don't think it's healthy how much I read.



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