Things that make you uncomfortable.

Keepin it short and sweet tonight. 
First things that came to mind:


Lockeroom floors are scary.
Mice make me want to cry.
Protein shakes are just evil.
Car dealerships feel very fake-freindly.
And who likes a fat spider?  Those little devils jump around.  I don't trust 'em.

And zombies?
Okay, so cute zombies~ they can hang around.
But Walking Dead zombies. 
I watch those ones through my fingers.
Wrapped in a blanket.
Peeking from under a pillow.


What are your "uncomfortables"?


  1. Definitely the gym floors, car lots and spiders!

  2. Definitely (ugly) zombies and spiders!!! YUCK! The other morning I was making the bed and a big black spider came out from under Keith's pillow and I almost died right there!! Then I couldn't find it!! I just made the bed and went to work lol. Warned him that night but we couldn't find it! Nothing worse than crawling into bed, looking up and there's a spider. So gross. That's when I wake Keith up and tell him I just can't sleep till he gets it lol.

    1. AH!~ that would have totally freaked me out, lol.

  3. I can't do snakes, eeew! Spiders too, only daddy long legs can I handle. Awkward silences, don't like those, I wanna fill them with mindless friendly chatter! Knowing heartbreaking things about friends and being sworn to silence, really hard. Not fitting my pre-pregnancy jeans - boo!! Wanting so badly to reach someone I love, when their walls have gone up through pain - that's a hard one. My kiddos sticky fingers after the very occasional sticky sweet coming at me for a mama hug - love my kiddos, but eww those fingers! Zombies, I don't get, no appeal at all, but I love me a little Drac LOL xxx

    1. I try and fill those awkward silences, too Wendy. And always end up embarrassing myself!:)
      Good list...xx

  4. Mice, birds and clowns (or other masked beings)

  5. spiders for sure but totally add toads! I picked one up doing the gardening once as I thought it was a stone and eeeuuuuuuuuw! it went all slompy in my hands and wriggled and I almost passed out!! haven't been able to look at one since!!!!!!!

  6. Haha! This is a funny post. Love your blog! :)


  7. Slugs - two nests of them when we repaired our garden steps http://pepcraftchallexp.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/woodland-management-part-1.html
    WARNING:Very graphic if you enlarge the photos.
    Raw meat - the texture, smell......everything but I manage to cook it for R.......
    Paula (PEP)

  8. I don't like doctors, or hospitals, especially waiting in ER. I hate blood tests, especially when they're hourly and my veins collapse. And I don't like eating.

  9. I can do spiders but scorpions totally freak me out. I have no idea why but I am more afraid of scorpions than snakes.

  10. Inadvertently being the centre of attention, big city driving when I don't know exactly where I'm going, being hugged by anyone over the age of 12, sincere praise and snoring.

    Those are just things that make me uncomfortable. Don't get me started on what freaks me out. ;-)

  11. Crowds, I don't do well with crowds, and hearing gossip about someone I work with from someone I work with. :(

  12. Mine are sore knees, Pushups I cringe at Crossfit when we have to do them, spiders and slimy worms..I hate showers at the gym..and the thing I hate the most is when I see someone spit...I think to myself really get a life!!! I think that is it...have a great weekend!!

  13. As a lowly pharmacy technician, having to tell a Doctor he'd got a dose wrong on a prescription! VERY uncomfortable and embarrassing. That is my big UNCOMFORT zone, not being able to fight my own corner, even when I know I'm right. I'm too short to fight with the big boys! lol
    Lots love your way
    Fiona xx

  14. I CAN'T DO MICE, RATS AND POSSUMS OH my heart raises and beats out of my chest!!! I try to stay away from those stamp images lol! I was recently assigned to color an image that had mice. OHHHH I was shaking and sweating. I did it some how but wouldn't want to color it again lol!


  15. Funny about the zombies--I thought you loved that stuff! We have Italian friends here now that watch Walking Dead every night--I don't know if it's a series or a movie, but they watch it right before going to sleep. Me, I could never do that--that stuff creeps me out!

  16. Every freaky show with zombies, ghosts, demons or anything else that's supernatural gets me to watch the tv trough my fingers, all wrapped in a blanket and squeezing my husband so hard I can hear him sighing lol. Can't even watch those shows without him! I really get the creeps of reptiles. Really don't like them! And I really just HATE wasps! They are the one thing I don't love about the summer :(

  17. I agree with the mice. Spiders go beyond uncomfortable. lol. They make me jump and run and scream a little. Ok, maybe a lot.



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