Summer is for...


Summer time is for...

the beach.
afternoon cups of coffee.
and little people sleeping late.
which means mama gets to sleep in too.
it's for sunshine.
and coconut-flavored everything.
pina coladas.
sweaty foreheads.
and lots of golf.
even if I really, really suck.
it is for dreaming.
long days.
evenings spent on a patio.
and kiddie pools.
it is for romance.
feeling renewed.
fresh veggies. 
and delicious ice cream.
summer is for living.
feeling free.
being less scheduled. 
(not that I ever was.)
for sand and waves.
tomatoes and miracle whip.
corn on the cob.
and burgers. 
lots of burgers, people.
Summer is for family.
fans blowing your hair. 
and 12am bedtimes.

i cannot wait till the kids are off school next Friday!
summer was made for the Smiths:).  
it is just our thing.

what will your summer look like this year?
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  1. I love your pictures. Our summer will be full of hiking, sprinklers, splash pads, parks, movie nights, hanging out doing nothing...

  2. Well heelloooo there fire engine hot mama.. when did you go red?! Love it!
    I keep trying to decide what I'm doing with my hair (next) growing it out is like slow torture.
    Looks like a wonderful time you're having there... summer tends to look like the rest of the year at this stage of life.. work,play,eat,sleep,snuggle,chocolate,craft... repeat! ;o)
    needle and nest

    1. i like that playlist:)...worth putting on repeat for sure!!:):) <3

      ...and dreads helped me grow mine out, lol...i had those suckers in for 6 months while my hair grew slowly...made it a little easier:).

  3. How wonderful Krista. The sunshine has finally arrived here in the UK too...woop woop! Our summer is full of gardening, walks, catching up with family, wimbledon tennis, dinner outside and our cat Billy loving us being outside xx

  4. I always love seeing all your pictures. Love your hair btw :) Enjoy all that summer awesomeness!! :)

  5. adorable post and snapshots! my summer will look like creativity :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  6. Wonderful pictures and your write up.....My kids are all gone...so its work, play, stamp, eat, grilling, enjoy a drink......romantic walks with the hubby.... and the dog can come too I suppose.....biking leisurely, getting together with friends.... visiting family...swimming, stamping, chocolate.....

  7. I think we are all ready for some sunny summer times! Enough cold, and rain, and wind...bring on the sunshine! Hubby and I will be heading to Europe soon, visiting Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. After that trip, I am more than happy to hang around town: jet skis, Sunday movie dates, BBQs, swimming, and dodging hurricanes... hehe 'Hope the weather gets better and safer for everyone... :) Love that manatee peeking out of your cup--so cute!

  8. Swoon, your Summer sounds fab! Here in New Zealand, the leaves are turning a glorious spectrum of golden browns and reds as the leaves prepare to drop from the trees. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. It's been pouring for the past week, so it's been hot soup and snuggling weather. Spring and Autumn are my two favourite seasons, so I really love this time of year, but I'm not relishing the cold Winter nights, it's already freezing in our house, which is completely uninsulated and gone is the central heating we enjoyed in the UK!! We Kiwi's do it tough!!! Hugs from 'down under', Wends xxx

  9. love love love!!!! My fav thing about summer is seeing sunshine wehn I wake up in the morning...at 4:35am.....but it seriously makes the day so sweet.
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  10. Hi Krista, Oh your so inspiring and its great that you share all of your lovely photos with us my summer l hope will bring some sun its been very missing for some time but at the mo we are getting some sunning days you sound as if your having lots of fun and l feel inspired just from your write up and photos many thanks for sharing them xx

  11. Oh, we have more crappy summer here - lots of rain and cold weather. But hope that that changes quickly. I'm spiking my holidays this year - no money no funny :) Hugs! Mojca

  12. We are having some great weather here in Holland right now, wich we've all been longing for because the spring this year was very cold and very wet... my hubby and I will be having our own little BBQ tonight with some beer and wine to celebrate the summer and the upcoming weekend! Just relaxing in our garden en enjoying the little things of life.......

    I love the summer because everyone is feeling happy and I get the chance to wear my favourite dresses en shoes again! I'm a sucker for sunshine.......

    Wishing you and your family a splendid summer this year! :)

  13. Sigh we have 3 weeks to go for our 7 week break....counting down the days! Love the pic of wee Philly in those shades! And your hair is looking gorgeous!!!!

  14. Wow, great pics!! It's different here in Ontario. My son starts exams the week of June 17th (Gr 11) and my daughter, gr 7, goes right till the 27th. I can't wait. I love them being home! Thanks for sharing all your pics and I have a feeling your blog may be a little quieter than normal for the summer and so it should be when you're out and about with your family!

  15. fab pics, love the one of your two angels asleep together :-)
    Our schools have another 3 weeks before we break up then we will take the caravan off to the beach and pray the weather is kind. The boys will be in the sea most of the time and I plan to take my pens and lots of SC images xxx



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