I saw this Ann Voskamp post on Monday.
The ideas and motivations behind this gift-giving adventure could not be more beautiful.  

Gift-giving is my love language.
I am so excited to join in... and make this a family project over the next weeks.  


40 random acts of kindness.
40 expressions of God's love to others.  To strangers, even.
40 opportunities to bless others and, therefore, be richly blessed ourselves.

I am using a Heidi Swapp Mini Memory Files Album to keep track of our gifts, what number we've completed, who has been gifted, and our stash of decorative pieces to make the gifts extra special.  I used a couple pockets to hold things like twine, fabric tape pieces, feathers, fabric, tiny clothespins, and long-ago-colored-but-never-used digital stamps:).  

The kids are invited to put together a small gift for anyone at any time, and everything is made ready for their little fingertips.  Ann's 40 ways to GIVE IT FORWARD is the perfect place to teach about thankfulness, joy, and loving others intentionally.  


Here are her free printables if you want to join in.  The simplicity of it is liberating~ ANYTHING can be a gift.  Leave it for a stranger to find... leave it on a doorstep, in a mailbox, on a bus seat.  Surprise someone you love...so they know you think of them in your every-day, daily living.  They are important to you.  

The tags make it like a zillion times cuter, too:).  
So print them out and attach them to your 40 gifts.

We are ready to mail our first gift off to Colorado!
And I already know I should leave a gift in the mailbox for our mailman...because I hate retrieving our mail and he brings 7 pounds of it to my door at least twice a month asking me kindly to please empty the box now and then.  

What are some good ideas for random acts of kindness and love?
I'd love to read your thoughts!


  1. great post! never thought about it before, but gift giving is TOTALLY my love language!

    victoria @ www.lostinbostonblog.blogspot.com

  2. a good idea is to pay for someone drink or groceries when your in line at the store. Or return those 3 carts at the store that are by your car at the grocery store. just some thoughts.

    1. oh! i LOVE that idea about groceries Jan!! <3

  3. Give Someone A Lift From A Bus Stop. I Knows Now ADay This Can Be Dangerous But I Did This Last Winter A Lady Was At The Top Of Our Hill And You Could See She Was A Little UNsure On Her Feet In The Snow. Stopped The Car And Opened The Car And Asked If She Would Like A Lift To The BottomOf The Hill. iI Can A Little Child In The Car Do I Think She Felt Safe. We Had A Nicer Chat And She Got Out Smiling Wishing Nee A Happy Day

  4. Wow what a lovely idea and free gift many thanks for the link x

  5. I love this idea! And I love that Ann wrote all hers out! A great jumping off point!

  6. what a lovely thought/act.... :) thanks for some great jumping off information....

  7. I love the idea of Random Acts of Kindness... I think it has more power when you don't tell anyone, or maybe tell one person and tell them to keep it a secret. For me, if I talk about something I gave or did for someone, it doesn't seem as 'real', or genuine. So I try to keep it to myself, and know it was purely for giving and not for receiving even the smallest compliment or thank you for doing it. I hope that makes sense... Don't get me wrong, I also think of ways to both give and get a tax write off... hehe but mostly I don't even tell my hubby when I do that... Luke 12:48...From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded...

  8. On the forum that I'm an admin on, we have a voluntary RAK list that you can sign up for. This year I decided to give each person on it a little something and a card for their birthday. The feeling is amazing in doing this...just a little surprise in the mail can make the biggest difference in a person's day...and I'm thankful God has allowed me the honor of doing it.

    Another great thing to do - if you're in a restraunt, leave extra as a tip - that 20 / 50 / 100 dollar tip may just be a lifesaver for the person waiting your table. And it kinda starts a chain of "pay it forward" which is an awesome thing! It's not something I always do, just on occasion...when I can.

    Giving, whenever possible, is like a narcotic...just gotta do it one more time! It's a euphoric feeling...and I'm addicted!

  9. Oh, I LOVE this idea Krista, thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Soo sweet! Isn't it fun making gifts?!! What a good reminder to keep looking for 'sneaky' ways to bless others. You could always pay for the person behind you in the drive through line (coffee shops/take out..whatever). You could help at a local soup kitchen with the family. Lots of fun ideas here already... bless you guys. xx
    needle and nest

  11. You are the Best!! I love this idea and you have inspired me to do this also. So true about the mailman, our guy is so great and has to deal with my barking watchdog 6 days a week! He has 3 dogs himself, so he is a good sport about her barking and jumping at the door, like she is going to knock it down. But hes a trooper, all the weather elements he endures and it's just a tough job. I think we shall leave him a sweet treat in the mailbox. Thank you for the great idea!!!

  12. I love to do "random acts of kindness"; in fact nothing makes me feel better than doing this! I never thought about keeping a journal of it, but love the idea of keeping track of my many blessings as well. What a circle, right? It is amazing and a tribute to your kindred spirit to come back with love and kindness after "not" so good for you too! It is so nice to have you back on the blog....



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