the Novelty of it...


I worry a little that the novelty of homeschooling will wear off.

And my two angels, completely content with just me and each other everyday, will no longer be amused/satisfied/entertained during the day...

But I think I get this way with a lot of things in life.  
I like adventures.  Impulsive things.  The 'new'.  Something different.
If I was a betting woman (I'm not. Cross my heart.), I would be involved in some risky binezzzzz, peeps.  For being someone who battles fears on a daily basis, I do enjoy that step-off-the-cliff feeling.  That free fall into something new and wonderful.  That never scares me.  All I feel is the rush of life and excitement.  

Listening to a book on CD this week, I heard the statement:  God plays at high stakes.

That was like a high five from Jesus.
The thrill of knowing that God is all about risk-takers.  
Movement away from comfort zones.
Radical things.
Radical living.
Free falls.
The extremes.
He is THERE.
My soul felt relieved and understood.  

Today was DAY 1 of homeschooling. 
I introduced myself to the kids.
Promised to be an awesome teacher.  

One very lady-like little girl told me the best part of homeschooling is farting freedom.
This girl is very attentive and eager to push through the work.

Her brother.
Oh, my. 
That little guy drifts...
He raised his hand and interrupted English to ask, "When is it kiss the teacher time?"
He is either a little spacey or is playing this thing with a killer hand of cards.
Because I'm pretty sure he tried to earn a good grade with some lovin' on the Teach today.
He also spent 10 minutes in tears. 
Because homeschooling actually requires work (who knew!), and maybe he was not ready for that.

He recovered.
He is adorable and delicious.
And told me he wants to be a weather man or a New York Yankee.
I love him to bits.

I was thinking a lot about our morning today.
It was good and fun and new.
Everyday we are given is new.

Everything in front of us is a novelty~ a fresh start~ a lovely, precious moment to embrace and be thankful for... Pieces of the every-day-moment-to-moment will certainly feel ordinary.  Or familiar.  Or completely normal.  

That is okay.
I will welcome that comfortable feeling as it comes. 
The 'daily grind' of being home together all the time... I praise Jesus for it.
The treasures/joys/adventures are mine to discover.
And then help the kiddos find and gratefully embrace them, too.
Maybe the risk is in that.
The cliff.
The free fall.
It is abundant in the little parts of every day.
Being satisfied with a schedule.
Each other.
The risk of having it all grow old 
Taking the initiative everyday to embrace the opportunity to learn with and alongside of one another.

Thanking Jesus for every moment~

Waiting on a little brother to 'get it' before we move on.

Bumping elbows with a sister during handwriting and having to erase.  For the seventh time.

Realizing I truly could not tell my kids the difference or locations of Sweden, Norway, or Finland.  And I may or may not have been holding the map upside-down or sideways the entire time while I confidently told them by the end of the year, they will know all these countries, just like I do.  ehem.

Wiping tears.

High-fiving for an awesome in-class burp.

Chewing gum.

Wondering how those two little people got so darn awesome.

And looking forward to the same thing again tomorrow.

Every moment.
It is all risky business.
It is just up to me to run with it~
Be thankful for every.single.ordinary.extraordinary. day.

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  1. sounds like a beautiful first day of a new adventure!

  2. Wow looks like you guys are enjoying this new adventure!!! Good luck.

  3. A beautiful new start to home schooling xx

  4. Yay!! Love the new look of your blog, too. :)

  5. Hi, Krista! What a great first day - hope you all continue to flourish on your new adventure! As for the worry of the novelty wearing off, each day will be a NEW opportunity to learn something NEW, to discover NEW ideas and achieve NEW goals...a NEW challenge, so I'm sure you'll do fine! Wishing you all the very best for your journey! Hugs, Lisa x

  6. Krista if you ever wrote a book (which you should) I would buy it a million times and read it the same number of times. I just love reading your blog. I think the first day of homeschool for you guys went well. I can't imagine having 2 kids on different grade levels. I only home school one very special little lady how is in kindergarten. I am kinda selfish with this homeschooling, I did not want to share her innocent brain, or imagination with another person. I commend you for taking risks; something I don't do. I commend you for sharing yourself (your teacher self) with you children. Its a beautiful thing.

  7. awww, this is so sweet.. more power and patience and love and learning your way sweet cheeks!! xx
    needle and nest

  8. Krista
    I marvel at your courage to enter this new adventure with your children! What memories you will all have from taking that leap of faith together and how much stronger in a bond you will all be because of it! Great new beginnings for you all. Hugs

  9. You know, Krista, your outlook on life just amazes me! Your writing makes you think about things you didn't even know you need to think about!! (does that even make any sense???) I love your honesty and courage and look forward to reading all about your home schooling experiences!! And I also think you should write a little book... lessons on life or something like that... how cute would it be to illustrate it with your gorgeous little creations, too!!! Have a wonderful school year!!!

  10. Krista - sounds like you are on the right track and your kids will grow by leaps and bounds spiritually, intellectually and confidently!

  11. You are an amazing, inspiring, beautiful person and woman. What you are doing, would send me running so fast...bless you.

  12. oh hunny I cannot tell you how much I adore you for doing this, I would love to do it for Mo but since I am not brainy in any way,shape or form I am kinda stuck with him having to go to school :( and he doesn't like it at all :( we should come live with you!!
    huge hugs Lou xxxx

  13. Good for you! I am seriously thinking of homeschooling my youngest; my 2 oldest are almost finished school, and I wish I could have done it. I still don't know. Thanks for the giggles...when is it kiss the teacher time?..that is priceless! the things kids will say..My Dd cracked me up yesterday, when I fixing her underpants (we're still toilet training) and she says, 'Yep, it's official...we are seriously lost!'I couldn't hold it... I burst out laughing. wouldn't you?? Peace to you. smile!

  14. This is our third week of our first year of homeschooling and I have experienced everything you are talking about. Everyday is something new and different. Tears, frustration, and joy. I have already returned some curriculum because it just wasn't a good fit. I love the flexibility in our lives! I would love to hear what curriculums you guys are using. God bless!


  15. You are awesome Krista. Stop beating yourself up so much huni. I got no clue where your individual states are and that is what Europe is like for you I would guess. You will have good and bad days and so will your little munchkins! Hope you all have a good week Karen x

  16. We aren't in a position to homeschool...yet. :) But I have had the same thoughts...will the novelty where off...or thin? How will I handle the bad thought days? Of course, now i'm borrowing trouble from a day that may never come. Our little family is at a crossroads and reading, "God plays at high stakes." is such an encouragement for us. Thank you!

  17. Both of my boys are grown - 19 and in his 2nd year of college and 21 and just bought his first house - but we are considering adoption and if we do, it will be either homeschooling or enrollment in our private Christian school when the time comes. Each and every moment with our children is precious. And the public school, I'm sad to say, do not have our children's well being and our family's values in mind or in heart with their system.
    YOU are an amazing Mom. You are PRECIOUS to your children and they are blessed just because you are YOU ♥ Don't ever doubt that. No one is perfect and no one is expected to be, and I thank the Lord for that.

    AND...I am so excited to have won the blog make-over...you just made my day!

  18. Kudos to you Krista for having the courage to try! Love your fly by the seat of your pants approach babes. A mama after my own heart! I KNOW you're gonna be blessed for putting yourself out there for your babes. Love reading your journey. Hugs, Wends xxxx

  19. Krista, Krista, Krista, your blog is such a joy to read. You are so inspirational but because you write so perfectly well - it makes your inspiration hit home with me all the more. I thank you and your dear family - whom i love to read about - for sharing your lives with us in such a beautiful and personal way. Love to you all, Mel xxxxx



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