Us...and a Print Out Ephesians 6 Activity!


Just little bits of 

These nerds are keeping me on my toes.
Our days fly by.
And totally awesome, actually.

We played a board game to learn about the states this week.
Under the sun.
Which Philly interrupted by smooshing his gross, dirty, summer bare feet into Niamh's face.
But, he also knows where Colorado is on a map.
And wants to move there someday.

Our house is plenty of mess.
And books and papers.
But, at the end of the day, it is filled with a sweet goodness.
Tired kids. 
Tired mama.
Tired Mr.
But it is that good, we-filled-up-the-day-to-the-fullest tired that I love.

Niamh has bangs as of this morning. 
Which gave her a splitting headache this afternoon~ but also, 
She looks like a cartoon...and is so cute, I could squeeze her silly.

Philly is filling the end of his summer with outfits that would make Billy Ray Cyrus proud.
And he stops everyone to show them this:


Which is pretty weird.awesome.ballet-esque. 
*Just a note, we do feed Mr. Bones.  

I love doing our own Bible thing in the mornings. 
We totally Ann Voscamp it out, people.  
Kids have their own 1000 Gifts notebooks.  
It is slow moving, the gift-writing. 
Philly is on #9.  
His #2 was "the shortest banana."
And his #6 was" the longest banana."
He ate two bananas this week and was thankful for both:).
I did not realize it would work~ this intentionally thankful thing...
But they BOTH will see something tiny.missable. inconsequential (before)
And now excitedly tell me they can't wait to write it in their notebook.
Sending out an air high five to AV. 
You --->rock<--- in your sweet, gentle-worded way.

I made an activity to accompany a talk about Ephesians 6.
The Armor of God.
We've been talking a lot about spiritual warfare.
Entering into it.
Like a warrior.
You can print it out for your own little peoples if you want.
Click HERE.
(Stampers can buy the stand-alone stamp for cheap-o in my shop;)
I will share our Bible activities as we go along...
in case you want to print them out, too.

Hope your weekend is lovely in every way, friends.


  1. I love your pics. Thanks for sharing the printout.

  2. I homeschool too, 12 years! I love the photos and your Saturated Canary image on their paper, cute and a great scripture!
    Hugs Kelly

  3. Aww, you guys... your home always looks SO warm and inviting (guess that's also due to not showing piles of dirty dishes.. lol!) But loving your 'artsy' shots too with the darker backgrounds, getting all artsy fartsy there sweets ;)
    Glad you're all still loving the home-school vibe, I was wonderign how you were doing a week into it now!
    Warm squishes to you (love your cable knit'y sweater) an those a-freakin-dorable kiddos!
    needle and nest

  4. I love the pictures of the sunflowers! And your printout is a great way for your kids to learn. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. wow what a great picture gallery!!! Just love how much fun you guys seem to be having. keep on enjoying life!

  6. Hi Krista :) Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to see what other lessons/activities you will be sharing.

    I hope I am not being cheeky in asking this but will there be a 'boy' version of this?
    Thanks again :)

  7. Eeeep eeeep eeeeppp! I love Ephesians 6! I used Vicky the Viking for a smash page,it speaks to me so much. Love all the piccies too hunny. Huge hugs from me and smaller squooshier ones from Mo xxxxxxx

  8. Lovely to hear how you are all doing.
    So happy the home schooling is turning out well.
    Your children are the cutest.
    Love to hear about your love of your children and the things they say and do.
    All of it lifts my spirits. Thank you.

  9. Awesome photos!! I laughed out loud at the picture of Philly and his feet, Kaitlyn does that ALL the time to us, and giggles the whole time!! Niamh looks ADORABLE with bangs!!! And had little laugh because when I was looking at the pics of Philly, I thought, man, don't they feed that little guy!!! Haha!! Love your take on life... we should all be so lucky to have the same!

  10. I love love all your photos. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  11. Thank you so much. This is wonderful.

  12. Always love your posts Krista! I had to laugh out loud when I saw the pic of Philly and his ribs. He looks just like my son did and still does at 28! Specially after working for the U.S. Forest Service this summer!
    We've gone through one of the toughest 1 1/2 years ever and your posts always gave me the hope that God would see us through it. He answered my prayers with so much more than I asked for!
    You are such a example of what living with faith is. Thank you for sharing Krista.

  13. I enjoyed your post and photos today. Your family is beautiful and happy. I like that...
    Sometimes I think about sharing the more personal aspects of our life on my blog, but I haven't got the guts. I am glad you do!

  14. omgosh, i LOVE this - you are gonna be awesome at this homeschool thing. I can tell already with this awesome sheet you created. thank you for sharing! we'll be doing this activity tomorrow. the girls will LOVE it. **hugs** Mama. you are so sweet.

  15. Thank you for sharing your stories and your Ephesians 6 activity. I can't wait to share it with my little guy! This weekend he made it VERY clear to his daddy that he (daddy) was using God's name in vain when he said 'Oh my...' . After a couple of rounds of no I'm not, yes you are, Daddy finally thanked him for helping him understand. This will be the perfect little pat on the back for him. :) Norma W

  16. What a wonderful post!Your blog is so lovely!!!!xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  17. I love your blog, it is heart warming and uplifting any time I stop by. And I am just noticing the Colorado shout outs. :) Which is also awesome because I <3 Colorado, and am born and raised. It is breathtaking most of the time and a good place to get lost and find yourself spiritually.

  18. Your Blog is an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing it Krista and God Bless you all . xxx



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