Living Full


that was a blur of a month...
in a good way, though. 

I am at the end of a four week online class taught by Kristin Rogers centering around photography and intentional/present living/parenting.  It has been so delicious to dive into~ learning to enter into beautiful living and all that goes with that: 

being able to say 'no'
creating with the kiddos
living a little more slowly
enjoying the small moments that often slip by
and catching them on film in a way that doesn't obstruct the moment

I love to be inspired by others.  
I love photos.  
I love art.  
And design.
I love music.
I love creating a pretty space in the house to play.
And watching Niamh and Philly build their imaginations. 
Under a fort. 
Or paiting in the backyard.

It is nice to slow down a little and allow life to just happen.
I rush by too much beauty otherwise. 
I love those moments when the kids say or do something funny.
Phil turns to me and we just smile that
"these kids are kind of ridiculously awesome'" smile.
Like, when Niamh told us she might not go to college.
She wants to 
"Be a hippie and travel the world...I might just skip right over college.
And be a Free Willy."
(We aren't sure exactly what a Free Willy is.)
She also plans to make money (during college, ironically) by hustling people with magic tricks.
We are not sure whether we should be scared to death or relieved.
Our little free spirited Niamh. 
With a heart for adventure, the unknown, and an open canvas for God to color.
I love it.

So blogging has taken a back seat this past month.
While I learn to enjoy the moment and not feel rushed to share it. 
I think that is a big step in the ever evolving process of creating a good blog~
Learning a balance of living and blogging.
I want to 
Right here~ in this place.
But I want to do it honestly and be real with you.
Not rush to create something JUST to blog.
Or take photos JUST to post something that keeps my traffic high.
I think that might be missing the point a little. 

So some months my posts may decline a little in frequency.
But I think that is a good trade-off with a full life--- just lived.
And then shared.

We got a pig this week.
I cannot NOT talk about him.
He is almost too cute.
I thought about carrying him around with me everywhere.
But he wasn't up for it.
Pigs have this thing about being lifted off the ground.
And Phil has this thing about not being married to a weird pig lady.
Niamh and I are obsessed with August the Pig.
You can see my overload of pig photos on Instagram @kristacanary .

Hope your week is creative, lovely, and fully lived, friends.


  1. oooh I love these pots krista, the brighten our mornings so much....and get Mo going on thw whole I need a teacup pig thang again!!!!!!! romfl!!!!!!!
    hugs and love Lou xxxxx

  2. You guys are amazing, you know that right? I love reading/seeing little glimpses of your lives because they make me smile. August the pig is adorable, I follow your instagram so his cute little face has already made me giggle and smile this week. Niamh and Philly are great kids, fun, fab and free. I love how you are teaching them. It works. I wish I had the energy to have done that but it's too late now. Keagan will be 15 on Sunday (I don't feel old enough to have a son that old!) but you are right it's the little things that mean so much. The little snippets our children share with us that make our hearts burst with love and pride. I had a moment like that this morning. Precious. Take care, Zo xx

  3. What a beautiful post Krista. I love that you're living in the moment! Oh that's so how it's supposed to be! Life passes by so quickly! We need to stop, to breathe, to smell the roses and cuddle the pigs! xxxx

  4. AWESOME AWESOME!!! love the pig...great family

  5. Love this post, Krista!! Love the pics of the kids, they are just the sweetest ever!! I'm sure you know that! I love the way they interact with each other, you can tell they love each other and will be each other's best friends! What a great job you and Phil are doing with them!!! It's such an important way of life you are teaching them.... to take each day as it comes!!! Love reading your thoughts, it makes one think... always!!
    P.S. How cute is August???!!!!

  6. Beautiful post. Too often, we rush, rush, rush and life is passing by. It's soo great when you can stop, enjoy it, live life and then reflect on it. Thanks soo much for sharing and love the pics. Sending blessings your way.

  7. Hi Krista, nice to 'see' you! I love your post and the little glimpse into what's been going on in your life. August is adorable!!! You are so right about the fact that sometimes we rush life or blog because we want to make sure we're still rolling a long on those blog rolls. I've been guilty of that myself. Now I blog when I have a creative moment or have something I want to share. I look fwd to your posts, but I love that they're also taking a back seat to these precious family moments.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  8. ..do you hear that?
    clap.clap.clap.CLAP.CLAP.CLAP.CLAP! That's me, standing, cheering YOU on mama! I hear you loud and clear on BEING and not just running, rushing, reporting it all.. keep going that heart-road. ANd, I kinda love that we love the same things... soooo, yeah, coming to hang in the fort! ;o)
    Love you and all that mush,
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  9. Cute little porker...next you need a couple of chickens so you can have fresh eggs every day!!! I want some but hubby said definitely not. :( I don't think you are officially a crazy pig lady until you have at least 3 of them... lol 'Sounds like your life is perfect...!

  10. What's wrong with being a crazy pig lady?? August is the cutest wee pig ever. How big will he get? Though I think even if he gets enormous he'll still be adorable. One of my besties has a St Bernard and she is huge (even though officially she's still classed as a puppy) it's like hugging a live cuddly toy!
    Glad you're enjoying life, it looks so blissful. My life seems to be lived so fast at the moment and every so often I try to remind myself to take a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy where I am and what I'm doing... whatever it is that I'm doing... xx

  11. Lovely post, beautiful pictures! That little guy will get BIG! I meet a man who traveled the country with his pot belly pig. We hired him at our school for a reading incentive-if the kids read x number of books, he and the pig came and the principal had to kiss the pig! Best incentive ever! The kids loved that BIG pig!

  12. You are blessed with this peacefulness. I pray for this kind of peacefulness. To let go of anxiety. My faith...or lack of...I just can't seem to accept God's peace. Thank you for what you share.

  13. Those photo's are beautiful Krista, they really tell a story, love to see them.
    The pig is cute!!!! But I love to see the kids, they always look so happy :-)



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