October Love.


We love you, October.
Niamh even wants to name one of her future daughters "October."  
You are just filled with goodness.
I agree with Anne of Green Gables,
"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
Me, too.
Me, too.

Philly turned 8.  
Phil and I celebrated 12 years married.
There is pumpkin-flavored coffee at every turn.
And the nights are cool and crisp.

The windows are still wide open, but you need a sweatshirt and a snuggle to stay warm.
Candles yummy up the house with scents called 'fall leaves.'
And I can eat butternut squash soup by the gallon.
Then hide those pounds (necessary for winter insulation, you know) in leggings and long cardigans.
Oh! And scarves, boots, hats~ my favorites.

New episodes of our favorite shows.
And The Walking Dead. 
Finally back.
I love me some October zombies.

Twinkle lights and pumpkins on the step.
A corn field maze with sweet friends.
Running under the big orange moon.
And Philly rocking sweatpants tucked into rainboots.
I swear he will be a trend-setter one day.

We have 2 never-sleepy kiddos.
6 (crazy) pets.
Errands and deadlines.
Work and homeschool.
Busy days.
Fun times with friends.
And I love our church groups and nights out.

But to be cozied up under blankets... with a late night latte and kids laughing and Phil talking about his day and the house smelling lovely and the animals all sleeping~ I love that part of fall.  It always lands in October...right before it gets really cold...and the holidays are just around the corner.  October is that easy and wonderful space between the excitement of summer and the rush of the holidays.  

And I could linger here forever.
What does your October look like?

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  1. Your fall sounds amazing :-)

  2. Life looks pretty good :)
    Enjoy your weekend. X

  3. A "Hunter's Moon" so bright you can walk on our country road without a flashlight....so many types of trees with so many colors remind me of God's perfect crayon box...how we can see so many colors only He can create! Less daylight with more snuggle time! Hot soup with bread out of the oven....does anything smell better? Fall, my favorite time of year...and every year more delightful than ever before.

  4. I love Autumn/Fall too, the colours just starting to change here, & my view is turning from lush green countryside to golds & reds, with chimney smoke lingering in the morning mist that hangs in the valley. I've got my knee length socks on under knee length boots. My fav. There's a real cold nip to the air now too but that's fine by me, I just layer up. No heating yet, costs too much so we are lazing around with our dressing gowns over our clothes, adding layers as we go. We do have 2 small plug in halogen heaters that are eco friendly & don't cost too much so we use those, moving them to the rooms we are in. But I know too soon the heating will have to go on, just for a small time just to make this house liveable. But will be sensible. Coffee. Now that just helps the day, as do after lunch naps for me. Anyway I cold go on, tell you so much because I feel I can you know. Just talk to you. Forgetting you are across the pond!! Loving the photos btw. Take care lovely. Zo xx

  5. I love Octobers too!! Autumn (fall) is my favourite season..........its not too cold or too hot, it's just right (i'm sounding like Goldilocks here, lol) the green leaves are turning pretty shades of orangey browns & yellowy reds.....the birds are still singing and looking forward to me putting out their fat balls & seed for them to keep them warm through the harsh snowy winter to come. I love the fact that it gets dark around 6, that the curtains are drawn and the candles are lit, with the smell of cinnamon and spiced apple in the air, makes me think of the holidays & cosy nights in the warmth with my John, our dog & our cats, sat watching old Hollywood movies and zombies too........Yes, I love Octobers..........I love life x

  6. I love reading your blog! Whenever I feel so low, I read blogs like yours & I'm reminded to be thankful even the simplest things & the difficult things in my life. Your family is beautiful & Happy Birthday to Philly and Happy Anniversary! Blessings to you all!

  7. I do love fall, so much!!! October brings butterflies to My tummy.
    your daughter is just beautiful and very photogenic and Her "future" daughter will have a beautiful name!

    Loads of love, SJay!

  8. l look forward to Autumn as we call her and your photos are so adorable such a lovely family thank you for sharing them x

  9. I am right there with you! October is so lovely and cozy. Btw, thank you so much for the dress! WHAT! I just emailed you :)

    My October is full of candle lit evenings to unwind, moon lit strolls on the island, workworkwork (not very glamorous work, haha), long drives to see my family (which I cherish so much more now that I am 3 hours away from them), blues-y/country music, painting, chai tea sipping, and lots of sleep! Enjoy the rest of your October!

  10. another thought filled and heart warming post thank you for sharing a little piece of your world with us all...you make the world a happier place ,and bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart . fall or autumn as we call it ( fall sounds so much better )means to me .... loving the colour of the trees and the landscape around us with all its golden hues,kicking my feet through piles of leaves ( the more the merrier ...despite my age !... you never grow up entirely :-)..that would be boring and knowing cold crisp and clear mornings and warm woolly jumpers are on the way ...happy anniversary and belated birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter ..hugs Andrea x

  11. October:
    * victory over a 2 year cancer battle! hooray! all glory goes to God! :)
    * youngest son coming home for Fall break so we spend 24 hours straight watching The Walking Dead season 3. yep, not much comes close to zombie love!
    * big pots of chili so we can watch The Walking Dead. add fritos and cheese. instant happy!
    * beautiful colors of the trees as the leaves change color. God is all His glory!
    * pink crafty all month long with Hope You Can Cling To at Split Coast Stampers. my fave crafty time of the year! :)

  12. Anne (with an e) of Green Gables was fabulous. Someone please send some fall weather to north Florida.

  13. I adored this post. October is one of my favorite months. What wonderful pictures. I also took a shot of the gorgeous October sky, wasn't that amazing? A work of art from the Lord.

  14. I love all your images, and love them as digis:) I really don't like it when specials get only made in rubber, I have a really small scrap space, and cant have lots of rubber stamps.. But, I still buy some that i reaaaaally want.. Have just ordered to now, and cant wait to play with them.. :D In the future I would like to see digital and rubber in the same images.. ;) Looove your little pig .. its adooorable... :D And Love all your images.. :)

  15. gorgeous photos, I love October too, not least because it's my birthday month - and I actually got breakfast made for me by my eldest son.......finally after all these years of dropping hints x

  16. I would have to agree with the love of October, I think I would be perfectly and completely happy if at least half the year were filled with October! Darling pictures, love your little pig and your cute kids! :)

  17. Great picture and very cute piggy. I wаnt to see as rubbers - Sweet Oklahoma,Marry Me and the new digi Sara.

  18. I love your images, I would like to see more christmas, angels or fairy images, but anything else is also great.
    Hugs, Hilde

  19. looks like so much fun... would love to see more winter stamps... not necessarily Christmas.. "WINTER" in Ohio is AWESOME!!!
    huge hugs

  20. Fall, October, Autumn, Halloween....love them all. mostly the cool (not cold) air

  21. Lovely post and gorgeous photos :) Michelle x

  22. What a beautiful post Krista. So lovely to see your family loving and embracing the joys of Autumn. Amazing pics, just love seeing them all. Your kiddos are delish. Hugs, Wends x



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