Armed With Truth GIVEAWAY.


We learn Bible verses each week.
The kids write them out and draw pictures.
And we recite them together.

I think there can be an artificial element to kids memorizing Scripture~ 
like just get an A, okay... Get your 100% for the year and you get a row full of stickers.
It can feel the same learning the verses at home, too...
One kid beating the other to the punch, trying to spit out the verse first.
Fist pump.
I won.
Beat you.

And then we miss the whole point.
To let God's Word live within us.
In the heart.
Not just in a neat place stored away in our thoughts.
Or as a challenge between siblings.

When it lives and breathes within, our lives will shine.
And I kinda want my kids to shine for Christ.

So, we tattoo them.
It's fine, we sign the wavers.

Just kidding.
(About the wavers~ not the tattoos.)
Armed with Truth is this amazing company that makes Scripture temporary tattoos. 
We put them on the kids...
And say go for it.
Read your arm here and there in your day.
You have God's Word at a glance.
And now you look like bad-ass kids to boot.
Share your light with the world.
Live Jesus to others.

It is not a race.
Or a grade.
You get to live it.

And it is funny, when they have it with them~
on their arm, at a glance
No pressure~
Just high fives for the reciting of the Scripture,
even if it is sometimes imperfect
It stays with them.
Philly can still recite Matthew 6:34 perfectly.
And he got that tatted on his forearm months ago:).
Even when the tattoos fade, 
The verses stay.

That is pretty amazing:).
We are hooked.
And now the kids are almost as cool as their tattooed-up parents.

You can receive a 20% discount on your Armed With Truth purchase now through November 9th using code: CANARYTATTS

Also, one reader will win a free pack of Scripture tattoos (10 per pack!)...
To enter, LIKE Armed With Truth on Facebook.  
Then leave a comment here telling me your favorite Bible verse.  
Mine is Matthew 5:14.  

For an extra entry, follow AWT on Twitter.
Leave a separate comment for each entry, please.

Also, check out this video.
Scripture is our sword.
Arm yourselves.


  1. THat's SOOOOO awesome, I was thinking when I saw your twitter pic how cool those tatts would be to get a hold of - so this giveaway is exciting! I 'liked' them on facebook, but to pick a fav. verse is darn hard... I guess one of the first I think of is Ps.34:5 "They looked to Him and were radiant..." I love that reminder that ONLY in focusing on Christ.. do we then SHINE how we were made to. Love your shine too sis'!
    needle and nest

  2. What a great idea. :) My favorite verse is Psalm 23. It reminds me to release the burdens I was never intended to bear!

  3. Awesome Krista!! So encouraged hearing about how you and your family are arming yourselves with the word :) love the idea of Scripture verses as tattoos :) My most favourite verses are Philippians 4:4-7 :)

  4. Oh and I liked AWT on Facebook :)

  5. I liked on Facebook. One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 6:8.

    I also followed them on Twitter-- my username is TACB_Official. Another one of my favorite verses is 1 Peter 2:9.

  6. What an awesome idea. These are so cool. I liked them on Facebook, and my favorite verse for this time in my life is Philippians 4:6-7.

  7. I like Armed With Truth on FB. :)

  8. LOVE this idea and follow them on fb & twitter already!! Favorite of verses is Jer 29:11!!

  9. I love this! I've been trying how to get past that "just memorize it" phase and into them taking it into their hearts! My favorite book is Colossians. Right now it's Colossians 1:13-14.

  10. How BEAUTIFUL!!! Liked on FB, wish there was a LOVED button! My favorite is Luke 14:12-14

  11. I liked them on Facebook.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  12. I have a few favorite verses but the one that imediately came to mind was Psalms 136 " His mercy endureth forever".

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  13. I follow them on twitter under "ashlmull".

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  14. I also follow them on Facebook and Twiiter

  15. Not sure if my other comment went through since I had to sign in...but I wanted to say I love this company and will definitely be stocking up with the discount! I have two favorite verses: One for me personally as a daily reminder: Philippians 4:6-7 & for our family Psalm 127:3-5

  16. Wishing they had more instock, to use the discount before it expires!!
    FAB site, Christmas gifts!!!!

  17. Oh my Gosh! Those tattoos are super cute! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  18. So cool, I love it! and I like it on FB;-)

    My favorite scripture is Revelation 21:5 "AND HE THAT SITS ON THE THRONE SAID, ''BEHOLD I AM MAKING ALL THINGS NEW." Nuf said, right?! :)



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