Has it really almost been a month? oops.

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My last blog post was posted November 11.
I thought I had maybe written it a week or two ago. 
It is safe to say the holidays are clouding my perception of time.
Mondays feel like Fridays (thank you, homeschooling). 
Every Saturday is filled to the brim.
Thanksgiving filled my belly with turkey.
And maybe I passed out for a couple days or something...
Because Christmas has once again snuck up on us.

Now forget all that and let me say (despite the way it sounds), we have chosen to slow this holiday season down a bit.
We are un-packing Advent.
And wrapping our time and hearts around Christ a little more than we have in the past.

It is in the little things.
Instead of our usual Advent boxes full of tiny gifts for the kids, we are reading through this book.
And discovering a Christmas that is so full of God's story, there is no other thing needed to fill our hearts and time and spaces.  

It is horrible to admit, 
but I was so afraid of ruining the kids' Christmas.
What would happen if we traded in our typical "American Christmas"
(which, for us, whether we meant it to or not, centered around Santa, wishes, and packaged joy)
for one that centered around a King-baby that saved our souls.
What if He was not the afterthought, but the first thing that drove our celebrations this season?
I was nervous and shaking at the thought.
And more excited than ever.
To scale down a little.
Make little things count.
Find blessing in sacrifice.
And look for Jesus in our moments.

Niamh and Philly have burst my heart this month.
Over and over.
And I have realized that God is enough.
He is enough and too much, actually.
This beautiful story of Christmas that started in Genesis.
And these two kids, that I thought would want to hold on to the 'good old Christmas'
freely gave it up.
Exchanged their daily advent gifts for daily readings of a story so exciting, 
They cannot wait to hear more.
Looking for less this Christmas, 
because they see there is a huge rift between their own comfortable lives
and the lives of broken, forgotten kids all over the world.

It becomes something unforced and real~
conversations about serving others, seeing needs, and believing in Christmas miracles.
Miracles that are small and wonderful and would otherwise have been lost under wrapping paper.
Are found a lot easier when we are looking to the One who freely lavishes us with them daily.
I am smitten by this Christmas.
The yummy smell of our first real tree.
Handmade ornaments.
And Story.
His Story.

And everything I was so nervous to steal away from the kids, 
was everything that was keeping us from experiencing the truest Christmas.
Brighter than the strings of lights we hang, 
More beautiful than anything we have tried before.
I love that about Christ.
When I seek Him,
He grabs my hand and we just RUN.
Run towards better things, real beauty, and things too great for me to find on my own.

Whatever your Christmas looks like, 
Wherever you live in our world,
I hope your heart is full of His beauty this season.
Merry Christmas, loves.

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Congrats, friend!


  1. awesome post as always hunny...though I am totally not showing Mo piccies of piggly wiggly as it will reignite the whole I need a piggy thing...though it may be slightly better than him currently wanting a Llama..........!!!! huge advent hugs for you all xxxxxx

  2. Oh my gosh, Krista, you always seem to say what I need to hear! My Christmas spirit was broken this year... just many things are rolling into each other... and I believe my sadness is rooted in the material things which you've made me see is simply not the "reason for the season" ! Thank you , friend, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!! Oh those pictures of the little pig are priceless!!!

  3. Truly stunning photo's your children are so adorable xx

  4. Beautifully said. I miss my Krista posts but so happy for you all. Thank you for blessing us by sharing-

  5. This post was absolutely beautiful. I love how perfectly you captured the spirit of what Christmas is suppose to be about. Things have been hectic this year, but after reading your post, I realize they don't need to be. This is a time to thank and be close to our savior. I'll try my best to remember that during this month. Thanks so much for saying exactly what I needed to hear. God bless you, and Merry Christmas.

    The Girly Gamer

  6. Thank you for sharing what/who the world needs to know - JESUS!

  7. That is such a refreshing post of true TRUTH and beauty in a season soaked in the fake joys of commercialism and craziness... CLAP CLAP CLAP. Love you. Love your heart. Love your family... as usual! Now get on a sleight and slush on up here already.. lol!
    *I realllly want to look into doing a Jesse Tree next year with the kids.. are you doing it? Making your own ornaments?
    Big fat cozy squishy hugs your way friend.
    needle and nest

  8. great photos and great words Krista, hope your Christmas is everything you wish for x

  9. What a beautiful and perfect way to celebrate Christmas. We did an activity at church with ideas on having a more Christ centered Christmas and I love it. I love the slowing down and reading the stories, looking for ways to serve, and just having peace in my home and in my heart.

    I love your pics! You have a beautiful family and an adorable pig! Hope you have a blessed and peaceful season that lasts throughout the year. :)

  10. Krista,
    I'm so encouraged by the direction your blog has taken this year! This post was a blessing and an encouragement to me as my husband and I raise our two 'homeschooled' children. Each Christmas season we memorize and recite Luke 2 together on Christmas morning with my family and sing hymns together. It has always helped keep our focus on Christ and the Father's perfect sacrifice of His Son. It is amazing to think the He humbled Himself to the point of becoming a baby born in a manger! What a gift!!! May you and your family have a wonderful celebration of Christs' First Advent!



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