MORE, Jesus.books.and good stuff for 2014.


I write "just" but it meant so much MORE at the time...
And now, too.

I knew lining up my life with Christ's trajectory for it would allow all the other pieces to fall gently in place.  So, my year started with 'just Jesus.'  And ended, just like I knew it would, with so many other things finally fitting into place. 

I see all the One Word posts going up all over the internet.  
One Word's scare me.  
I tried it a couple years ago with PEACE.
I couldn't focus on my One Word, peace, because I had to tackle a whole bunch of other "words" to even get there. 
Fear. Guilt. Trust. Love. 
So...my One Words become like 5 Words. 
And then I'm all screwed up.

So I am going all rebel here.
And choosing the word MORE.
I want more...

More Jesus.
More learning.
More reading.
More time.
More Gospel.
More quiet.
More love.
More grace.
More risk.
More trust.
More peace.
More wild.
More laughing.
More writing.
More intentionality.

You see how I did that?
My One Word can go in front of a whole lotta other words and I don't feel as confined by it.
Some people call it a way to "focus" their year.
I feel like it always leads me down tangent roads anyways...so I choose more.

And more always starts with Christ.

I'm going to continue 2014 like I ended 2013. 
Seeking Christ fully.
Knowing all the other parts of life make a lot more sense that way.

Speaking of more~
I read a ton in 2013. 
One of my goals was to 'become a reader.' 
Killed it.
(See the bottom of this post for my three top recommended reads)

And here is my book pile for this year.
Some of them were recommended.
Others I read about on blogs.
And some I just stumbled onto while looking for others on Amazon. 
My nose will be lodged in a book a lot this year.
Reading more.


Three more books to add to your reading list in 2014:

Jesus the King, by Timothy Keller.

This book steps through the Gospel of Mark like a soul wondering through a minefield. Same stories I have read and heard sermons on for 33 years~ and yet I was blown away chapter after chapter, rediscovering that 'holy-cow-Jesus-You-are freaking-awesome' surge of excitement in my heart.  Every page is marked up crazy.  In fact, it is more than worth re-reading immediately after turning over the last page.  I want to take you by the shoulders and shake you while saying read THIS book

The Irresistible Revolution, by Shane Claiborne.

Talk about a book that made me a mess.  This is it.  Here is the thing:  I want to live and love like Jesus.  But.  ----> BUT<---- I was, and still am at times (face in hands), the sort of person who knew what she believed and could argue you into the ground about things like baptism, predestination, a woman's role, creation, etc.  And I would do it with glowing red eyes and maybe even a pointed finger in your wrong little face.  Then I read a fat, little book by a regular dude living OUT the gospel (not just talking about it)....who differs from myself in SO MANY doctrine points...and he messed me all up.  I liked and un-liked his Facebook page maybe 6 times.  (I am currently on "Like" status...for good.)  I cried to Phil (who was afraid that I was going through another "7" moment). I mentioned it briefly to my pastor to see if he raised his eyebrows in a weird way or held up a crucifix.  (He didn't. He told me the books that screw up your world are usually the best kind to read.) I carried it with me in my purse.  Underlined and question mark-ed paragraph after paragraph.  I threw the book.  And maybe cursed at it.  And then would pick it back up and continue.  Pissed off.  Blessed.  Changed.  Having learned, among many other things, that I do not have to share your point of view on everything "Bible" to still learn from you.  If you need a refresher in how to love like Christ, consider this book a facet in that. 

Jesus Feminist, by Sarah Bessey

I was going to write a paragraph that started 'It's an argument for...' but it isn't, quite honestly, an argument for anything. This book is NOT an argument.  For feminism.  For women in the church.  For some weird Christian-Feminism hybrid idea (like I assumed when I read the title). The pages fly by and the reader is simply taken to an outpost in the Kingdom of God, challenged by a friendly voice in the words on the page, and then encouraged to live out their place.voice.calling.  It began as the type of book I would hide when certain people visited...and then I realized, by reading more and more out of my safe/comfort zone, that I want to fully be a Jesus Feminist, too.  It felt like the weirdest thing, to put 'Jesus' and 'feminist' in the same sentence...but it isn't what you would initially bet on (or maybe fear).  It is an invitation to see your woman-self the way Christ sees you.  And then to live that out.  


So what is your "more" this year?
What are the words YOU would put 'more' in front of... the things you are longing for in 2014??


  1. Girl, I love your posts! And I love your book pile. I want a pile like that THIS year. That is one of my goals = to read more INTENTIOALLY. By the way, that's my word. It came to me in a way that I might share one of these days but basically I want to live intentionally this year and every year. Live intentionally for Christ, intentionally for my marriage and children. See how that works? It goes on and on. Eat intentionally. Love intentionally. Serve intentionally. Clean intentionally. Homeschool intentionally. Give intentionally. Be grateful intentionally. Yep.

  2. Brilliant post Krista!

    more faith.
    more healing.
    more giving.
    more serenity.
    more art.
    more reading.
    more laughing.
    more spontaneity.
    more traveling.


  3. I love that one you found jesus and became passionate about him. I also love your word. I know some people who choose like 3-5 words because they wanted to. It's all about about what works for you anyways.
    Also I might be behind but I LOVE your new design!

  4. Girl your book pile rocks! Kisses from Katie is my absolute favorite book of all time & in December, I read Broken Down House & LOVED it!! I started doing it as a devotional with my youth group & they are all about it, too! Actually, my next "to read" is Pursuing Justice, so I'm glad to see that its in your pile, too!! xoxo, Olivia...PS Happy 2014! (:

  5. I see my pick in there - woooot! You are totally knocking it out of the park with your books there - I bet you're going to be almost OWL eyes by the end of the year.. which would be kind of cool, and freaky.. soo.
    But seriously, you are such an encouragement by your example/honesty/eagerness to grow MORE!
    Love you, and your sneaks.. and your rolled up jogging pants... nerd. ;o)
    needle and nest

  6. I guess I should read more- mostly been reading blog posts : ) I have to say how much I love this post- getting ready for a visit to see my daughter in Asia- and love your book recommendations- long plane ride!!!

    Thanks for such good encouragement. My goal for 2014 is to Pray more- and daily!
    Hugs to you- you are wonderful!

  7. Last year my OLW was "ENJOY". Enjoy Love. Enjoy family. Enjoy trials.
    This year my OLW is "CHANGE". Change my eating habits. Change my attitude. Change my time management.
    (it's all about the loopholes when it comes to OLW, huh? haha)

    I am currently reading 7. A book I found out about through you. I LOVE IT! I want to give EVERYTHING away (except my copics, of course. haha). It's really eye-opening and changing me. The way I think. The way I see the "STUFF" that surrounds me. The way I spend time doing senseless things (like scrolling for an hour through Instagram). And it came at just the right time. Because our church is doing a 21 day fast starting Monday. You can read about it here: http://x0-d.blogspot.com/2014/01/new-blog.html.

    Anyway, I think I'm going to get that 2nd book now, and the rest later.
    I forgot how much I loved reading, until I met someone named Krista.

    x0, D

  8. I have gone with a single word - having said I would not n\have a word for the year, God had other ideas, so TRUST it is - with the focus on trusting God over and before all else.
    Love your posts - they are so refreshing, and I have loved your journey this past year, well the bits you have shared :-)

  9. Love, love, love this and am sooo glad to have found your blog. Loved the Shane Claibourne but want to read Jesus Feminist!
    Look forward to following along with you now!

  10. I love your goals! I need more of everything as well. I actually started reading "God Never Blinks" and I am loving it. Happy 2014!

  11. Wow Krista I always get sooo much from your blod posts! I've been searching for a 'one little word' of my own for days and had nearly settled on organise but I mighy have to borrow yours because it fits sooooo much better!! Thank you!
    And that book pile looks very interesting!
    Happy New Year! And happy reading :)

    Rachael xx

  12. I'm so in love with your favourites that I'm adding these to my Goodreads, but I can't read the title of the second book. Does anyone know what it is?

    1. Hey Julia,
      Its A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
      Hugs, Vick x

  13. New reader, stoked to have found your blog. One of my goals for my 2014 year of growth is to read at least 12 books this year. I haven't read any of yours yet, which is exciting for me! Well, aside from Kisses From Katie, which I'd read behind the desk when I worked at a religious book store. Such a good read.

  14. Happy Friday Krista
    I wanted to ask you something, but cannot locate anyway to email you. If you get a chance could you possibly drop me a note so I can reply.
    Thanks bunches!!!
    Jackie P

  15. I look forward to your posts every week and so appreciate your passion for Jesus and watching you grow in your relationship with him. I had not thought of one word as I often struggle with follow through and don't want that pressure:) I do however, want to have Jesus first in all that I do in my family, work, marriage, friends, ect. and know that if this is my priority, my relationship with him will evolve deeper. Perhaps, deep in Christ is my goal this year. Deeper to get into his word through the Bible, books about him, friendships that help me to see his hands and feet and deeper in my marriage and family that show them a Christ-like change. May you have a blessed 2014 that is more mind blowing than the previous year has been!!

  16. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Hope all your wishes come true.

  17. Wow what a Fabulous post. I definitely admire your love for Christ and your honestly in this post . The think that it's amazing when I plan to do something for the yr and Do it. I didn't create a New Years resloution cause of that fear of not completeing it and having soo much I want to do that one resloution isn't enough. I love your outlook on creating a "more" list. It's creative and takes all the fear out it. I defineitly want to read one of your recommend books. U seen to be excited about them and I luv that. So on to my more list \
    More faith \
    More love\
    More Christ\
    More confidence\
    More creativity \
    More family \
    More growth\
    Thank you for this post I swear God always has a plan. I came to your blog looking for new digi stamps and to see your new projects, but got soooo much more. Stay blessed}

  18. you are an amazing woman and an inspiration!

  19. you are AWESOME! i love this post! i was so encouraged and thank you for sharing your journey with Jesus! how lovely! Also, you are going to going to LOVE Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist! Her two other books are amazing too =} and you cant go wrong with a Million Miles & A Thousand Years! Such a great stack right there! i will have to check out your Timothy Keller suggestion! I know you already have a crazy huge stack but I can't leave here without suggesting Love Does by Bob Goff and also Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt. I think you would enjoy those based on this post!

    xo, Kelsey Young | Happie Reading Blog

  20. i loved this. and i love your one word!

  21. Hi Krista-
    I'm new to your site and loved you post for 1/4/14. Christ #1 in everything. My pastor is teaching a "Christmas Special", about the Messiah, Jesus. How amazing! He also did a series called, "Follow The Lord" a while back. Teaches how to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. Something you might check out. All MP3 CDs are free, just go to the church website. www.uplandbiblechurch.org. There are also gospel booklets to use in personal evangelism. All grace, no charge.
    By the way, I came to your site because I saw one of your digital stamp images on a YouTube video and loved it! I'm shopping!
    Have a great day!

  22. Krista, I realize this blog was posted months ago, but I've been looking for some great Christian reads, and am so inspired by your stack of books :) I ordered a few John Eldredge books, and just want to thank you for posting the picture, it was a great jumping off point for me to hopefully find just what I'm looking for! Thanks again, and good luck with the kiddo's and homeschooling, it seems to be going smashingly!



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