Bloggers Trip... Going to Haiti, Friends!


I like to invite you on a trip with me and 5 other bloggers this April.

Do you remember Help One Now?  You and I have gathered together twice this year (one, two) to raise money for their teachers and children in Haiti.  There is something so beautiful about what this organization does; and I am humbled, scared, and excited to be a part of telling the stories of their people this spring.  

I will be joining some amazing bloggers/writers on this trip:

I am thrilled to meet the children rescued from a life of hopelessness and the caregivers who daily nurture and love them.  What an honor.  I cannot wait to share this journey with my readers.  It is something far outside my comfort zone (not a big traveller, this homebody), and I may spend the whole time crying.  Because beautiful Gospel stories make my eyes overflow.  

Follow along on IG @kristacanary .
I'd be stoked if you go along with me, friends!


  1. WOW - what a blessing - for you and them

    1. I agree...beyond blessed for this opportunity! xx

  2. Wow Krista. This will be a trip of a lifetime. It will touch your heart I'm sure. I am full of admiration, that you are actually doing it. I will be definitely following your journey. Can't wait to laugh and cry alongside you. So proud of you. Hugs Nina

  3. You're gonna be held up by angels on the flight and holding earth angels when you get there! Rock it babes x

  4. WAUW what an amazing opportunity to see with your own eyes, that it really does help to do "something" no matter how little it can seems to be, but when enough goes together, they CAN change the world.
    I´ll definitely look forward to follow you on your trip, that´s for sure, if anyone can make a difference, its you.
    Have a wonderful week-end now everyone.

  5. Hi Krista
    A fabulous and wonderful thing you are doing and a trip of a life time for you wishing you all the best on your adventure and look forward to hearing all about
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  6. How brave you are! You have such a good heart. I'm looking forward to reading your blog posts from Haiti.

  7. Congrats a real learning experience..to see first hand struggle and relief ..I think that this adventure will humble you and at the same time those children you come into contact with will get to meet a truly special person!!! Have a great trip and be safe!!!

  8. What a beautiful mission, i believe it's no mistake you were chosen to take this special mission and touch lives. I'm so stoked for you krista. Lots of hugs, angela mireles

  9. Wow Krista, what an amazing experience you are about to embark on. I can't wait to see the photo's. You're a very special person and I'm not the least bit surprised you were chosen. Have a wonderful trip, be safe and treasure the moments you're about to have.

  10. Hi Krista, I think you were born to do this kind of thing sweetie....what a brilliant thing to do, look forward to hearing all about it, take care.xx

  11. How wonderful to be helping others. If I were to go someplace I think I might like to go to Russia on a missions trip.

  12. It will be an amazing experience. I did a bit of voluntary work painting a school in a mountain village in India in 1998 and it was incredible meeting the children. I'd love to go back some day and spend longer. Your trip will be even more amazing. Lots and lots of emotion, but so rewarding. Have a wonderful time x

  13. I love to go South Africa - the poor parts and help them to have a better standard of living and health xx Despite poor health myself its nothing as bad as what SOME areas of South Africa suffer - I would luv be able to help those area improve health care too xx

  14. I have always felt that I do my best work when I reach out to people I meet every day and help them. There are people all over the world that need help and many of them are in front of us daily. Some need a meal, a place to stay and be safe until they can move one, some need a friend who will not judge them and help them to become who they have potential to be. There are so many people that need essential things for life that we pass by without seeing the need because we think they are in other parts of the world not where we live.
    I have traveled all over the world, especially in Asia and seen so many people in need everywhere. I try and do what I can whenever I meet someone, but I also know I can do more. That is what I want to do to make the world better, is give more of myself everyday no matter where or when.
    I think it's wonderful that you are reaching out and spreading love to all people.

  15. God bless you, you have a big heart to helping others.
    Hugs Elfie



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