Over a cup of coffee I would tell you...

Homeschooling is awesome.  I love it much more than I even imagined I would.  Niamh is flying through her Spanish lessons.  And the little dude is all about becoming a weatherman.  He can read a radar map better than any of us.  We spend 99% of our time all together; and the two nerds are totally at home with that.  It just fits us nicely as a family...and I am so thankful we made this decision. 

I have not blogged nearly as much the past few months because I have spent my time concentrated on our family and the kids' learning. I have spent much of my free time reading, determining the best way to teach our kids science alongside the Bible.  My 2014 reading list has barely been touched because I have been flying through books like this and this and this and this.  Homeschooling has definitely pushed me to learn a ton this year, too.

I would tell you that we have six pets.  And that Niamh has taught her pig to "sit."  Philly likes to watch movies with his guinea pig on the couch.  And for someone who was never really an "animal person", I have come to grips with the fact that our home is not that different from a petting zoo now... but I did draw the line at a sloth.  Which Philly begged me to please get him for the last month.  

Since I will not get him a sloth, he is toying with the idea of devoting his life to working on a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.  That, or a weatherman.  It is up in the air right now.

I would tell you that my new favorite clothing site is here.  Holy cow, the skater dresses are so awesome (and affordable).   I will be wearing the same dress in different colors for the rest of my life.  

Also, check out this Etsy shop for awesome wall decor.  We have a New Jersey mason jar holder in our living room, and it is seriously the sweetest thing. 

I'd tell you that Philly asked me to gel back his hair tomorrow like "Elvis hair."  Last week he wanted Anakin Skywalker hair.  And before that, it was Jesse Katsopolis hair.   Crazy kid.

Walking Dead starts back up next Sunday.  I cannot wait for my Sunday zombie fix.  BEST. SHOW. EVER.  (If you are a fan, check back next Sunday for a zombie artwork freebie.  whoop.woop.) 

I would tell you that I am OVER the snow.  And so ready for summer to come back.  

Phil had off last week, and we spent our time being lazy...and then being lazier.  We did go tubing on Tuesday and had a blast.  If we could spend every snow day tubing, I'd like the snow a whole lot more.

I'd tell you the kids have already exchanged Valentines because they have ABSOLUTELY NO will power.  (That "can't keep secrets or presents hidden" thing comes from their dad.)

That Niamh ran her half mile in 5:40 this week.  I am so proud of her effort!!

That you need to check out this site if small living appeals to you.  Something about a "tiny house" just makes me happy.  I need one.  (Phil needs a bit more convincing)  Sometimes Niamh and I will spend an hour picking out our own tiny place to live.  We are obsessed.

I'd tell you that we do this study with my sister and BIL every Friday.  And we love it.  There is something about food, friends, and faith that mix so well.  

I would admit that I miss being crafty a little...and am trying to make just a little time here and there for it.  I have some posts scheduled up for this week~ in an attempt to add craftiness and blogging back into my schedule once again:).

And I would share this song with you once again. Because it is quite possibly the most beautiful worship song ever.ever.ever.  I sold out for Oceans and tattooed part of it on my arm.  It is the perfect background music to a life lived for Jesus. 

And then I'd ask you to tell me about your life...
What special/ordinary/lovely things are filling up your days?
We still have a lot of coffee to drink (I always need at least two cups:)...

so spill the beans, friend...

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  1. And I would tell you that I am slowly trying to love my life more.. And appreciate the people I have in it and the lovely things I have.. My partner and son and my lovely dog.. My new awakened love for crafts and trying to start out in my world again but this time without my mum.. Trying to do all the things she would have been proud of me for and not spend the rest of my life grieving..

  2. I would tell you I'm loving my life and feeling blessed, despite a few hiccups involving my teenager's love life, and worrying about whether my little girl will get her Greek army built in time for the homework deadline. I'm sitting here in a very quiet house, listening to the birds twittering outside (hubby would be mad at me for having the door open and letting the cold in but I like the fresh air). I would tell you my little girl is the opening act in her dance show in a couple of weeks. She has to pop out of a "tv" box, singing "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka....and I can't wait to see it. Big loves and hugs to you and yours.
    Fiona xxx

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower from London saying Hi!! Cool blog.....I'm following someone who owns a Zoo...yeah!


  4. I am so happy to hear that you are at peace..family is the greatest gift we could ever recieve..to hear that each of you cherish one another makes me happy..hats off to you and your family..still working on my hubby to get a pig!!!big hugs to you and your family..I lalso love your images...

  5. I would tell you...
    I am lucky to have such a gorgeous, clam and peaceful friend to call mine and that Mo is blessed to have such gorgeous penpals.
    I would also tell you that you totally need a Yonanas machine ( seriously, I got it right first time so know me and you are safe with this technology!! lol! and Mo says philly and niamh will love cookies and cream flavour...)
    I would also tell you that girly time of the month sucks but all is not lost as I have a couple of digi's by aforementioned gorgeous budette to bring to life ;)
    Love yah hunny
    Huge hugs Lou xxxxx

  6. I would tell you that despite the extra hours of shut eye I've received, I still feel like I'm running on fumes. I went to a women's conference last week and still haven't had a chance to catch my breath and get my feet back on the ground.

    I would share with you that I'm currently waist deep in one Bible study and 2 devotionals. Which means my blog has also been pretty lonely.

    Then I'd comment on the following:
    I love that you're loving homeschooling your kiddos! It is our financial goal for me to stay home and homeschool our kid(s). Also, Philly knows Jesse Katsopolis? Impressive, my friend.

    I also love small living spaces- easier to clean! My trade off though is a huge yard/outdoor space. I need to spread out somewhere =)

    Have a blessed day!
    ♥ Vanessa

  7. these pictures are stunning and so full of life!
    and like you, cannot wait for some walking dead. zombie fix, please!

  8. Hi Krista, over coffee I would tell you that I never really realized how much of a home-body I was until I retired. I can go weeks without ever leaving my house. And I am so grateful that hubs gets cabin fever because he has the task of Hunter/Gatherer and brings home the groceries so we don't starve.

    I would tell you how wonderful that you are loving the homeschooling process. And ask if the teacher guides explain how you go about the teaching process or is it mostly flying by the seat of your pants? H tried to help my granddaughter with her math recently and had to run to the computer when she said the area she was having problems with was "mental math". I had never heard that term in all my time in school, in all the time my children were in school and even through the years my older grandkids (both older ones are now seniors in high school) went through elementary grades. I would tell you how much I admire you for taking on that monumental task.

    I would beg you to get out your Prisma pencils and let me watch you color for a while. I love your colored images and even though I can obtain acceptable colored SC images using my Copic markers I really wanted to have some with that softer more huggable appearance that your colored images always have. But alas, I have tried and tried and all of mine look like a strained effort.

    I would tell you about the house I will one day build in Tennessee on some land we recently bought. We have the land and I found the house plan but commitments keep us where we are for a while. But I will tell you it will not be a Tiny House. Yes, so many of those tiny houses/cottages look just adorable, but I really feel too claustrophobic to keep my sanity in such a small space. I can get freaked out in an elevator if it jerks or makes strange noises. I don't know what causes claustrophobia and I don't know how to overcome it, so yeah, I need more space. But they are cute! I wouldn't mind having one set a little ways off toward the back of our property and I would let friends and family use it as a guest retreat. But I couldn't live in it myself.

    And, I would complain a little about how so many people in my life have no problem taking advantage of my inability to say no. I get asked to do favors by people I am acquainted with, who I honestly think good manners should prevent them from even asking me, but yet, they do anyway. I would grouse over the loss of manners and etiquette in the word today.

    But I would also sing praises for how much the Lord has blessed me and how much he has brought me through. He has certainly blessed me more than the Inconsiderate Ones have troubled me. So it's not all bad. No, absolutely not all bad. More good than bad. Much more.

    Well, I sure have enjoyed having a chat and some coffee. We need to do this again sometime. Catch ya later.

  9. beautiful pics as always and beautiful words. You are such an amazing mother. Wish I had so much to sahre. My youngest was 11 yesterday and my eldest took home his school report today. He has to choose his subjects now and has been recommended at top level by all his teachers except art....I could never draw and neither can he! I have my day off tomorrow so am hoping to have some crafty time in amongst the housework and shopping. Nothing else very exciting, work is work but I simply refuse to bore you with the details xxx

  10. I'm enjoying a late night doughnut from our favorite "Granny's doughnut" shop and reading some blogs.

    I've got a book beside me that I need to crack before tomorrow nights' bible study with close friends. I love the Word of God and how it is sufficient to meet my every need, and allows me to be encouraged by godly women, and hopefully encourage them as well. The yummy finger foods and hot coffee are a bonus!

    I'm thankful the Lord has finally answered our prayers for a local church to attend. We spend over an hour on Sunday talking 'theology' with the pastor and our souls were refreshed and we are excited to begin this journey with the 'Body of Christ' in a new town.

    We are looking forward to painting walls and updating bedrooms in our new home, and I'm torn between a practical muted color for my 8 year old daughters' room or going with her choice of bright and loud- because you're only 8 once!

    Homeschooling is also a true joy in our lives as well- and I praise God for giving me the grace and patience to keep at it. My favorite time of day is 'Bible time'- singing songs, reading, praying and memorizing- basically pouring God's words into their lives daily- and praying they will grow to love Him more than I do! We love reading together at night as well- and we're chipping away at 'Cheaper by the Dozen' right now, and it's filled with great opportunities for laughter from the kids as well as my husband and I.

    I'm not looking forward to an upcoming procedure that will rule out Chron's disease- but I'm hoping my health will improve and I can feel better soon!

    We've got a play date with friends tomorrow and I'm headed to bed- but I did want to suggest this book for your consideration as a possible different view on God's voice called 'Strange Fire' by John MacArthur (one of my favorite authors and teachers).

    Have a great night, and thanks for the chat!



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