Pin This Deer Yo.

Pinterest projects always seem so inspiring.  
A ton of expectations.
Pinterest makes me giddy. 

On the flip side of that.
I have completed exactly ZERO projects successfully. 

 What starts out as something on my holiday board that looks like this:


Inevitably ends up on my Pinterest Fail list as this:
we had teal grass circles for weeks.
and even managed to paint a block of bushes teal, too.
so awesome.


I never did manage to make a beautiful painted-pumpkin table-scape.
We "displayed" those ugly things behind our couch.  

So, I've never done anything remotely Pinterest-worthy as far as handmade/craft projects.  
Until Butch.
He might just be the one idea that turned out exactly like I imagined. 
I am sure someone has already done something like this~ but I never saw it. 
So, he is all mine as far as I am concerned.  

Here is the before and after:


I really wanted a creamy-colored deer bust to put in our living room.  But, when I searched for one to buy, I found that they were kinda ridiculously expensive.  I decided to buy a realistic one from Amazon and paint him cream myself. 

Philly liked my deer bust.
He thought he was cool. 
And named him "Butch" after my dad (who hunts and displays real deer heads everywhere).  
Then Philly dropped Butch on the floor.
And he was broken. 
Philly cried his eyes out.  
And I found him the next morning in the kitchen petting the broken deer whispering 
"I'm so sorry, Butch."
Which was kind of weird and creepy...
But anyways.
I had to put him back together.
For the sake of Philly.


His ears went back on pretty easily.
But his antlers were broken in 6 places and would NOT stay on well.

I knew painting them would add a little extra stick to the broken spots, but wasn't especially confident they would remain together forever.  So, I decided they needed to be wrapped. 

I pulled out a bunch of fabric I had sitting in my craft supplies.  
And tore up my favorite prints.


Then dipped each piece in decoupage and wrapped the antlers in the fabric pieces.
As you can see, I did not make any messes in the process.


I painted Butch.


I reattached the antlers after they dried over night.
Now his rack is solid.
And actually kind of pretty.


Butch is a beautiful guy.
And my one project that went from bad to pretty awesome. 
(Most of my projects trend the opposite way around.)

Pin Butch.
Even if it is a pity pin.
I don't even care.
He is my one-time Pinterest-worthy project...
And this will totally make my his day.

And, if you know our family well, do not tell my dad there is a deer with pink antlers named after him.


  1. romfl!!!! oh philly hunny sending you huge hugglies for dropping butch and Krista you gave butch a gorgeous makeover!!!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. Love it! The story and the outcomes

  3. That is awesome Krista! I so feel Philly's pain. He must have been crestfallen! So sweet he was so worried! Love the cream deer much more than the original. So yep, I think it's a Pinterest worthy pin. I'm on it! Mwah, Wends x

  4. bahaha.. you guys rock! I assumed you were using your scrapbooking 'washi' tapes.. but the fabric is totally fun - clever save, mama. ;o)
    Most of my mistakes turn into art... it's kind of how I roll. Thankfully God works that way with us too ;o)
    needle and nest

  5. Totally cracked me up...love it!

  6. oh my gosh, Butch is fabulous! I kinda like him better this way, and I grew up with every family member having at least 4 or 5 of the real ones hanging in the living room. ;) LOVE those antlers!

  7. I LOVE Butch~~~ my hubby would have half a chance of having him upstairs instead of the "man room" if we had one like this!!! Great job!!!! You need to let Philly know I think he did a great job when he dropped Butch... much better!!! LOL!!

  8. I love Butch...he's fabulous! I think that's so sweet that Philly was apologizing to Butch. You really do have some sweet children. Growing up we had deer heads, antlers, moccasins and gloves made from their hide...and lots of their meat on the table. But this is my favorite. Butch rocks!

  9. I had to pin this! This is really neat and very clever!! Poor Philly! I am sure he felt much better once Butch was fixed :-)

  10. Aw, poor Philly! The things we moms don't do for our kids. It just kills you to see them hurt or sad.



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