The First Six Months.


We are over 6 months into the first year of homeschooling.  
Whatever fears I had in the beginning~ I can hardly remember them. 
I love this teaching thing. 
They love it, too.
It might just be our best decision yet. 

It took a while to settle into it. 
The three of us sat crying on Niamh's bedroom floor on the third day of school.  
That memory makes me laugh now.  
It just took a little time to get in the groove and figure out what homeschool looks like for us. 

It is probably very different for everyone. 
I am not a schedule person; so our day is very flexible.
Sometimes we homeschool in pajamas. 
And sometimes we pack it up and do parts during errands/driving/etc.   
We usually start school in the late morning/early afternoon. 
We spread out all over the kitchen... books, music, crayons, papers, coffee... it is messy and wonderful. 

On Monday, we ditched school and drove to Philadelphia to see a Pompeii exhibit at the Franklin Institute.  On Wednesday, we worked hard to make up the missed school day's work~ and then decided that a super late-night Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie was in order.  (CUTE.  go see it.)  We had the whole theater to ourselves and may or may not have danced to the end credits.  Who knows.  


I love teaching Spanish most.  
(Rosetta Stone kicks booty...and is easily supplemented with worksheets and activities.) 
I have learned so much, because I have had to put the time and effort into figuring out what specific things I believe, especially in the Science and Bible subjects.  (Insert: hours and hours of reading after kiddos' bedtimes.)  

We have had hard conversations about creation.
We have talked about beauty and thankfulness.  
Niamh is obsessed with King Tut and Egypt and wants to be an archeologist.
Philly read his first chapter book.  On Elvis.  (Check out the Who Is ____ books on Amazon.  My kids love them.) 
Phil reads to them a lot on his days off.
And teaches them magic tricks...which I have argued are not a part of our curriculum. 
He doesn't care.  


There are definitely hard moments. 
But there always are in anything worthwhile. 
A few years ago, I would never have imagined us going this route. 
But I am so thankful we found our way to it.
As a family, we have spent hours upon hours together; learning, laughing, talking, and just being with and next-to one another.  There is beauty in that.
My goals have shifted greatly in the past few months.
And I like the feeling of excitement that accompanies new hopes and dreams.  

Teaching our kids is an awesome gift
It is my most favorite thing to do.
Each day is an adventure.
And I love being able to explore tomorrows together.


  1. What a wonderful journey you are on - all of you!

  2. After 7 years of homeschooling my littles (which aren't so little anymore), I can't imagine doing anything else. It definitely has it's challenge days, but the joys and blessings that God has given us as a family through it have been worth every tear and frustration. The adjustment time from traditional school to home study was the hardest, but we survived and wouldn't have it any other way. Keep at it!

    1. Love this. Glad to know other people go through a "transitional" period too and we weren't the odd balls there:). We found our groove now and just love teaching and learning at home!

  3. Sounds very challenging but rewarding. I'm an archaeologist specializing in Ancient Civilisations including Egypt, Malta and Aboriginal Australia if your babies would like more information. I work in a Museum in Australia and an currently on maternity leave after the birth of my little man Caleb who is now three months old.

    1. OMGOSH....email me, please!! We can talk because even a brochure on Egypt would make Niamh's whole year:). She is dying over King Tut right now, lol... How cool a job do you have!!!!!!! And congrats on your bundle <3!


    2. Emailed you subject line "all about Tut"

  4. You definitely are a model of 'jumping in' for me... I'm still pretty terrified of the idea - don't feel gifted to 'teach' in any way - but I want to keep homeschooling as a viable option for our kids.. IF school doesn't work for them at any stage... who knows! Any way.. so great to watch your journey unfold - and see how beautifully your kids are blossoming in it all!
    needle and nest

    1. I thought I'd be terrible at the teaching part...because I always locked horns with the kids during homework when they went to school. But, for some reason, it did a complete 180 for me...and I love it. They love it too...but I do allow them to chew gum, pass notes, and occasionally someone farts and we get to make a huge, ridiculous deal over it...So, who wouldn't love that teacher? ;)

  5. Certainly does sound challenging but so rewarding as Louise said! I love that you've taken this journey with your children.

  6. What a blessing for all of you. I have an 18 yr old with special needs and a 20 yr old and just am switching jobs in a week to work less. Looking forward to have more home balance for my family and also for myself to focus on his word. I really admire that you trusted God to go all in and that you see his blessings in it each day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. mmm-hmm!! Home balance is so important... I need that time to feel grounded and complete as a mama!! Totally agree, Wendy!

  7. omg you have a pet pig, you don't know how jealous I am of you! I love and adore pigs

  8. Such an interesting post, homeschooling must be such a huge change to your life. If you have the patience and commitment, though, I'm sure it reaps amazing rewards. Best of luck for the next six months and beyond!


  9. Hi Krista. Your post are always so interesting and its amazing how your life's journey is unfolding in your words. Thanks for a good read at the end of the day. Very heart-warming and I do believe it is a destiny designed just for you and your family. Continue to love life and share with us.

  10. A great & interesting post!! I've just started homeschooling my youngest daughter and it has made such a HUGE and WONDERFUL change in our lives. My daughter now loves to learn again, and gets irritated if we have a late start. This from the child who literally had to be dragged from bed Mon - Fri to go to school!! I am still angry about the "why" of our decision, but in the end it turned out to be one of our greatest blessings.

  11. Great post! With us in Bulgaria homeschooling is not allowed. And I think that the younger children, better option. Our daughter is now 14 years and I see that I can not help at all, but our son is a year old and go to school. I can only dream about your education. I wish you success!

  12. I could almost write this myself verbatim. I never ever thought I would be a homeschooling mom. But God certainly had different plans for means I could ignore that He led me to it. Good for you, it sounds like you really made the best choice for your children ❤️❤️

  13. Congrats on your 6+ months. I too had doubts/fears when I first homeschooled my two sons (now 20 and 22 and both in college). I do not regret the 4 and 5 years I homeschooled them and they still look back on that time happily and don't regret it. They both returned to public high school when it was time but even during those years told me how glad they were I homeschooled them before then. I did have doubts all through out and worried that I was not giving them sufficient teaching in certain subjects, but both of them graduating high school with honors and succeeding very well in college have confirmed I did better than I thought at the time. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. It brought me closer to both boys in a manner in which I don't think I would have gotten without homeschooling. Good luck in your homeschool adventure! Treasure even the tough moments.

    1. Thank you for that wonderful encouragement Nance!! <3



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