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Let's all be honest for a sec.
Child sponsorships can feel ambiguous.
A little murky.
Depending on which commercial you watch, maybe even icky.
And we all get bombarded at some point with "asks".
Whether it be from the pulpit.
Or a blogger. (Hang with me for a few- don't ditch this post just yet.)
A Christian concert. 
A conference.
'Asks' can feel uncomfortable.
I know, 
Because I have felt it, too.

I have tuned them out. 
I have sponsored.
I have wondered how the money gets there.
And who handles it between. 
I had only been a part of large organization's models...
But I longed for something different.

I think that is why I gravitated a year ago to a site called Help One Now.
The unassuming but vision-filled man in the newsboy cap.
The story-telling.
All things that pulled my heart-strings and left my life stamped forever with the feeling that 
Doing good is simple.
And it should be.
What a relief when you let those words sink in.

I saw the sponsored kids eat at school. 
For some of them, that is their only meal for the entire day.
But they are fed out of the huge pots of beans and rice and chicken because of sponsorships. 
All of them.
The entire school.
Bellies being fed in heaping spoonfuls.

I saw the children, lined up 7 across, sharing two desks.
Row after row like that.
Packed into each other and the heat of the day.
Leaning into the teacher's words.
Education never looked so holy.

Help One Now has a sponsorship page.
At the outset of this trip, they needed 100 more sponsorships in order to invite more community children into the Drouin school.  Some of those are spoken for now, but sponsorships are still needed. 

I think my followers are unique in that (most of you) are crafters.  
Specifically, cardmakers.

We all need to do what we can from where we are.

If you love kids.  
If you make cards.
If you want to dazzle some little fingers with your crafty goodness.
If you spend $41 dollars on crap each month that you can cut out.
Then, maybe you are in the exact position you need to be in to sponsor a child in Haiti.
While I was watching their dusty fingers move over cards and photos from those who already sponsor, 
I couldn't help but think this is where crafters' cards need to be sent.  
With flowers.
And sparkles.
And colored images.
These are the cards that will be treasured in a way you will never know.
It sort of moves our hobby past Facebook "likes" and blogpost comments
Into a deeper place.
A needed place, friends.

And, seriously, look at their faces when they get their envelopes from sponsors.
I almost died watching the giddiness.  
It was something I will not ever forget.


So this is absolutely an 'ask.'
But I am confident that it is unique.
Because this organization is unique.
And, even though an ask is hard to write, because "asking" does not feel natural to me...
I can't imagine walking away from this trip without doing so.
What I'd really love to do, 
Is wrap my arm in yours and take you back into last week with me.
Because it wouldn't feel like an ask anymore.
Just two friends, joining together to do good.
It really is that simple. 

To sponsor a child click here.
To read more about the unique sponsorship model that Help One Now has developed to sustain their efforts in the Haitian communities I visited, click here.

If you cannot afford sponsorship, please consider a Garage Sale for Orphans.  I did one last fall.  Got to clean out all our excess to help those who are in need.  What a profound paradox.  When you commit to the garage sale, be sure to select "Ferrier Village Preschool."  You will be coming alongside the community children in the second photo in this post:).

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments, and I will respond individually to each one.

Thank you for following my trip to Haiti, friends.
Thank you for caring about what I care about.
You have helped me raise over $5,000 for Help One Now the past year.
I can't tell you what that means to me.
Or what it felt like to walk through the projects on the ground...
I love you all.


  1. This is so touching it really touches my heart. I plan on sponsoring a child, it makes a lot of sense when you talked about buying crafting things that we really don't need to have. so I'm going to split my crafting budget and help a little one in need.

    1. I am so thrilled for you, girl!!! Huge hugs sent your way xoxo

  2. Simply stunning is your post Kirista so lovely that your sharing this x

  3. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures and allowing us to follow your journey.

  4. beautiful pics Krista. At the moment I rarely have a budget for craft so am unable to sponsor a child. I would however be more than happy to send cards if there is a way to do that?

  5. Krista as I am not I USA I cannot see my way to support this incredible program, but I am impressed by it. We have supported/sponsored children over the years via World Vision, and have seen some wonderful results there.

  6. You are a wise one. No need to post this comment once read, but please, if you can spare a minute, read "Stephen's Story" on Facebook. It will touch you, promise. He is my life at the moment, yet I've never met him. He is my "help one now" because I can. What he has achieved is phenomenal. He is the UK 's hero right now. We can't save his life, he IS going to die, and soon, but we can help him help others. I am crying again now, said enough. Love you Krista, and all you do. You too, like Stephen, have made a difference. And that is awesome sauce! X

  7. WOW- how amazing that you have raised so much money and it DOES matter!!! I just visited Cambodia- the kids there touched me in the same way- they need an organization like Help One Now! Litle gifts- even stickers- are such a big help. Bless You!!!



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