Join Me For Stories~~~


I sat on my floor the other day and watched the video below. 
While my own kids played behind me.
Running wild.
And my eyes watered all over my cheeks. 
Oh God, I might be a mess in Haiti.
I'll hide my red eyes behind the brim of a Yankees hat.
And hope that the people there know that any tears they see are NOT because they are poor.
Or broken.
Or have less.
Or need so much more. 
It's because they are all just like us. 
The sounds of women preparing food.
The sounds of shuffling feet on the earth.
The giggles. 
The reading.
The working.
All of it is beautifully familiar.
And yet, I've never really taken time to go hear the sounds lived inside anyone else's life. 
I have a feeling that I will see and hear more beauty in Haiti than I've ever witnessed before. 

I am humbled and thankful for the chance to be a storyteller person for Help One Now on this trip. 
That feels so huge a task right now.

To walk with some amazing women (they are authors and speakers; and I am a note-taker, utterly thrilled to share company with them for a few days)...

To attempt to put words to moments that might leave me speechless.

To get a chance to see the very things YOU all helped raise money to build into people's lives.  

These are heavy things for my heart, honestly. 
Just typing them out now makes my screen go blurry.
I look forward to sharing each day with you.
All the tiny moments.
All the wow moments. 
And everything in between.

Sometimes the most exquisite and beautiful pieces of life are the strangely familiar ones...
The sights and sounds that make you, not even knowing it, say 'oh yeah... I know that.'
When you find those same familiar treasures in lives far away, in strangers,
They will make you feel right at home. 
Like, this is where you belong in this moment.

I am banking on that for Haiti.
That it will be a place I forever long for in my heart.
Foreign and familiar. 
Broken and beautiful.
Wild and free. 


So I carve a place for this trip in my soul.
I look forward to making Haiti's people my home for a short time.
I pack a lot of ball hats.
And clear space on my camera card for hoards of photos. 
I promise my kids that this trip needs to happen, even if they miss me for a few days. 
Because they are sharing their mama with little kids who don't have their mama anymore. 
And I am thankful for the encouraging push to just 'do this' from a husband who knows my heart better than even I.
And I pray hard.  Hard.
And bring the authority of Jesus into this trip.
So that I can give my fears no space, no time.
And spend April 12th to the 16th just telling beautiful stories

lovely photos captured by Scott Wade.


  1. I can't wait to hear all about it hunny. I know it will be hard but so very rewarding too
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. I think that you need this trip just as much as those little people need you..Life is a gift and each and every moment that we have is a treat..so go and enjoy your kids who are awesome will learn in those days just how much of a gift you are..it will do them good to have just dad time..share your passion with the people of Haiti's people..faith talent and love are gifts that we should always share...all the best on your trip and I too look forward to the pics..god bless..sorry if I rambled!!

  3. I sang at work today, even when the song was finished on the radio....but that's what I'm like. And for you, Krista, when your Haiti trip is over, the journey will continue. You are my hero! Such an inspiration. Love being on this journey with you <3

  4. Proud of you Krista. You are DOING what so many of us just talk about. Can't wait to hear your stories. Hugs Nina

  5. Goon on you Krista your so inspiring l'd like to hear about your journey after your return x

  6. What a fabulous opportunity. I look forward to your stories!!

  7. I am jealous..I know it will be a life altering experience for you and you will be enriched by it. Can't wait to hear all about it and see the faces of those beautiful children and stronger- than -strong women. I know they, too, will be touched by your visit as well. xxx Ann Marie

  8. I'm worried I'm going to be a mess in Haiti, too. Looking forward to meeting you, we'll do this together.

  9. WOW. What a great adventure! Hope you have the trip of a lifetime!

  10. What an adventure you will have. A journey that settles many curiosities of your heart; knowing you, that settlement will only last a little while. You are a do' er, a seeker, and your about to make some the most meaningful and lasting impacts on other peoples lives. Bless you Krista, bless your family; while you embark on such a courageous and memorable journey. You have the perfect heart for this; I know these people will know, your tears will be of compassion and wonder, not pity.



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