Have you ever seen a more perfect profile?
She is beautiful.
And rescued. 
She lives with 25 other children in a small, walled-in (for protection) village in eastern Haiti.  
She would have been trafficked.
But now she gets to sleep in a safe home.
With running water.
And a "mother."
She is fed well.
She plays.
She gets educated.
And she doesn't need to grow up repeatedly wounded and broken down.
She gets to grow up with a heart that is allowed to hope

I have tried to get my thoughts into this post 4 or 5 times, but each time I deleted them.
Because this trip has felt much more complicated than I ever imagined. 
I figured 5 days in Haiti would be pretty fun.
But there have been many moments that I find myself questioning everything from calling to theology. 
I need more days to process what I have learned and experienced.  
And so, I'll leave this post short and sweet.
Revisit it later when I return home. 
Because Haiti is heavy.
Poverty is deeper than I imagined.
Humanity is more beautiful than I believed. 
And Help One Now spans the distance between the two in ways that have left me hurrying to pull my sunglasses over my eyes so no one sees my tears streaming. 

Like when this little one fell asleep on my lap today.
Feeling safe and cared for. 


  1. Krista, This is the sweetest picture... Just to read the short and sweet words in this post has given me a heavy feeling on my heart to read that this precious one is rescued. I wish to one day experience what you have experienced. I wish I could help all of them but I will continue to help in anyway I can . Your words felt very powerful to me and it has really touched my soul.. Take care and safe travels

  2. Lovely post… But if she's in a safe home, are you sure it's okay to have her photo up?

    1. Can you explain what you mean because I do not understand what you are asking.

  3. I've been told you will never be the same after you do a mission trip to Haiti. You'll never forget the people and the children. Can't wait to read more about your experience! Hugs, Rosie

  4. Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
    -Mary Ritter Beard

    This is one of my favorite quotes. Traveling is so important. There is an understanding only gained by experiencing it first hand. You will never forget how these people touched your heart. You will carry it with you forever.

    Safe Travels Krista,

  5. Honoured to be here with you. You said it all here. xo

  6. Oh Krista that made me cry. I can't even find the words to say what I want now. I can't imagine what you're feeling after such an incredible trip. I have a heart for children and your words and that beautiful image touched me. But sadly my mind goes past those 25 children to all the others who are not so lucky. There is still so much work to be done. For Every child deserves to feel that kind of security and love. Thank you for all you do Krista. Travel safe sweet lady and I will keep you in my prayers. *big hugs*

  7. Impossible to go to a place like Haiti and not come back changed. Thinking of you and those sweet souls whose lives you'll touch while there. Hugs to you xxxx

  8. Love how you have put your thoughts into words. Thank you for showing us the reality along with your sincerity. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Nina

  9. Beautifully presented Krista as always and so thoughtful xx

  10. This made me cry. I can't wait to read more about your experience. Thank you for sharing.

  11. she is beautiful, as is this post Krista xx

  12. Beautifully written, Krista ♥
    Thank you for sharing it with us! Can't wait to read more about your experience in Haiti.
    Silvie xx

  13. Hugs and tears from me too.

  14. Oh how sweet - she certainly is perfect. Thank you for sharing with us! xo

  15. She IS beautiful! What an amazing experience you are having. Looking forward to reading more of your insights.



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