Maybe it is my age.
But I have a deep desire to live an intentionally creative life now more than ever.
I've been labeled all my life as "artsy,"(and rightly so, I guess)
But I never felt justified in being creative over being impressively intelligent.
That is why I chose a degree in engineering; even though my heart leaned much more towards art and writing...

And now, as wrinkles start to crease my eyes,
Having left my twenties (what feels like) far behind...
I feel at ease with a pencil and pad of paper for drawing.
Or a late night of writing on my laptop with a delicious cup of hot coffee. 
And I no longer care that others find me very 'impressive' in any way.
I am okay with the fact that my heart leaps for the creative life.
More so than any other type of living.  
And the transition requires a love for little pieces of art. 
Small moments.
Non-hurried living.
So that I can find all the tiny treasures in our days.
And our creativity spans all the way from painting 
to planting.
From enjoying good food together 
to squishing into a teepee under the sun.  

It means spreading old blankets out in the bedroom to paint old toys into new lovely things.
And spending a quiet night with Phil drinking good beer and talking about holy things.  
Lighting the fire pit under twinkling stars.
And starting that scrapbook for the 75th time;). 
Using a homeschool hour to draw our favorite praise song onto paper.
Even reading a beautiful book. 


Creativity is not limited to the arts or having some kind of important career...
Creativity is a way of life.
Our freedom to be creators is far less limited than some people would think.  

~ Madeleine L' Engle, Walking on Water

Many of our craft supplies in this post were gifted to us from Baker Ross.  
If you have children, and even more so if you homeschool them, check out their page.  
Talk about getting our creative on;).

It is like being drenched in inspiration every-single-page.  

Have a lovely and creative weekend, friends. 


  1. I like all things creative. Jewelry making, journals, you name it. This is a great post! :)

  2. Creativity can cover so many areas it's just sooo broad! With technology mang kids and even adults have lost that. That's why I love your blog especially when you talk about your kids. Creativity for me,... Is when I go to a thrift store and pick out a random thing be a dress, book, box or kitchen iten and go to town with altering it .

  3. Wow, Krista...your writing is lovely. I hope you write in a journal for yourself and your Kiddos. I am currently reading a journal my Momma did on a trip across the states...so great to read her thoughts in her handwriting. I am doing a 'gratitude' journal in which I write down blessings of the day before going to sleep. So nice to see you back 'on line' once in a while. Sure look forward to your pictures and prose.

  4. Your life looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. Love this Krista! Just back from a 'paint workshop' for our Playcentre. Exploring different ways of exploring colour and texture with the kiddos. Seriously so fun and great for seeing outside the box! Love reading and seeing through your gorgeous pics, your creative journey in life. Big hugs, Wends x

  6. Love this post. Creativity is just everywhere if you look at things in the right way :) Hasn't Philly grown! He has shot up like a beanpole! xoxox

  7. Lovely post again Krista your so talented and l see the children are so creative too! take care enjoy your weekend x

  8. love how you write Krista, great post and fab pictures x

  9. step 1: open your Bible to the very first chapter... first sentence.
    What's the very first thing we read about God? He CREATED! I believe it's a beautiful reflection of our Creator's nature.. when we mirror Him by creating beauty with our own hands. ;o)
    Love this, love your family. Wish we could share a tent in the field and doodle all day long over Iced Cap's!
    needle and nest



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