Project Life, Take Two.










I started a Project Life last year...and then got bogged down in too many photos and not enough time.  Add in a lack of creative-craft energy...and I ended up with maybe 7 pages.  

Then while browsing Instagram, I totally felt re-inspired to try again.  There are some majorly talented scrapbookers out there, and I want in on the fun.  

Take two. 

I had quite the pile of photos to catch up on...So, this week I made a tiny dent in a year worth of photo-taking... I decided to do a fun, get-in-the-swing-of-things album for last year, spanning from summer 2013 all the way to this spring (2014).  Then, I have a second album--the real go at PL-- I am going to start the first week of June.  I like the idea of summer-to-summer album years, because summer is my favorite season; and in my opinion, the best one for photos.  

Last time I tried this project, I did not use any of the PL tags.  This time, I bought a few collections to make things easier on the weeks I feel frazzled and rushed.  They are so cute, too.  Why did I not try them before?  

And the 12X12 pages with 3 rows of 4X4's~~ I had trouble finding them, but so glad I was able to grab a few packs. They are so perfect for lots and lots of my Instagrams.  I love square photos, so these are a definite must.

I still need to tackle last year's holiday pages.  And I want to do a page or two of Phil and the kids.  But, I have a few more days before June starts, so I should be okay:).  Is there a PL accountability group, because someone should start one for people like me.  :)

Do you do Project Life?  
Any favorite card collections or scrap materials?  
And do you have an IG account where you share your creations?  ...
Mine is @kristacanary.

Gonna start a weekly post sharing my pages to keep me on track. 
Wish me luck:).


  1. LOVE that you included some lyrics from "Oceans".... great song. Your pages are fantastic. Sooo pretty to look at. Enjoyed them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pages look amazing Krista, I am so glad you took the plunge and are joining in with documenting your memories. I know that you will always inspire me.

  3. Love your pages. I don't do PL, but I love to see others and can't wait to see more of your pages.


  4. I scrapbook, not project life though as I know I'd never keep up. I just scrap the pictures I want, in no real order and never worry about being caught up, because I know that's never going to happen. My scrapbooking is purely an artistic thing. The memory keeping is an added bonus. There are no scrapbook police about to come and arrest me for not doing it right :) it's all about creating and having fun. I don't PL but I do love the mini kits by Maggie Holmes :) xox



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