Spring, How I Love You...


It is warm out now and the kiddos are hard to keep track of. 
They like to be outside, 
or having a catch.
The old truck that doesn't work in our driveway becomes a tower.
And Philly has plastic guns and taped together army knives dropped all over the yard,
in an effort to protect his sister from whatever is lurking in bushes or shadows.
Grass stained knees.
Dirty toes.
Messy hair.
(Have you seen Philly's mop? I might try and dread it out just to keep it in some sort of 'style'.)
Fans blowing in the house.
Open doors and windows.
Picnic lunches.
Swaying hammock.
Nothing is fancy here, 
But spring gives everything a magical shine.
And I love it.


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  1. Such amazing moments. Love the plain and simple but amazing signs of spring. And that piggie. Seriously adorable!!!!

  2. Just love your posts they are full of interesting writes x

  3. OMG your children are so beautiful and so is that pig, if you look on my blog I say pigs are my favourite animals ever, especially micro versions then I could cuddle them!

  4. Ahh - to think I have to wait another three and a half months for spring - ah well, winter brings it's own beauty. Enjoy

  5. Great photos, fun times, fresh food and a piggie, what more can you ask for... Love all the photos of home life. Happy Mother's Day too.

  6. Happy Mother's Day, Krista! I feel such peace reading about the wonderful, NORMAL things your kids do! You are truly a wonderful, wise Mama!! Hugs! Teri

  7. Your photographs are amazing and tell a story all of their own and your kids are growing so fast. I feel like I have seen them grow from all the ways over here. That pig is the cutest little pig I've ever seen.

  8. Love your photos AND your post!!



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