Simplest DIY Painting. Ever.


I get to teach an art class this summer for our church camp.  I am stoked about it.  I think my dream job would be to own an art studio for inter-city kids to just totally hang out in and get all creative and artsy-fartsy with me...So this feels like a little taste of that this summer, and I'm ridiculously excited about it.  

Totally been Pinterest surfing for art projects appropriate for school-age kiddos.  The projects I like best are messy, uniquely individual, and incorporate a wide range of skill levels without affecting the outcome of the project.  This is one of my favorite projects~ a painting with alpha stickers that allows a favorite word or phrase to be 'painted' onto the canvas.  

After my first two attempts at this, I would change it up a bit for the kids~ basically a flat canvas instead of the wrapped-around-wood kind.  Also, patience helps... Someone who does't have any might pull the stickers off too soon and that makes for some not-so-clean sticker lines. (Lesson learned.)  I think the flat alpha stickers (my "Oceans" word) are MUCH easier to use than the chipboard, peel-away type.  Anyways, my end results were imperfect...but I kinda liked them that way.  And, for a class of 20 kids, this might just be a pretty easy, you-can't-mess-this-up-so-run-with-it type of art project.  


So simple, it is ridiculous.
What makes it fun are the colors and textures used. (I liked dabbing the paint on with a sponge.)  
And anytime I do something on an actual canvas, I just feel legit.
So, canvas in hand, the little peeps will feel pretty good about their paintings, I think. 

I found these canvas packs that (in my opinion) would work better for kids.  
They are fairly cheap, too!
Paints cost me $5 for a pack of 12 (local craft store).
Cheap.  Easy.  Unique.  

Feel free to share art project ideas if you have any!
(Include links to Pinterest boards if you are so inclined:)...

Happy Friday, friends!

PS, the winner of the Kit and Clowder Clothing Class is Marie-Anne Jagerman.  The two winners of 5 SC stamps a piece are Brenda Dube Gollihue and Rosenda Aldarondo.  Congrats, friends!! 


  1. oh fabulous! Mo would love that! messy and splodgey with an end result!!...he also LOVES to paint rocks! like big beach pebble type rocks (...and my outside house walls..and the front door........!!!!)
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  2. What a lovely idea, think it would be great for my cousins too. Love the oceans one, because of the memories it brings and the colours.

    Marie-Anne (I'm still hapilly in shock Krista 😊)

  3. Krista: I fell in love with the hyperlink you gave us months ago to "Oceans". I called our local radio station and they play it about once an hour. In looking at your first painting project, and see the word
    "oceans"....and the song is playing on the radio. It is so awesome! Take care and God Bless!

  4. this is such a cute idea! the textures are super pretty.

  5. Soooo.. did I ever tell you that I used to run an art studio for inner city youth (with Youth For Christ)...? Because, yeah - we're SISTERS... TWINS I dare say! hahah. Anyway - this is sweet and simple indeed - always a great project to do with larger crowds. They could also layer magazines or do collage underneath so that shows through the letters as well (as long as they don't wrinkle and get wrecked by the type of paint - acrylics are good!). Have a blast! xx
    needle and nest

  6. Have to try this with my kids! Perfect for those rainy days of summer! :)




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