Fellow Crafter and Friend, Kellie Winnell

Kellie and I invited each other to one another's blogs this week.  You can read my interview here.  And here is a little about Kellie~ someone I have known since the very start of my stamping and blogging... She is such a sweetheart and friend, and I'm excited she said 'yes' to being on here today!


A paragraph peek into your home and family:  I am married to a guy I adore.  We laugh together everyday, it's what attracted me to him the moment I met him, his humor.  We live in a small town, Seymour, in a house that looks like it was meant for the beach and not a country town.   We have 3 daughters, that bring so much to our lives, joy, laughter, fart jokes and more.

What are your favorite media/outlets to get all your 'artsy-ness' out... Instagram, I'm pretty much in love with, yes you read right, I said 'in love' with instragram from the moment I discovered the media.  Pinterest is a close second.  Liking both more than facebook actually.


Three pieces of blogging advice. 
1. Be yourself
2. Don't second guess yourself
3. Interact with your readers.  Ask questions, reply to comments, get chatty.

Where does your studio/craft-area decor inspiration come from? : Pinterest, it's my best friend and biggest time consumer, but I love it.  I took a big leap and painted the brick work in my craftroom to a mint green colour.  Every now and then I think I want to paint it a off white or even black, and then I think of all the work and think, maybe not, haha.  I still feel my room is un-finished.  But with having a huge clean out, twice now, I am finally feeling like it's my craft area.

Movie and book recommendation: I have started reading a lot of 'advice' books.  I figure that while one book might not give me everything, I can take a bit away from each book I read.  My favourites so far would have to be, Steal Like an Artist. 


Three things you love in your day, currently.  
1. Waking up early, shock yes, but I get up, make Luke's lunch while he showers and make a cuppa.
2. Getting a little creativity in every day.
3. My girls laughter.  

The things you always grab for when doing a PL spread.   For me, being a plainer PL'er this is simple.  Grid cards, black smash pen, white gel pen, date stamp, ink pad and my stamp sets.


Any upcoming goals/projects you'd like to share?  I have a heap really.  My brain is always ticking over with ideas and goals.  I have a goal to simplify our lives more.  By this I mean, clean out clothes, stop hoarding, clean out those junk draws we all have and have no idea what's in there.  I'm doing it slowly and it's working out really well, the house feels more organised and I actually know where things are!  I am working on getting all my half started projects finished by the end of the year, that I have blogged here.  Last of all I am working to not only design stamps but a side venture to bring DIY kits.  I love little and big DIY projects and all to often people state they wish they could make it, and they can, I don't do things that are too hard, haha.  So I'm slowly going to bring something new each month.


You can follow Kellie's blog, IG (@giveagirlablog), and Facebook for more inspiration and crafty ideas.  

Thank you for the peek into your life, Kellie!!


  1. Thanks for this insight into your life. You live not far away from me (Kyneton). I would love not to be a hoarder too. Love your photos, your girls are gorgeous too! Thank you. :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers on Kellie's blog yesterday Krista! And I love Kellie's PL which is not "plain" at all! As the saying goes, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." :)

  3. Fun read! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I got here through yout post on Kellie's blog. Thanks for sharing your views and ideas. Will certainly take the time to look around.



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